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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Martian Review

He is no alien, just a stranded astronaut. 

The Martian Review – What would you do if you are stuck millions of miles away from home? 

Mars to Earth, do you copy? 
Ares 3 crew consisting of astronauts Commander Lewis (Jessica Chastin), Watney (Matt Damon), Martinez (Michael Pena), Johanssen (Kate Mara), Beck (Sebastian Stan) and Vogel (Aksel Hennie) are on a mission to collect samples from planet Mars when a heavy storm forces them to abort their assignment and leave the surface. While trying to evacuate, Watney gets hit by debris and left stranded presumed dead by his crew. Little did they know that he was able to endure the storm and needs to find a way to stay alive until rescue reaches him. Left with no option, Mark starts his survival plan using whatever he can find at the outpost hub. With his botanic wits, he manages to ‘grow’ potatoes while also establish communication with NASA. Meanwhile, back at Earth, NASA gathers their best team to figure out a way to bring back him back. With time running out on both side while Watney having to face the harsh elements of the planet, can he sustain his sanity and stay alive before help arrives?
No shit - like literally! 
Check out the cast for the crew on Mars, that itself is a mind blowing aspect of this movie. Add more credible names playing their part on Earth. You got from drama to comedy to Oscar nominee and winner himself, Matt Damon carrying the title role. Each of them no matter how big or small their role was simply brilliant. Further enhancement is the awesome cinematography, when you are in Mars, you are in Mars. Every curve and curb was well captured in the camera. The production team took all the effort to make this film as one of the best space movie. Include 70’s disco music playlist (come on Watney, how could you not like ‘em disco beats man!) and voila, recipe for a blockbuster even Martians would be proud off. If you can’t tell how impressed I am about this film then I can’t help you mate.

Life-saver! Like seriously! 
If you think one life doesn’t make a difference, you should watch this movie. If you think you are alone in this world, you should watch this movie. If you think becoming an astronaut is just about hopping on a rocket, you should watch this movie. Get my drift? Read: You should watch this movie. I will leave you with this… if you think you a just an ordinary person well, add extra to ordinary, and you, like Mark Watney, can be extraordinary!
In The Martian, I discovered this dorky Engineer! Ehem ehem 
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Friday, 25 September 2015

Everest Review

Do you dare? 
Everest Review – Would you risk your life to ‘see’ the view that not many get to see?
Ironlady Yasuko. Will she make it lucky 7th summit? 
The movie is based on true events that happened in 1996 when two commercial climbing companies, Adventures Consultants and Mountain Madness meet at the base camp to prepare to reach Mount Everest summit. Head climber, Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) leaves his heavily pregnant wife, Jan (Keira Knightley) back in New Zealand with the promise that he will be back in time for the birth. Once the group are gathered, they slowly make their way to the peak faced with numerous problems and complications. Besides the physical obstacles, the climbers had to also endure mental difficulties. Humans can predict the weather but nature has its own plan. Just within few minutes, situation changes between life or death. Of all of the hikers, who will make it to the top and most importantly who make it back alive (if any)?  
The hikers 

Jason Clarke (Planets of the Ape, Terminator Genisys) is the guy people recognise but can’t remember from where. He is not your typical good looking chap but he is a good actor. In this movie, he once again carries his role well. I hope he will be featured in more movies in the future. One familiar face is Jake Gyllenhaal who has proved his versatile acting talent. Looking like a hippie, Jake gave his role as Scott Fischer a real feel. Josh Brolin meanwhile will annoy you as snotty Beck Weathers. While other characters in the film showed that the casting director did an excellent job to match the actors with the real person’s personality. Another awesome feature of the movie is the brutal mountain environment itself. One could almost ‘feel’ how dangerous and treacherous the conditions are once you get to the challenging part of the climb.

One day maybe Mani ey? Errrr.....
With the recent earthquake that hit both Nepal and Kota Kinabalu which claimed many lives, I got nothing but respect for those who are willing to risk their lives to reach their dream. May your achievement inspire future generation to make their mark while I stay safe at home. Hehehe. 

P/s – in my defence, am not all that chicken shit ok. I skydived from 15,000 feet. Bluek    

Hotel Transylvania 2 Review

Drac and his gang. 
Hotel Transylvania 2 Review – Will humans ever be good enough to check into Hotel Transylvania?
New addition. 
In this sequel we start off with the wedding between human Jonathan (voiced by Andy Samberg) and Dracula’s daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez). Dracula (Adam Sandler) have finally loosened his ‘monster only’ restriction at Hotel Transylvania and soon greeted by great news that he is going to be a ‘Vampa’ (vampire grandpa geddit?). Hoping that his grandson, Dennisovich (his vampire name) will continue his legacy, Dracula gets worried when Dennis (his human name) doesn’t show any sign of being a vampire while Mavis is adamant to move into the human world. He suggests that Mavis visits her human in-laws while he together with his other monster friends take Dennis to a monsters boot camp. Mavis faces a human culture shock and gets mad when she finds out that Dracula have been ‘trying’ to teach Dennis into becoming a monster. During Dennis 5th birthday, both the human and monster family comes together to celebrate with a special guest appearance, Dracula’s father, Vlad who is a bad arse and hates humans. What will happen when Vlad finds out that his granddaughter is married to a human? Bloodbath or celebration? Jeng jeng jeng
Vampa, Vamma and Vamson? Maybe? 
The first movie was to quote Dracula was just ‘bleh bleh bleh’ but thankfully this sequel in an improvement. More voice talents are introduced consisting Adam’s usual friends such as Kevin James and David Spade. What worked was their voice that matched their roles. I especially enjoyed lil’ Dennis, every word he said is just beyond cute. The storyline is pretty simple for kids to understand and adults to enjoy. Adam’s usual slap stick jokes are here and there so just get used to it. A simple animation to teach value of family/friends this one is.

Guess who!!! 
Let’s just say Hotel Transylvania 2 is an upgraded version of the original Hotel Transylvania if it was a real hotel. Bring your little ones and enjoy your ‘stay’. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Transporter Refuelled Review

Ready for another ride? 
The Transporter Refuelled Review – There is a new driver on board in the reboot replacing Jason Statham.
Respect the rule. 
This time Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) is hired to drive around Anna and her band of femme-fatale robbing some dangerous mans. He later finds out that they have kidnapped his father so that he will complete his job. Little by little Frank finds out the real motive behind the ladies taking revenge against their employer. Will Frank stick to his ‘no question’ motto or fall for the trick and be part of the scheme to take down the Russian mob? 
Like father, like son? 
Jason made this role his own so it was kinda hard to watch a newbie replacing him. Ed however managed to hold his own. He is slightly more ‘smiley’ compared to Jason. Plus the addition of Frank’s father role gave a bit more human character who in previous flicks was just a lone ranger. Ed however ‘pout’ a wee too much for my liking till it made my friend and I giggling whenever his lips ‘stands out’. The storyline is pretty much the same with some awesome driving skills and camera work to capture the action.
Deal no deal? 
A decent reboot with fresh cast but if The Transporter aims to ‘drive’ further sequels, it better come up with much better plot. 

Pawn Sacrifice Review

Beautiful Mind 
Pawn Sacrifice Review – Think chess is just a game?
Bravo Tobey!
Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire) is obsessed on becoming the world’s youngest chess champion and set upon a journey to compete with the world’s finest. The side effect of his obsession is his erratic behaviour. He is convinced that the Soviet Union and even United States are conspiring against him. With his unpredictable manner will he ever be able to be the best chess player or fade into insanity?  
Chess is life
Tobey Maguire gives one of his best performances ever. It is both so inspiring and annoying to watch him trying to make sense of the chess world. One moment he is so nice and within few seconds he turns into a maniac. Some historical footage used might interest history buffs to give this movie a watch. The pace of the movie is kinda slow but worth the wait.
Indeed it is
Friendly warning – make sure no noisy ‘creature’ are seated near you when you are watching this film. I (once again) had the un-fortune luck of getting a moron who would not shut up on the next seat. Trust me, if murder was not a criminal offence, that moron would have end up dead. There is a scene in the movie when Bobby almost goes insane trying to get the quietest room to play and I could so relate to the situation while watching this movie. It’s a must watch for those who still play chess (as in on a chess board and not your tablet) as the movie is based in true story.    
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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

#PolisEvo Review

Tag team terbaik boh! 
Polis Evo Review – Malaysian version of Bad Boys? Heck why not! 
Sam, the late Harun and Zizan! 
Inspector Bangkai…eh I mean Inspector Khai (Shaheizy Sam) is known as ‘Super Cop’ among the police force in KL. While Inspector Sani (Zizan Razak) takes care of wrongdoings in Terenganu. A murder of an Oldman brings these two policemen’s together to combine force and solve a crime. As they dig further, they discover about a drug syndicate making ‘Shabu Naga’ to be sold to an international drug cartel. The baddie is a ruthless fella who in retaliation decides to kidnap Sani’s sister. With the life of his family member on the line, can both cops stop the drug transaction from happening while try to save his sister? Jeng jeng jeng…
Jahat benor ko ek Izrael! 
The success point to this movie is the amazing chemistry between Sam and Zizan. One is a tough guy while the other is a cool cucumber…until you mess with his family. Another awesome thing is the baddie. Memang jahat giler ok mamat ni. Dah nama pun Izrael kan? Ntah ntah memang lahir kot Israel kot. Giler kejam! While it was also good to see the Late Harun Salim Bachik playing perhaps his last but memorable role.  Meanwhile, action fans are in for a treat as the explosions, car chase and what not are top notch along with the light comedic lines thrown here and there that will make you laugh your butts off.
Den menang kontest ni lar dpt tgk preview! 
Overall I was really impressed with our own ‘gambar aksi’. Polis Evo managed to hit high marks it set out to achieve. Memang Terbaik Boh so jangan lupa pi tengok ek. Gamba memang molek benor gitew.
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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Review

Lari oi lariiiiiiii
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Review – The running continues…
The Maze Runners! 
After making it out alive from the maze, the boys are in for another unknown adventure ahead of them. They are brought to a facility and given new cloth, food and bed to sleep on. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) is however suspicious on the real intention of people ‘helping’ them. He investigate further and finds out that they are ‘precious goods’ because their blood can be used to fight a deadly virus. Once again Thomas gather his Glades buddies and goes on the run towards the mountain people who can help them. With WCKD (pronounced “wicked) hot on their heels can they make it alive…once again?
A different view perhaps?
Nothing to shout about here. I was not impressed with the boys running in the maze and it gets worse in this sequel. I was just tired looking at them running and running and…more running. What is the purpose? A life full of running. I rather just walk but that’s just me. 
Will Thomas make it? 
Perhaps my age is catching up for not liking this flick. I however like The Hunger Games and Divergent series so I guess it’s the movie’s fault. It just didn’t measure up to other teenage post-apocalyptic pictures out there. Perhaps you might think otherwise. The final part will release next year and I will only watch it if I get the preview tickets. Not gonna spend my money on this when there are better films out there.
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Monday, 14 September 2015

The Intern Review

Who's the Boss? 
The Intern Review – Two Oscar winners in one movie?
Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is a retired widower who is bored out of his mind. He stumbles upon a senior citizen internship programme at online fashion site run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) and decides to apply. As luck would have it, he lands the position working directly under Jules. The duo takes time to warm up to each other learning new things about themselves. Jules is faced with a huge decision if she should appoint a CEO for her company while facing a ‘situation’ at home. With a pending huge decision, will she be able to make the right choice and will Ben be able help her decide?
Old is the new new. 
Both Anne and Robert are not actually my favourite Hollywood stars buttttttt their chemistry seemed to work in this flick to my liking. Robert as Ben especially being everybody’s favourite ‘Uncle’ at ‘About The Fit’ with his sensible advices. While Anne as Jules had to be the best Boss in the World ever with her kind manners towards her employees. The storyline is very present-day situation faced by the younger generation now. Perhaps an older point of view will be useful to solve a problem from a different angle. The younger and older generation can work together if they can learn and teach each other things they don’t know. 
You don't say! 
If you are looking for an insight on how to work with old people, perhaps this movie can give you a clear picture. Just sit back and enjoy this light hearted flick.   

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