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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Transporter Refuelled Review

Ready for another ride? 
The Transporter Refuelled Review – There is a new driver on board in the reboot replacing Jason Statham.
Respect the rule. 
This time Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) is hired to drive around Anna and her band of femme-fatale robbing some dangerous mans. He later finds out that they have kidnapped his father so that he will complete his job. Little by little Frank finds out the real motive behind the ladies taking revenge against their employer. Will Frank stick to his ‘no question’ motto or fall for the trick and be part of the scheme to take down the Russian mob? 
Like father, like son? 
Jason made this role his own so it was kinda hard to watch a newbie replacing him. Ed however managed to hold his own. He is slightly more ‘smiley’ compared to Jason. Plus the addition of Frank’s father role gave a bit more human character who in previous flicks was just a lone ranger. Ed however ‘pout’ a wee too much for my liking till it made my friend and I giggling whenever his lips ‘stands out’. The storyline is pretty much the same with some awesome driving skills and camera work to capture the action.
Deal no deal? 
A decent reboot with fresh cast but if The Transporter aims to ‘drive’ further sequels, it better come up with much better plot. 

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