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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Mother's Day Review

For the special lady in our life!  
Mother's Day Review – After tackling Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, my favourite ‘gatherer’ of talented actors and actress are back to show some love for the Mothers!
Julia and Jen...I mean Julia and her WIG! :P 
Just like his previous efforts, Gary Marshall once again jumbles up load of sub-plots into one big offering. You got Julia Roberts as Miranda who is ‘married’ to her carrier but not without a secret that she’s been hiding who hires the recently divorced mother-of-two-boys Sandy (the still smoking hot looking Jennifer Aniston) as her new set designer whose husband, Henry (the delish looking Timothy Olyphant) eloped with his new much younger wife. Then there is Kate Hudson as Jesse whose parents are so conservative that she has to hide the fact that she is married to an Indian man while her sister, Gabi (Sarah Chakle) is reluctant to tell them about her being gay. Not to be left out is Jason Sudeikis as Bradley playing the role a single father after his wife demise. As Mother's Day draws close, these group of seemingly unconnected people come to terms with the relationships they have with their mothers and how they deal facing their mother and they themselves having to be a mother. 
Kate and her multi-racial family! 
What do you get when you put Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and a whole group of ladies as mothers facing the daily challenge of being the most important person in everybody’s life? Only Gary Marshall can use his ‘charm’ to recruit the whos and whos of Hollywood to lend their support for his movie. There were slight disappoints here and there (read : Julia Roberts wig and her overly demure poise….like really Julia? Sorry but I’m not sold) but overall it was rather an entertaining feature. It does deal with real live situations faced by mothers and their kids such as divorce, inter-racial marriage, abandonment issue are among some of the highlighted parts. It is a light hearted look at how to get life through on a daily basis and to not just appreciate our Mothers on Mother’s Day.
The X-es   
Don’t waste your time any longer, go grab your Mom and spend some quality with her at the movies. Plus don’t be stingy, get her some popcorn and soda or just water (for much healthier choice lar) to laugh and enjoy this flick together and cherish the special memory between you and your hero

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