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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

#TSDayOut Bukit (Mati) Kutu Expedition

Jeng jeng's back again!!! 
Eeeeeeee….apa tu kat kepala ko? Kutu ek? Eeeeee…geliiiiii!!! Uwekkkk *confession I used to have kutu on my hair during my younger years. I remember how Amma used to use all kind of remedies to get rid of the bug. I’m glad to inform that I’m now lice free. *insert smiley face
R U Ready??? 
Now after suffering such childhood trauma, why would I want to hike up a bukit called Bukit Kutu? Hurm...good question rite? Well…after jumping off a plane to skydive and also falling off raft during the last #TSDayOut White Water Rafting why not just cross off another adventurous activity off my list ey? What better way to do it than with your friends (thank God for them!) along with the safety of abam-abam bomba sado yang dibawa khas oleh the awesome people of Tourism Selangor! 
Reunion wefie #TSDayOut style! 
As usual I registered my name and so did my gang. Selepas itu keluar list nama posse yang terpilih iaitu Devi, Khai, Adam (all three back to back lepas White Water Rafting and Anis (lama tak nampak batang hidung mek ni so just nice to catch up!). First obstacle…kena pi to Hulu Selangor on our own…damn…me no car lor…how liddet? Nasib baik kali ni tag team ngan Devi. I slept over at her place the nite before so on 6th June, awal-awal pagi buta made our way to Dataran Kuala Kubu Baru. Since both of us are chatterbox it was just nice for the long drive while exchanging macam-macam story-mory. Ehem.
Meeting point sebelum mendaki
Once we reached our destination, upon registration we were given the complimentary t shirt (bright pink yo!) along with a simple breakfast while waiting for the late comers. After everybody dah mai, we took another short drive to Kampung Pertak, an Orang Asli resettlement area. Quick stretching session was followed by safety briefing untuk inform peraturan-peraturan semasa hiking nanti. We were also provided with our lunch pack to be carried with us sebab atas nanti tade 7 eleven. Hehe
Ingat pesanan ini
Abam dah ready to go! 
Maka dengan penuh semangat kami mulakan langkah masuk menuju ke Bukit Kutu lebih kurang dalam pukul 9 pagi. Memula tu syiok lar…like walk in the park…best mata dapat tengok the green environment lepas bosan tengok concrete jungle tinggal/kerja kat bandar. 
Here we gooooooooooo
You can't get this in KL now can you? 
We had to cross few small streams, some with proper jambatan while there were also a senget one sebab kena langgar ngan arus. Nasib baik ada abam-abam sado mentioned earlier. They helped us get across. 
Welcome to the....Jambatan 

Devifie! Hehehe 

Lai lai...leme hepchu get across 

Awwwwyiiissssss made it across! 

*Aiks....pesal tade orang tolong aku wey? Damn....patah balik lar. :( 
Lepas tu sampai kat sungai…uish…syiok kalau dapat rendam ni. Sabar Mani sabar….maybe can time balik ok. It was advisable if one takes off their shoe or else memang leceh if kaki basah. Lagi susah nak hike. And hike we did after that….errrrmaiiiigadddddd…..
Baca dan patuh! Jangan poyo orait! 

Kan dah cakap bessssssssss.....huhuhu
Bawak bertenang dulu ek kanak-kanak. Jangan terjun dulu! 
Dah macam komando ok! Kena elak the rotan yang jatuh ikut suka bapak rotan dia je. Merangkak, mengelak kalau tak abis ko. Silap haribulan confirm get ‘battle scar’. Being a ‘specky’ didn’t make the situation any easier. As my glasses keeps getting fogged up by my body’s own heat. Dah tu siap bole dengar own heart beat as the climbing…yes…I said climbing…not just hiking got tougher! I could feel my veins popping out. Memang gedebak gedebuk bunyi jantung sudah.
Tersengih Anis tengok the upcoming path...
Tunduk tumpang laluuuuuuuuuuu.....
I was ready to crawl wey...tak larat dah. 
Thank God…I mean thank God for my friends who sanggup slow down so that we could ‘stick’ together and don’t get left behind. *flashback bila Devi cakap ada bawak asam taik hidung (name according to Adam!) and that heavenly feel while eating that nose booger….ahhhhh……..hehehe
Nasib baik ler dapat gang panjat sporting walaupun penat! 
Masih mampu tersenyum Khai comei! :) 
Ni pulak pose separuh senget...tsk tsk 
Despite being annoyed, (at least I know I was) drained and tired we still managed to make stupid, funny jokes while also encouraging each other to not give up. Sampai ada gak naik menyampah bila ada yang cakap…‘sikit je lagi tu’… ‘ok ok dah nak sampai’… ‘almost there’. ARGHHHHHHHH kantoi lar korang ni! Tapi yelar…mana boleh give up? We made it till the big boulders area and honestly I thought…that was it. Till I looked up and I saw people still climbing…like WADDEEEEEE….ada lagi ke? Ko biar betul wey?!!! Ok fine…let get this shite over and done with. Maka bermulalah another hiking…one more hour was gone. I made it to the peak at almost 1pm! Mak datuk hang…seriously? 4 jam to hike up this!
Yeay yeay dah sammmm......oh still got more hiking? Adoiiiiiiiiiiii

....but but but....I thought that was ITTTTTTTTTT!!! NO??? 
We caught up with the others who I suspect had some secret superpower to ‘out-hike’ us. My gang lepak by the side and I was hungry like a T-Rex. Time to walap the food. Hmmm…perut lapau punya pasal habis clean nasi dengan kari ayam. Burp. Lepak kejap lagi and then we climbed little bit more to reach the peak which was more boulders. I climbed up the tangga but once I hit the first boulder my legs went jelly. Ok dah…dah cukup. View dari sini pun dah menarik. Memang berbaloi lar panjat Bukit Kutu ni. Kalau tak confirm aku meroyan kat peak tu!
Apani? Ada lagik? Uwaaaaaaa....
Tired butterfly resting and 'sipping' sweat off our guide! 

Since aku dah jelly, aku tolong amek gamba Adam je lak ek. so freaking proud for not blacking out! I made it to BUKIT KUTU YEWWWWWWWWW!!! 

After resting a little bit more it was time to descend…tade shortcut ke? Hewhew…Ok Mani! You got this! You got this! You got this!...No…I don’t get this! I really don’t get this! Why am I doing this? Adoiiiiiiiii Amma….can I just slide all the way down or just sit and wait to be rescued? Uwaaaaaa….penat weyyyyy…geram weyyy….benci weyyy…apa ni? Apa ni? Why did I agree to do this? I am 36, I should be watching movie, lepak at home with my kitties, sleeping…all these thoughts went thru my mind as I couldn’t see the end of the trail!
Very important to make sure you take your time to ensure your safety. No use rush if you end up hurting yourself.
...silap haribulan....end up 'donate blood' dalam hutan. ERK! 
Also running thru my mind was…I’m really doing this! I can do this! I will do this! ARGGGHHH *mode Incredible Hulk without turning green. Then it stated to rain….you kidding me God? Lantak ko lar. All I want is to  make it out alive! The trail was slippery, I slipped few times and I cursed countless time. I wanted to give up numerous times but I kept going. Kept pushing. Nasib baik ler Anis’s pace was suitable with mine so we just pushed ourselves till we finally reached with sungai. Fuh! Nak je aku terjun dalam air tu but then it was starting to get dark so we just cleaned the lumpur off our shoes and continued walking. keep mind off the pain...I was looking at nature's creations...
Daun dalam see before or not? 
Dah sampai kat parking balik it was almost 7 pm. Budak-budak lain semua tepuk tangan…aku pulak dah ready nak pitam. Check dulu tengok diri tade luka, no pacat lintah hitch hike, all clear…fuh! Now here comes the gratifying moment…I CLIMBED BUKIT KUTU WEYYYYYYYYY!!! ALL OF 3,456 KAKI DARI PARAS LAUT! AMEKKOOOOOO!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!  
Almost Mati Kutu...but we still did it yo! 
Read it and weep! Hoooooyeahhhhh!!! 
Once the rest of the ‘victims (hehehe) returned safely, we had the usual best picture prize giving ceremony. Later on havoc kejap exchange contacts with new friends, gelak-gelak, pose for own camera and then it was time for farewell. 
Well done everybody!!! 
Woot! Woot!!! 
#TSDayOut will be taking a break for Hari Raya Puasa but promise to come back with an even more awesome activity soon. I for once still look forward to what Selangor has to offer because this state is so full of surprises. Hence #DiscoverSelangor!
Selangor really have more!!! 
Never did I think I would survive such a strenuous hike of my life. Will I do again? Who knows…but for now thank you Tourism Selangor for making my push my limit. 
your kutu kutu ke....ini Bukit Kutu memang power siotttttttt!!! 
Boom Crash Sound of my heart...I made it to the top of Bukit Kutu!

Cross the kutu off the list dowh! how terinspired tak? you know what to do....keep a lookout for Tourism Selangor's short...go stalk their social media so you get to socialize with strangers who might end up being your friend while you #DiscoverSelangor!!! Till next time....stay tuned for more! 

P/s - wanna view more pictures....swing by my FB's album!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Minions Review

Ready to take over the world again yellow fellows? 
Minions Review – Bee doo bee doo…our favourite yellow fellows get their own spin off!
Nak tumpang pls.....
After winning our hearts over as Gru’s underlings in both Despicable Me movies, it’s only fair that we get to see beginnings of the minion’s adventure to seek and serve the history’s most ambitious villains. Since evolving from a single cell organism, minions have worked for T-Rex, Dracula and even Napoleon with deadly-pun intended consequences. Running out of idol and depressed without a leader, Kevin (Pierre Coffin who also provides voice for Stuart, Bob and other minions) comes up with an idea to look a new master with the help of Bob and Stuart. Just when all hope seemed to have faded away, the threesome ends up in New York and makes their way Orlando to the villain convention. Once there, they had to compete with others to become Scarlet Overkill’s (Sandra Bullock) accomplice. Little did Kevin, Stuart and Bob knew that Scarlet has her own agenda that involves overtaking Queen Elizabeth’s throne. They leave to London to carry out Scarlet’s evil plan with the trio thinking that they have found a new Boss. Kevin summons the rest of the minions to make their way to England. By the time the yellow clan make their way to UK, Overkill causes chaos that might collapse the whole country. What will happen to United Kingdom’s rule? Are the minions doomed from ever finding a perfect leader?
The perfect villain? 
People went bonkers speaking weird minions language including yours truly when the minions fever was at its peak but to be honest after watching this movie the minions mumbling does get kinda tiring. However let’s not focus on that because kids will certainly enjoy the weird noise that they make (there even a scene when Bob ask for direction from a baby). Speaking of kids, the storyline is also out of the window, one can predict what will come on next, after all it’s a movie about minions so what do you expect? The voice talents, now that’s something interesting, as mentioned earlier Pierre Coffin who also happens to be the Director of the movies managed to portray different personality for Kevin, Bob, Stuart and the rest of the minions. Meanwhile, Sandra steels every scene she appears on albeit being slightly under-utilized in my opinion. Add minion’s bright yellow colours together with Scarlet’s red hot attire the flick is rather decent to be enjoyed by adults with not much expectation.
Did they just saw a banana? 
I don’t mean to rain on minion’s debut parade but it could have been a lot better after the impact they had in Despicable Me movies despite being supporting role to Gru. Yet it is a good effort to allow them to star in their own picture. I just hope if there is gonna be a sequel, prequel or what not, it better be well…better than this. Until then look out for a surprise ‘phrase’ which will delight all the Malaysian audience. It certainly put a smile on my face!  
Happy face dapat ticket free dari #BudieyDotCom!
Weeehooo, next time cuba lagi! 
P/s- Tangku very much #BudieyDotCom for the #PremiereWithBudiey #Minions #3D tickets!