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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Ghostbusters Review

Does this look familiar? 

Ghostbusters Review - Director Paul Feig reunites with his favourite ladies Melissa and Kristen to reboot one of my favourite 80’s flick! 

The gals and their Director

Former best friends, Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) and Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) once wrote a fictional book about the existence of ghost which resurfaces just when Erin is about to land a job as a professor at Columbia University.  Furious at Abby, Erin ‘visits’ her only to find out that Abby has found a new partner-in-crime, Jillian Holtzmann, a nuclear engineer (Kate McKinnon) to actually prove that ghost really exist. Soon they stumble upon a haunted mansion and come face to face with an angry spirit. Later, a subway worker, Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) also contacts them regarding an evil spirit on the New York subway station. All four of them form a ‘research team’ and call themselves, Ghostbusters. They hire Kevin (the very dishy Chris Hemsworth) as their new receptionist who is dead good looking but very…well…dumb. Soon calls come flooding in regarding more sightings and the girls gets to meet Mayor Bradley(Andy Garcia) who wants them to lay low and accuse them of being fake ghost-charsers. The girls gets upset but still pursue their chase. After picking up clues from each location, Erin, Abby, Jillian and Patty figures out who is the master mind to the chaos and goes after him. Just when they thought they manage to contain the spirits from wreaking more havoc, all hell-pun intended breaks loose and New York is in the verge of becoming the world’s biggest haunting site. Can the Ghostbusters save the city in time? 

Go watch this now NOW!!!

Early reviews before the movie was released were skeptical about ‘the reboot’ of a beloved classic. Rest assured and kindly ignore those dumb idiots because this movie is a boom. With an outstanding cast consisting of McCarthy, Wigg, McKinnon and Jones plus Hemsworth playing ditzy role, you are bound to laugh out loud whenever they have something to say or do. Melissa is her usual bubbly self with Kristen going ga ga over Chris. I almost went gu gu over Kate instead. Ehem. Jones meanwhile held her own as well. Besides the main cast, do keep a look out for special appearances by some of the old school actor/actors. I was going bonkers when I spotted my favourite lighting up the screen. The brilliant casting was supported by a reasonable storyline that kept the movie interesting. Meanwhile the special effects have of course improved by leaps and bounds capturing the ghost image and also the super cool gadgets. The theme music was polished to fit current music trend but still very much attached to the original sound. Try as I might, I can’t find any fault and enjoyed every minute of the movie. 

Fuck yeah!!!

First of all…stop comparing this reboot to the classic Ghostbusters circa 1984. If that film was not made in the 80’s, this latest offerings can still hold on its own because of the amazing directing and casting. Paul Feig who brought us Spy starting Melissa and Bridemaids with both McCarthy and Wigg hits a home-run with this flick in my opinion. There were plenty of memorable lines and scenes that will tickle your funny bones and this may just be another classic for the latest generation to enjoy story about girls who catch ghost for living. So remember who to call when there is something strange around the neighbourhood ok!

The Purge: Election Year Review

Freaking awesome masks worn by freaking krezi people! 
The Purge: Election Year Review - This is the 3rd films of the Purge series and perhaps the last.
Anti-Purges United. 
I did not watch the first two films as I thought it was too violent for my liking but decided to go this third instalment after my friend won preview tickets. From what I knew about the story (if any) is that once a year the already crazy Americans go extra crazy committing all sorts of crime for 12 hours and getting away scoot free. By all sorts of crime I mean even murder is legal and its called Purging. At the beginning it was all fun and games until things get out of hands. Former survivors of the previous Purge especially Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) who is in the running to become the next President and her Head of Security Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) have had enough of the purpose of purging taking the wrong turn and is bent on putting an end to it. This cause problem to the “New Founding Fathers of America” (NFFA) who decide to change the system of purging into making anybody and everybody their victims and target Roan. Despite securing herself in a safe house, a double cross by one of the security personnel leaves Roan in a danger just as latest Purge starts to take place. On the sideline is a small time deli owner, Joe (Mykelti Williamson) who had just lost his shop’s purge insurance due to last minute premium hike (damn those insurance buggers!) who decides to protect his shop at any cost and is joined by his Mexican worker, Marcos. As fate would have it, Roan who is on the run stumbles upon Joe and they start to work together to keep each other and the rest of innocent people alive before the night ends with a bang. Can these people survive the night and change the course of history? 
Currently a Senator...but future President...perhaps?
There are no big names to boost this film but those involved are not your ordinary run of mill actors. Names such as Elizabeth Mitchell, Frank Grillo or Mykelti Williamson may not ring much bell but they did give their best performance to suit their characters. Besides these underrated actors, the movie however features some shocking elements to it. I won’t much say much to spoil the surprise but just be prepared to jump off your seat once or twice. It could have been more than few jumps if not for the shoddy censorship job. Words were bleeped, scenes were removed and I almost lost my marbles when an important scene was just yanked off unnecessarily. I could hear to whole cinema groaning in unison for this silly cut when the movie was already rated as for adult viewing. I don’t understand the purpose of rating it for above 18 when even a simple cuss word is bleeped out and making the whole scene annoying to watch. The ironic part was, the Malay translation was spot on to let the audience know what word was censored. Now how stupid is that ey? Only in Malaysia folks! Speaking of which, I’ve changed my mind about this film and going to search for the first two stories to get a better understanding of the whole Purge mania and re-watch this one sans the chopped parts. 
Don't forget to vote....wisely!!!
Ok so I was right about the violence part of the movie which sometimes was quite over the top with glimpse of people’s head getting cut off, bodies hanging by the tree and people shooting and stabbing each other. Like….what the hell is wrong with you nutters? It was ‘said’ that the Purge was necessary to get rid of negativity and anger but kamon…killing innocent people and calling it self-clensing? Good God. Who the hell came up with such idea man? Let’s just hope it will just remain as a movie and no idiotic government will make it reality. Setting the gory part aside, there is actually some message to this movie about how the rich and powerful exploit their status while ordinary people have to suffer the consequences. The real Purge may not be happening out in the open but there are places around the world that falls victim to morons with an idea to get rid of a race or nation for the sake of their own stupid beliefs. Let’s hope that the power of love will prevail in the eye of the evil.

P/s - Thank you BB for the preview passes.

Ice Age: Collision Course Review

The furry ones are back...for the fifth time!!!
Ice Age: Collision Course Review - Manny, Diego, Sid, Ellie, Crash, Eddie, Shira, Peaches, Julian and once again joined by Buck are up for another adventure across the icy world of Ice Age. 
You heard me right...they are back...again and again and again and again and again...
The beloved or annoying (which ever way it may appeal to you), Scrat once again sets upon a journey, this time into the outer space to catch his elusive acorn and triggers a cosmic events that cause a meteor to head strait to Earth. Buck figures out a way to avoid the meteor from destroying the planet and together with the herd head towards a safer location. As usual, they are faced with loads of funny circumstances and situations while also learn few lesson on their own. 
The original pack...still together after ALL THIS TIME!!!
There is no doubt that Ice Age were exciting in the beginning with the idea of difference species bonding and becoming friends. The voice consist of really talented actors, namely Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah and later joined by even more new comers. The story were also fresh at the start of the series but too much of a good thing when its actually just repeated jokes and plot can get pretty tiring after a while. The same goes for the latest offering by our once favourite pack. There is still some funny moments but its not as laugh out loud as it used to be. 
Enough is enough you dumb rat!!!'s a rat right?
When Ice Age first came out, I was excited, then 2nd, 3rd and 4th and now the 5th. We kept getting cheated about the End Ice Age but somehow these odd pack managed to survive each time. They also keep adding the members until some of the original characters have lost their charm. Take Scrat for example…move on to other things than the acorn please. Have you not noticed all the trouble you have to go thru just to get that stupid nut you nut. Meanwhile, Manny is once again faced with dilemma when Peaches plan to get married and move away from him and Ellie. Diego is doing fine with his new found love, Shira except that they are having trouble trying to start a family and Sid still can’t find a life mate. All of them are trying to make it thru the Ice Age. Sounds familiar? Well…after 5th flick, its bound to happen so enough is enough. Perhaps we can let these animals live their lives without having to make it go up to Ice Age 10 maybe ey? 

P/s - Thank you Siti for the preview passes.

The Legend Of Tarzan Review

Ape-man is back. 
The Legend Of Tarzan Review - We all know about the boy who was raised by the apes but what happens after he leaves the jungle? 
I only see the abs but not the chemistry, sorry.
Tarzan aka John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke (Alexander Skarsgard) has found a comfortable life with his Lady Jane (Margot Robbie)  in London until his old Ape-man legacy comes calling for him once again. He receives an official invitation to travel to Congo as representative of United Kingdom from Belgian Captain Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz). Little did Tarzan knew that it was trap to trade his life for a huge amount of wealth from the natives. Once Tarzan reaches Congo, he realise the trick played by Rom who manage to kidnap Jane.  In order to rescue his wife, Tarzan is once again reunited with his…well…Tarzan side to face his enemy head and abs on. 
Thank you Chris...
Thank God for Christoph and Samuel L Jackson or else this movie would have been a bore. Not even Alex’s abs or Margot’s pretty face could have saved this film. The story was weak, the special effects were mediocre and there were total lack of chemistry between Alex and Margot. Let me explain, most of females I presume wanted to watch this version only to ogle at Alex’s wash board abs while the males were in for Margot. Not to say they didn’t act their part right but it just fell flat to me for some reason. The story kept going back and forth to flashbacks when Tarzan was Tarzan and John Clayton trying to rescue his wife. It got pretty annoying after a while. Plus the ending was so very predictable way from the beginning. 
Ape-man's friends...and foes...all suited up. 
Overall…I would rather watch The Jungle Book a few more times then sit thru Tarzan again.

Our Kind Of Traitor Review

Get ready to be thrilled...slowly...
Our Kind Of Traitor Review - A game of cat and mouse between the Russian Mafia and British Secret Service that accidentally involves a British couple. 
You don't want to mess around with Dima! 
A couple having relationship trouble, Perry (Ewan McGregor) and Gail (Naomie Harris) comes across a Russian Mafia, Dima (Stella Skarsgard) while holidaying in Morocco. They unintentionally get embroiled in a dangerous world of white collared criminal activities involving some people high up in the government. Pretty soon the couple finds themselves having to choose between walking away from getting into more trouble or help a friend in need. Every single decision and action will determine who lives and who dies. 
Troubled couple gets into more trouble
The movie’s pace is slow so one needs the patience before it starts to pick up mid way. The story however is very interesting to watch and quite relevant to todays world. It may seem like a work of fiction but watch it and you are bound to think that it may not just be story for a film (*cough Panama Paper *cough). Casting of the right actors made it barely to sit thru. Stellan was spectacular as the Russian Mafia who in no time will get you rooting for him despite his dark history. Ewan meanwhile is still the charmer as he has always been coupled with rising star Naomie. Besides the acting chops, we also are taken around the world a bit travelling from Marrakesh, Paris and London to name a few. Watch out for the ‘colourful’ language though!
...know your enemies...
Overall i enjoyed this film but it could have been much better crafted. It may not suit everyone but those who want to watch, think and talk about a movie after walking out of the cinema might find it rather interesting. 

Trivia - Both Ewan and Damien Lewis are rumoured to be in the running for the role of new James Bond while Naomi is the new Miss Moneypenny in the current James Bond franchise.

P/s - Thank you Lau for the preview passes.  

Monday, 4 July 2016

Central Intelligence Review

Hands up!!!
Central Intelligence Review - Another action-comedy buddy flick this time combining The Rock and Kevin Hart. 
Let's get some laundry done shall we? 
Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) was the MVP during his high school years while Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock) used to get bullied. Despite his fame, Calvin never treated Bob in a bad way and years after graduating, Calvin settles down as an account and lives a rather boring life until Bob sends him a friend request on social media to hang out. From the word get go, Calvin’s quite is about to turn into a world full of spies, shooting, blasting and what not when Bob tells him that he is a secret agent being framed for a crime that he did not commit. Can these former high school friends work together to solve a crime or end up behind the bars? 

Dude....what do you mean I'm not in Fast & Furios 8?
I am not really a big fan of Kevin or Dwayne but their chemistry in this flick is amazing. They compliment each other rather well to make you laugh out loud with their antics. Story wise, it’s pretty simple and a fun overall. Not much brain power is needed to crack the case. Get ready to let out a few loud chuckles and you will enjoy this film very much. Despite being kind comedic there is also an important lesson about what bullying does to a person. 
Leme give your some Big Johnson love instead Hart! Hehe
Go grab your buddy and have fun at the cinema with this one. Guaranteed to make your time and money worth while. One of the better popcorn flick to hit the big screen this year. 

Independence Day: Resurgence Review

Happy 4th of July Earth!!!

Independence Day: Resurgence Review - Guess those fugly motherfucking aliens didn’t learn their lesson first time around.

#amekko ko KLCC hancusssss

The date was 4th of July, the year was 1996. The whole world was almost destroyed after a surprise attack by an alien race. The human race however survived and learned to work together since that day. Fast forward twenty (20) years later, an ancient alien portal activates itself. It brings David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) to Africa only to suspect that the same aliens are on their way for another shot to ’steal’ the planets molten core as fuel for their space ships. All hell breaks loose as the nasty visitors begin to destroy our iconic landmarks (blink and you will miss our very own Petronas Twin Towers come crashing down). All the while Levinson along with former President Thomas Whitmore (Bill Pullman) and Dr. Brakish Okun tries to find another way and more information on the aliens intention and way to defeat them again. Once again it will take the effort from the whole world to get rid the menace and rescue humans from the brink of extinction. 

The cast...the old and new and the one who is gonna survive and die. 

Noticed how I ignored that fact that Liam Hemsworth was also part of the movie? That’s because his role and any other characters played by the rest of the cast were reduced to a mere extra to fill in the gap. Even if they were to have anything to say or do, it didn’t make much difference. This sequel seriously lacked what made the first one so memorable, i’m not just talking about the special effect which were plenty but what it missed this time was…Will Smith and his wit. There were no sense of ‘will’-ness if you know what I mean. We however get to see the Queen alien clearly and boy, make sure you are not eating anything during the reveal because that is one fucking ugly Queen I tell ya! Beside the lack of hero to root for, the special effects felt so 1996. Twenty (20) years is a very long time for a counter attack you stupid aliens. Just for your information, we have already watch our iconic buildings taken down by humans you idiotic extra-terrestarials! Come up with better attacking plan or don’t bother at all next time ok. those buggers are back again for more ey? 

I was blown away by the Independence Day till I remember watching it few times at the cinema back in 1996 but this one…i thanked my lucky stars for scoring preview tickets and not wasting my money for an over hyped flick that fell flat. Resurgence could have been the sequel we deserved after waiting (20) twenty years, instead of going stupidly into the night. Meh

P/s - Thank you Cinema Online for the preview passes.