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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

#TSDayOut - Sky Trex Edition!

Hello there my blog reading minions! How have you been? Ready to read tru my latest adventure? Cewah…perasan like Indiana Jones pulak! Anyway after the kreziness that was at the previous Tourism Selangor's Day’s Out (TSDO) in Krabi, Thailand for the month of January. I thought I would be banned from joining anymore  #TSDayOut!

Jeng jeng jeng...

 Few days before the event, a familiar posting on Tourism Selangor (TS) FB page was made. For February it’s Sky Trex Adventure babeh! Heck Yeah! I tried it before in 2011 with Hindu Seputeh Youth Organization and was looking forward for another adventure with different bunch of people!

As usual, registered my name and waited for the result while making some back up plan in case my name got dropped. Turns out the insane people in charge of this fun filled program decided to still let me slip tru! Say what now? Really? Really Really? Oh well! Don’t say I didn’t warn you but…wat the heck, let’s just enjoy while it lasts shall we?

After the usual procedure, I was ready to set my foot again at Taman Botani Negara (TBN), Shah Alam! What made this TSDO even special’er was some of the Krabi gang also was picked! Owh yeah! Good lah! Lagi syoik when got existing gang members while recruiting new victims! Hehehe.
Amacam ada gaya tak? ;)

The day arrived and thank you Cik Dian for the early pick up and drive all the way to Shah Alam ride! Oh also thanks for the nasi lemak! It was yummeh! Pedas tapi yummeh! Once we reached TBN, it was like a mini re-union session. Saw some of the familiar faces mixed with weird looks. Looks like some people still remember what I did/didn’t do in Krabi! (ngeh ngeh ngeh!) Read my previous blog to find out what went on at THAT TSDO! Anyways, once the crowd was gathered, TS Big Boss, Encik Fazly gave a small opening speech to break the ice, we signed our life away for the day and board the bus to the spot.
TS Boss, En. Fazly nak nyanyi lagu!
Sign away if u dare!

Once I got down, I was eager to climb but then perut lapar pulak.

Heck Yeah!

Luckily there was short briefing from Encik Azlan while I manage to walap the nasi lemak! Must eat first kan? If not, pengsan half way siapa mau angkat? The short briefing time was just nice for me to fill up my tummy. 

Ok now, where’s the trail? Let’s go oredi. Let’s get the gears on! ROARRRR!!!
Owh well...

More form
 Since there were quite a number of newbies (macam la aku ni pro sangat!), a demo session was conducted to intro the equipments that will be used during the course. There was the thing called carabineer and pulley (translate into Tamil jadi Lion!) Ok lah tu! I’m carrying a Lion on my waist yo! 

Let's put in on!

The instructor showed us the way to climb, walk tru the plank and then the best part flying fox! 


Wooohooo…aik so short one…owh! Ini training je ma! Later one will be higher and far’er! Can see some people oredi having cold sweat! After getting everyone tru the training, it was time to do the REAL thing!
Dengar baik baik semua

The last time I went, we were put tru the Extreme Trail! I took like forever to climb the damn tangga and once reach the top and was asked to fly using a rope. I was like, ko gilo ke apa suruh aku let go? Ko tak nampak ke aku ni besar, pastu tali dia nipis semacam. Buatnya bende tu putus how? I was stuck there for a good 5 minutes before the others started to kutuks me and the fella behind me oredi climbed and almost wanted to push me! Sumhow I managed to kumpul enuff guts and let gooooooo….jerit macam nak rak! But that was then….this time….muahahaha

This was one of Extreme trails path!
I struggled on this one last time!

Naik Big trail je ke? Hmm…no hal! It’s in the bag yo! Berlagak kan? Hehehe
While waiting for people in front of me panjat the tangga I was busy snapping away loads of Das Auto pictures! Heck, it was there so what u want me to do? Click click click lar! Then just about to insaf my camera batt exhausted pulak! Chey! Kena sabo by my own barang! Hampeh betul. Dah la tak bawak handfon so simpan jelah conserve bateri.

Wanna jump?

My turn came on and I started to panjat lar pastu half way tru ran out of stim. Mak ai…tinggi giler pulak tangga neh! Semput dah, so I took my time while beruk-beruk kat bawah mula bising. Nak pick up pace oso tak larat so just went with the flow lar. Reached the top and looked down. Mak ai! Sah patah kaki kalau jatuh bawah. After the climb it was walking on tangga like rope! Cool giler but scared oso. After that it was another short climb then walk on the plank time. Yeay yeay dah semangat dah ni! Then tetiba kena emergency break! After the plank walk it was the first flying fox. Some really had hard time doing it! Baru keluar rahsia, fear of heights rupanya. I was like a happy monkey waiting to jump from one branch to another while others really had to dig deep into their courage to complete what looked like a simple task to me.

Heya!  Let's go
Zig to the zag!

Tak baik eskyen so switch mode kejap, bagi motivation sikit. Just sit, hold on to the tali, angkat kaki, let go and jerit je! Nobody will scold you. Sounds simple enuff rite? But yeah, bravo to all scary pants who did it! *Pat yourself at the back yo!

Lepak borak sat!

Once the first obstacle was behind you, it was a smooth sail towards the end. Just some slight delay here and there. Besides the climbing, flying foxing this trail also had walking like ketam on tight rope, swing like Tarzan, zig zag plank walking. In short, I was transformed back to my childhood panjat pokok time. I was so comfortable surrounded by green trees and ropes. 
Careful Nigel!

Emily was on fire once she got the hang of it!
At one point I even managed to get my camera battery stay alive long enough to record myself shouting like a krezi nut. I mean, the chance is there so why miss it rite? Nothing to lose except just some voice! 

This trail I must admit was much simpler compared to the Extreme one. I now look forward to going back and doing it all over again.
Photo credit to Emily! Thanks gurl!
Yang ni susah! ketar-ketar kaki nak jalan!

By end of the trail, thank God nobody got injured, maybe just some bruised egos! 

Lega back on the ground again! L to R - Rashidi, Dian, mua & Renuga!
Walked back to our point on meeting, waiting for us. Yummy mum mum. One look and my knee went weak! Mak ai! Merahnyer! Confirm burn and die if I walap banyak tapi lapar pulak so just took some rice to isi perut. After that one by one that finished the trail started to arrive and it was time to submit five (5) best pictures for the photo contest. Theme for the day was perspective…well…what the heck…just submit lar. Janji had loads of fun. While waiting, made more new friends quietly. Somehow when I go for TSDO, I sit quietly oso considered an offence. Others were like, why you so quite? o.O
Why lah…I can be quite you know.       
Jemput jemput semua
After that, it was another bus ride to the Four Seasons Hotel…eh I mean Rumah Iklim Empat Musim! We were burning under the hot Sun so it was cool – pun intended when we got into the ‘Rumah’ and waddaya know?! It was winter season! Yeay….tapi tengok dari luar lar…but still sejuks giler. Barely few minutes, mulut dah keluar asap yo! Snapped some picture konon kat sum Europe country, pastu keluar balik into reality!
Jum masuk cepat! Panas neh
So....did I tell the time I went to the North Pole? ;)

After that we had the option to go to the Herbal Farm of sumting tapi ramai sangat dah kiok so just proceed to the Photo Contest Prize cum Certificate of Completion giving ceremony. Sadly my picture didn’t score top 6 best pictures. Mana nak menang, orang ambil gamba perspective but aku dok ambik gambar Das Auto! Kekeke
Padan muka terlepas duit ang pow kan?

Woot! Woot!
It’s all good tough because I gained something much better than money. More new friends to be add/approved on my FB list and followers for my Twitter. Korang sure nak be my frend/follower ke? Aku ni lain macam tau! You have been warned ok so later jangan complain!

After group photo, back to the bus then kena eject at the main entrance. Pok pek pok pek sat, exchange number and what not then bye bye TSDO! Till next month again, ifffffffffffff kena pilih lar kan?

One for the album!
Since we had remainder of our gang with a new addition, we re-route to walap some mee ketam! Sedap siooooooooooooooooot! Must go back again!

Goodies bag courtesy of Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam! Heart the fridge magnet!

Soooooooo……that’s it folks! This edition of another freaking awesome TSDO! I don’t know what you organizers had in mind when you guys came up with this idea but you will get my support as long as I’m not banned. Speaking from my 5th experience with Tourism Selangor Day’s Out, I've always had an amazing time with the team and participants.

More importantly I’ve truly learned a lot about places in Selangor which I never knew existed and made tons of new friends! I hope to continue experiencing more new adventures in a great negeri called Selangor!

Sekian, romba nandri!

 P/s - For more pictures, pls click this link below

*Photo credits to Nigel, Dian, Milo, Emile and Rashidi! Tengkiu!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer review

This Giants are damn hensem rite? hehehe ;)

 Jack the Giant Slayer Review – There seems to be a new trend going on in Hollywood recently. Giving new twist to old time fairy tales. First there was Red Riding Hood, recently Hansel & Gretel and now Jack and the Beanstalk…ops I mean Jack the Giant Slayer! I wonder which one will get revamped next? Till then, on with the review. The storyline pretty much stays true to the original tale with not much twirl except we get to see the fugly looking Giants a lot closer this time! I mean closer! CLOSER! I watched it in Imax 3D so trust me on this! Just a question after the closer look, how come all male Giants only ar, where are the female? Makes you wonder right?
Wacha looking at? Go watch the movie now!
 Anyways, the movie was done in English accent which I think made it totally wicked awesomer! That posh’ness simply adds some UMPH to the flick! Heck even the Giants sounds sexy with ‘em Brit twang once you get over their filthy face and repulsive attitude, but you better run if you bump into one, unless you wanna be in their tummy!

Tiny beans with big problems!
Looking Good Jack!

 Nicholas Hoult is fast becoming one of my favorite Brit boy! I still remember him as the annoying boy in Hugh Grant’s ‘About A Boy’! How you have grown into a yummeh young lad! Then there’s my all-time love, Ewan McGregor, still looking dashing as everrrrrrrr! Newcomer Eleanor Tomlinson looks radiant as Princess Isabella! I heart Stanley Tucci playing the bad guy! This guy is simply amazing!

My fav talent as big as Giants! Bill & Stanley

The journey up and down the beanstalk was quite fun with balanced dose of humor, action and I love when things rhymes! The words are like spoken song! Take a walk down your childhood memory lane tru this updated version of a beloved classic tale! Fe Fo Fi Fum go watch this now dum dum!

Ready to take on the Giants! ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cloud Atlas Review

Amazing cast to carry amazing movie!

Cloud Atlas Review – Where do I even begin?

What do you get when you put 3 creative Directors together to direct A movie? 

Answer : 6 stories in A single movie! 

What do you get when you cast amazing Actor/Actress for such A movie? 

Answer : The same people playing different type of characters where each storyline intertwined.

Watch closely as they change into each character brilliantly!

Mind you that it is not an easy feed unless your name are one of these, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Susan Sarandon and a whole lotta talented bunch! You can test your actor/actress spotting knowledge by figuring out who plays which character at each timeline. I had some hits and few misses! In case you failed, just hang on till end credit as they reveal the answers! It made me go….WOAH! Really? Damn! I didn’t see that! Also pay close attention to the music at the end, it’s the one composed by Frobisher called, Cloud Atlas Sextet! He really was a talented fella, too bad for the way things ended for him…sigh…curious? Well, go watch the movie lah then!

We are all connected in one way of the other!
I can’t pinpoint my review coz it has so many ripple reaction from one timeline to the other. If you are expecting the usual pop-corn flick, stay away, far far away. This almost 3 hour ride is not for the usual movie goers. You gotta appreciate the art in this movie to fully grasp the message, be it about environment, sexual orientation or the future. It’s all been blend in nicely with awesome setting of costume, make up, language and background scenery. You truly get to travel back and forth into so many dimension of time! Try not to lose focus or you will sure ‘sesat’! Just clear your mind and enjoy this Cloud while it lasts. Gem like this seldom appear in our blockbuster hungry cinemas, world and timeline for that matter. 

P/S - I think it's about time people give credit to Hugo Weaving! That dude is simply AMAZEBALLS man! 

Sit and enjoy or stare and get confused! hehehe! ;)