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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Last Vegas Review

Legendary indeed!

Last Vegas Review – Adam Sandler had Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade in Grown Ups, while John Travolta got Tim Allen, William H. Macy and Martin Lawrence as Wild Hogs so it’s only natural another foursome had to be formed by uniting Michael Douglas (as Billy), Robert De Niro (Paddy), Morgan Freeman (Archie) and Kevin Kline (Sam) for a highlight of their twilight year trip to Las Vegas. These ‘legends’ hit the Sin City to celebrate Billy’s bachelor party and ends up having time of their lives. Each of these guys have had enough of their old age stage and wants to feel young again by trying to get laid, going on a drinking binge and cap it all off with mother of all party. 
One for the album!
Get ready to laugh your butts out with jokes and funny scenes once the gang hits Nevada. It’s a laugh fest from performing ‘judge duty’ to ‘picking the double D guest’ for the party. Along the way the guys stumble upon ‘Diana’ (Mary Steenburgen) and things get kinda complicated between Billy and Paddy but maturity beats that situation. Billy comes to realize that he is not alone after all while Paddy tries to get over his wife’s passing. Archie connects with his son who is concerned about him aging, meanwhile Sam who gets a ‘hall pass’ from his wife and actually manages to score a young chick realize his wonderful experience are not worth if he can’t share it with his wife. The oldie gives and learns some lesson during their spontaneous trip to the desert.
Playing 'judge'!
With couple of Oscar winners among the cast you can expect the best ‘selamba’ lines from all four Douglas, De Niro, Freeman and Kline with ‘Mrs Ted Danson’ showing off her singing talent. The chemistry were simply awesome, you will be wondering why they didn’t get together sooner. Douglas with his usual playboy persona, De Niro with his ‘sour puss cum party pooper’ attitude, Freeman as the crazy oldman wanting to gulp down the whole bar and Kline ‘trying to hump a young thing’. They take on Vegas way better than the new generation. You will feel like gathering your friends and hitting the casino soon. 
Songbird Steenburgen sizzles!
If you thought this old timers are way past their prime, think again because they can still hit the jackpot on the big screen. The story moves along well with tones of humor, friendship, conflicts thrown at every curve. You get to see Vegas from few angles and might want to save up money to experience all the glam and glitter that gets associated with the city. Heck, I felt like packing up my bag and drag my friends along for a trip after watching this movie and hopefully will reach there one day soon after coming so close few years ago. Now, who’s with me? Cepat pegi apply visa and let’s go to Las Vegas! Viva La Vegas baby! 
Cheers boys!!!
P/s - Thank you Churp Churp for the preview tickets! 

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