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Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Nice Guys Review

Guess who???!!!
The Nice Guys Review - Can Oscar winner Russell and heartthrob Ryan combine to pull of a comedy? 
Wachulukinat? It is really Gosling and Crowe fool! 
Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is a private investigator who is also a single father with a smart teenage daughter, Holly (Angourie Rice). Upon receiving information from his client, a senile old lady that her ‘dead’ niece is still alive, March digs deeper into the matter. His path crosses with another guy, Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) who warns and ‘attacks’ him to stay away from Amelia who seem to have connection with his client’s ‘missing niece’. This time, both of them combine force to dig even deeper and the case turns out to be bigger than what they’ve expected earlier. With involvement by some high powered people, hired killer and mobs, can this unlikely duo make it out alive?
Still reading the review? Go watch the movie instead lar dey! 
Never would have I imagine that i would be laughing so much at Ryan Gosling instead of just drool at the sight of him. He shows a comedic side of his at every chance he could get in this film and does it flawlessly. Partnered with Russell who on the other hand known as a serious Oscar  winning actor, the pairing actually worked rather well. In no time, you will be rooting for our heroes to catch the bad guys all while not forgetting to appreciate how well the chemistry is between them. Unfortunately another Oscar winner talent is totally wasted, read : Kim Basinger while Matt Bomer as John Boy only appears after more than half way thru the movie which is bummer. However, things get more exciting from then onwards with the action scene matching the funny portion of the film. The 70’s LA feel was perfectly captured from the backdrop, wardrobe, music and vibe. The storyline is also pretty laid back where one don’t have to wreck their brain to figure out who is the baddie so sit back and let The Nice Guys take you on a ride around the old school Los Angeles baby! 
Will ya quit looking at us and watch us on the big screen oredi!
End note - I demand a sequel as I want to see more of The Nice Guys newly formed partnership! 
Look out for the sequel - The Nice Chicks soon! Hehehe
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My Stupid Boss Review

Not your ordinary Boss. 

My Stupid Boss Review – A funny collabo between Malaysia and our Indonesian neighbour. 

Face-off between the Bossman and!!!

Diana (Bunga Cinta Lestari) is married to a Malaysian and is bored out of her mind until she gets permission from her husband to work in his collage best friend's company. She attends the interview and lands job the as Head of Department (Kera.…ni…hehehe!). Only later on Diana realise that her Boss is a one-of-a-kind moron who torments and torture his employees with his weird antics. Bossman (Reza Rahadian) is also a total control freak and do not trust anyone. On top that he annoys almost that he comes in contact with. His ‘insane’ behaviour finally drives Diana mad until she decides to quit but even then the Bossman harasses her to not leave the company and tries to convince her to come back to the office. Diana gives him one last chance and finally gets to see the real Bossman who turns out to be not much a bad person after all. 

Bossman with his new ride. Bugger refuses to ganti the busted air con in the office but drives a Ferrari! 

Get ready to laugh your butt off from the moment Bossman steps into the office or rather even when it is not working hour. Both Bunga and Reza were a joy to watch trying to outdo each other. Their ‘confrontation’, their ‘conversation’, their ‘interaction’ will leave your stomach in stitches from laughing so hard. While the rest of the mixed Indon-Malaysian cast also provide their level best to draw more chuckles. The storyline is simple enough on how to deal with a stupid Boss and beat him at him own game. Just make sure you’ve been to the washroom before entering the cinema for this if you don’t want to pee in your pants from giggling too much. You have been warned! 

Inter-country marriage. 

I can’t remember the last time I watched an Indonesian flick but this is such a good and entertaining film to literally laugh out loud to while trying to relate to the situation faced by every employees at one point or another with their respective bosses. I’ve had my ‘fair’ share of stupid/idiot/dumbarse (you name it!) superiors that made me thought about changing career into a hired killer. Who knows, perhaps one day I might! Tee hee!!!

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse Review

The gang is back!!! 
X-Men: Apocalypse Review - Mutants united to fight against…nope…not humans but another mutant this time around.
En Sabah Nur
The film begins with a bang taking us back to ancient Egyptian era when humans worshipped a powerful mutant called En Sabah Nur [not related to our state of Sabah, hehe ;)]. He also goes by the name Apocalypse absorbing other mutants power by sacrifying them. During another such ritual, he gets betrayed and buried inside a tomb. Fast forward to the future after the events that took place in X-Men : Days of Future Past, Mystique is hailed as a hero for saving the President while Magneto goes into ‘hiding’ some sort trying to live a normal life, his frenemy, Charles continue to expand his school for gifted children taking in new students with the help from Hank. His old flame, Moira is still interested with the existence of mutant that brings her to Egypt and witness the awakening of Apocalypse. Somehow disappointed by human ‘ruling’ the Earth, he goes on a recruitment mode taking in Storm, Psylocke, Angel and Magneto as his followers. After finding out that Charles posses the power to connect with all the mutants,  En Sabah Nur summons the ‘four horseman’ to 'mutant-nap' Charles and to create a new world. It is once again up to the ‘good mutants’ to save us and our sorry arse planet. 
Somebody from this picture does not make it till the end of the movie. :( 
Returning cast like McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence and some others put up their usual best performance but I somehow still miss the original adult X-mens. While the newer cast also provide their talent best to take over the uniform but for me personally, there just a slight loss of umph this time around. The special effects also felt a bit over used and repeated. While the villain who were suppose to bring in the destruction does nothing much except give roaring supportive speech to make his gang bigger. Perhaps too much of superhero movies lately spoilt my appetite but my hope to be blown away was sadly blow into dust instead. My only salvation was Evan Peters Quicksilver who once again saves the day not just with his quick action but also his wit! 
Thank God for Quicksilver!!! 
I’m sorry but my excitement to watch this much awaited movie started to face midway thru as i really miss the ‘older’ cast, namely Famke, Rebecca, Patrick and Ian. No offence to the new cast but perhaps I need some time to adjust to them being so young and naive. Another factor was the storyline, same old trying to take over the world plot. Forgive me the almighty Apocalypse but if you are so very the powerdeful, why would you want to take over this dying planet? Why not just find another new planet and prosper there? Humans are very annoying ok. You are better off finding some other life form elsewhere and have a better time. And other beings out there, please take heed of this advice…Earth is dying…or rather…humans are killing Earth so please go elsewhere if you want your race to live longer. 
movieMANIac's crew for X-Men this time around....try to spot Wolverin sans his claws but with a thick beard! 
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Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Angry Birds Movie Review

Birds of feather gets angry together?  
The Angry Birds Movie Review – From adapting books to films, Hollywood is now bringing mobile app game into the big screen. Will it fly or miss the target?
Why so Red?
The main bird, Red (Jason Sudeikis) is angry most of the time and ends up getting sent to anger management class. He meets his ‘course-mates’, Chuck, Boom and Terrence and try to work out their rage. Life is pretty much normal until the arrival of a green pig ship ‘offering’ to be friends with the birds. Red suspects amiss but gets ignored by the other birds who were too smitten by the new visitors. Red then gets help from Chuck and Boom to look for wisdom from the Great Eagle only to be disappointed by him. Not willing to give up, Red continues his mission to figure out the pigs motive until he finally crack the code. Will Red be able to save his beloved bird island? Can Red control his anger long enough for his own good?  
Chuck, Red & Boom! 
From the word get go, this movie was entertaining as heck. From the funny puns (trust me there was loads of it!) to the colourful birds and hatchlings and suspicious green pigs it would appeal to both kids and adults alike. The storyline was also pretty simple while staying true to the real mobile app game that drove many nuts during its heyday. Another plus point is the voice actors who managed to ‘cluck’ life to their roles. Not to be just plain entertainment, there is also some lesson to be learned from watching the birds in action.

This lil piggy is up to no good
If you loved the game, you will most definitely love this flick as well. One minus point is it took too long to make this movie, had it been produced earlier during the Angry Bird game craze (circa 20019), I bet slight shot of people would flock-pun intended the cinema to catch their favourite birds take flight against the malicious pigs! Now drop your phone for a while and join in the fun and I bet you won’t leave the cinema feeling one bit angry. Teehee! 
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Mother's Day Review

For the special lady in our life!  
Mother's Day Review – After tackling Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, my favourite ‘gatherer’ of talented actors and actress are back to show some love for the Mothers!
Julia and Jen...I mean Julia and her WIG! :P 
Just like his previous efforts, Gary Marshall once again jumbles up load of sub-plots into one big offering. You got Julia Roberts as Miranda who is ‘married’ to her carrier but not without a secret that she’s been hiding who hires the recently divorced mother-of-two-boys Sandy (the still smoking hot looking Jennifer Aniston) as her new set designer whose husband, Henry (the delish looking Timothy Olyphant) eloped with his new much younger wife. Then there is Kate Hudson as Jesse whose parents are so conservative that she has to hide the fact that she is married to an Indian man while her sister, Gabi (Sarah Chakle) is reluctant to tell them about her being gay. Not to be left out is Jason Sudeikis as Bradley playing the role a single father after his wife demise. As Mother's Day draws close, these group of seemingly unconnected people come to terms with the relationships they have with their mothers and how they deal facing their mother and they themselves having to be a mother. 
Kate and her multi-racial family! 
What do you get when you put Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and a whole group of ladies as mothers facing the daily challenge of being the most important person in everybody’s life? Only Gary Marshall can use his ‘charm’ to recruit the whos and whos of Hollywood to lend their support for his movie. There were slight disappoints here and there (read : Julia Roberts wig and her overly demure poise….like really Julia? Sorry but I’m not sold) but overall it was rather an entertaining feature. It does deal with real live situations faced by mothers and their kids such as divorce, inter-racial marriage, abandonment issue are among some of the highlighted parts. It is a light hearted look at how to get life through on a daily basis and to not just appreciate our Mothers on Mother’s Day.
The X-es   
Don’t waste your time any longer, go grab your Mom and spend some quality with her at the movies. Plus don’t be stingy, get her some popcorn and soda or just water (for much healthier choice lar) to laugh and enjoy this flick together and cherish the special memory between you and your hero

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Captain America : Civil War Review

Are you ready for this? 
Captain America: Civil War Review – Ok take a deep breath and say hello to Captain America, Ironman, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and yes…Spiderman!!!
Come guys, where's the love? 
Where do I even begin? This ‘Marvel’lous-pun intended production starting off from Ironman, Thor, previous Captain America and Avengers franchise is a feast for its fan! I for one am not really a comic fan but the way Marvel been producing and churning out awesome flicks after flicks got me hooked and look forward to know more about these special bunch of characters. The latest offering for Captain America’s sequel begins after the events seen in Avengers : Age of Ultron with Bucky aka Winter Soldier going into hiding after being suspected of some terror attacks with only Steve Rogers believing him being framed. Soon the heroes come face to face with a different kind of enemy and as usual they try to defeat him with some serious consequences. The ordinary human gets irritated by the mounting collateral damages and soon demand that the group of superheroes to be ‘controlled’ by the United Nations. This causes friction between two sides with Cap opposing to the idea while Ironman agrees to hand over his suit to the government. Cap then goes on his mission to prove the innocence of Bucky with his team while Ironman and his gang tries to stop him. Former allies face off in a brilliant clash of power and technology. They are soon exposed to the real reason why the new foe chooses the idea of getting the superheroes going against each other. What will be the outcome and can the good guys put their differences aside and once again fight against wrongdoings in the world? 
With so many superheroes all put into one movie and the main title being for Captain America, one would think that it would be a mess trying to catch up with the characters. Fortunately though, all of them gets just enough screen time without losing the main focus of the flick. As for the pool of talents, I don’t even have to mention about the existing crowd favourites such as Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scar Jo and the rest. This time the stake is higher with the addition of Paul Rudd, Tom Holland and Marissa Tomei to the cast list which gave more umph to the story. Although some of the roles are small, as mentioned earlier, they do shine when the camera is focused on them. As for the storyline, its packed with action to get ones adrenaline going with the usual humor, banter and even some romance to give the complete feeling of watching this blockbuster! With the amount of money spent to produce it, the GCI are super awesome as well. Let’s just sum it up as simply as freaking amazing summer pop corn movie! 
Superman v Batman who? Pfttttttttttttttttt go watch Civil War instead wey! 
With more and more Marvel heroes being lined up to hit the big screen. Comic and movie fans are in for a fantastic ride. As long as those involved keep doing such a good job, I bet more records will be broken with half of the planet’s arse are planted on the cinema. I will be one of them and make sure you get your dose of this Marvel job as well.