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Friday, 5 June 2015

Man Up Review

Blind date anyone? 
Man Up Review – Trust the Brits to come up with heart-warming rom-com such as this to follow suit of Love Actually, Notting Hill, Love, Rosie. (If you have yet to watch any of these movies, I suggest you do!)
Are you on Facebook? 
Nancy (Lake Bell) is a 34 year old journalist who is tired of going of blind dates. Meanwhile, Jack (Simon Pegg) is a 40 year old going thru a divorce. One day while on the way to her parents 40th wedding anniversary, Nancy comes across a 24 year old, Jessica who is on her way for a blind date. After a short conversation Jessica figures Nancy needs to read a self-help book she was reading at the moment which incidentally was the ‘the hint’ for Jessica to meet Jack. Just a Nancy was looking for Jessica, Jack mistook Nancy as his blind date. Nancy decides to play along. They end up spending almost the whole day together. Along the way, Nancy meets her former high school friend who happens to still be madly ‘obsessed’ about her. Also appearing was Jack’s soon-to-be-x-wife with her new squeeze. Just as the blind was going well…Nancy finally had to come clean about her identity, Jack gets pissed but somehow somewhere they figure they are quite compatible for each other. How will the night end…?
Why Facebook....why not bowling instead/ 
Both Bell and Pegg usually play supporting roles so it was nice to see them finally being featured in main characters. Their chemistry was simply uplifting and you will find yourself rooting for their newly formed relationship. Being around the age and situation as Nancy, I could relate to her theories on things such a love and relationship. Her ‘list’ had some of my own insecurities as well. At certain point I felt this movie was made for me to also ‘put myself out there’. As for the guys, I guess they would also relate to Jack if they were in similar condition. Overall it’s a pretty decent outlook on how things can change, for better or worse as long as one is willing to take the chance.
Toast for the 'new couple' perhaps...jeng jeng jeng 
With the cinema full of horror, action and what not movies, it’s lovely to indulge in this kind of feel good flick. The circumstances maybe will only happen in movies but who knows when sometimes it might actually happen in real life as well. Till then…perhaps we should ‘Fuck the past’ and continue looking for our own ‘blue bits’! (Watch the movie to get this part!)   

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