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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Introducing KLICFest 2017 Open Mic Contestant - KANMANI.

#MonkeyMani in action! 
Ok how do I start this? Hurmm…those who know me personally think I should be a comedian. Heck I even wrote I should be a “Pelawak Antarabangsa” – ‘International Comedian’ as my ambition in my school year book for fun.

So for the sake of giving it a try, I actually went on stage once! 


surprised myself by getting into top five (5) out of fifteen (15) contestants. Not bad ey?

#monkeyMani on stage with Mamasan, Joanne Kam and
the other contestants. 
Since then, I’ve mulled over the thought on getting on stage again and here is the good news…I will be going on stage again by participating in another Open Mic competition. This time against seasoned comedians. Might I add that I am the only female participant. (No pressure – really!) 

Jeng jeng jeng!!!

Anyhow this is where I need your help and support. Kindly click on this link (Kanmani's stand up video) and give the video post a
‘like’ and also ‘share’ it out as these actions will earn me extra points before the actually event happening on 23rd April 2017. 5 pm onwards at The Bee, Publika.

* Do take note that this is just a short snippet but on actual day, I will get to perform a longer set. 

For every ‘like’, I get will secure me 1 point while each ‘share’ will be awarded another 3 points. Might seem little but means a lot because ‘ONLINE VOTING’ stands for (twenty) 20% of the total points.

As of now, I have eighty (80) ‘likes’ and twenty four (24) ‘share’s which is sadly quite below other competitors so I really need your support to receive more ‘like’ and ‘share’. You only need to ‘like’ or ‘share’ once and then you may encourage your friends, family or pets to show their support as well by also ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ my said video. Every small action counts and I truly appreciate your support.

Once you have cast your ‘like’ and ‘share’ online, do try to make yourself free on 23rd April 2017. 5 pm onwards at The Bee, Publika as that is the actual competition date when I will go against the rest of the contestant.

There will also be another ON GROUND AUDIENCE VOTING which will account for (forty) 40% of the total mark. The final (forty) 40% points will be determined by professional judges. (Gulp!).

Details on how to purchase tickets for the event, click this link English Open Mic tickets

I look forward to your support and thank you for the backings so far. I hope to see some encouraging changes for my video likes and share counts and look forward to meet you guys in person on the of the event.
Once again, it’s on 23rd April 2017. 5 pm onwards at The Bee, Publika!!!
Please take note that you will also get to enjoy other contestants set for the price of RM15 only so do try to make your way during the event day okies.

This link will take you to get further information about the Open Mic Contest.

Thank you, Terima kasih, Nandri, Tho Che.

P/s - Here's a testimony of a friend who have been to my previous stand-up comedy stunt...errr... I mean stint. 


Lastly...please like and share this video (Kanmani's stand-up) alright. :) 

Friday, 31 March 2017

Life Review

My dream trio! 
Life Review – Deadpool, Donnie Darko and Ilsa Faust joins force to keep ‘Calvin’ from reaching Earth.
Errr....what's going on out there? 
Six (6) crew members on board the International Space Station collects sample from planet Mars and discovers as life like microorganism which later named Calvin. After conducting some test adjusting the oxygen level and temperature level, they manage to ‘wake up’ Calvin only for it to fall ‘asleep’ due to a team member’s negligence. In order to resurrect Calvin, they try another method that turns Calvin violent and pretty soon things get deadly - literally. It is Calvin’s quick ‘learning’ ability against the team’s capability to overcome each other’s changing situation. Can the humans survive this ordeal or will a new life take over them as the superior being?
Deadpool in space y'll! 
Talk about the latest and hottest cast consisting of international formation. There’s the usual Americans, Brits, Russian and Asian playing their role brilliantly and you know it’s only a matter of time before I sing praise of Rebecca Ferguson. The Mission Impossible darling of mine pulls off another awesome acting chops with her sexy posh accent while wearing an astronaut uniform. Damn…I wish, I was stuck with her in space. Ok ok back to others, Ryan Reynolds still has residue of his Deadpool stuck to him being the funny guy once again while Jake…he needs a chill pill before he turns into Keanu Reeves. Beside the human stars, the other worthy addition is ‘Calvin’…evolving faster and shaper by the minute. Despite watching numerous alien movies, Calvin has its own personality and charm albeit a menacing persona. Well, how would you feel if you get woken up from deep sleep with electric shock?     
Wish I was floating with Rebecca! 
Despite figuring out the ending halfway thru I did enjoy this flick, mainly because of Rebecca (wink wink) but that aside, this is a rather refreshing take on extra-terrestrial genre, sorta new generation’s updated version of 90’s Alien with better looking cast. 

John Wick: Chapter 2 Review

Hey there Wick! 
John Wick: Chapter 2 Review – Can’t keep a good guy…err…bad guy…err…ok a good assassin down.
Pew pew pew
John Wick (Keanu Reeves) gets a new dog and once again tries to retire quietly from his dangerous job only to get the ball rolling once again when he had to fulfil a blood oath takes previously. Although he completes his task, he is once again hunted by the brotherhood of assassins after his name comes up in the wanted list. Huge reward money in exchange for his life encourages killers to take a shot at Wick. He gets by with help from his remaining friends but soon finds the whole world is against him. Can John Wick cheat death over and over or will he fall prey in the game of cat and mouse?
Hello there Morpheus! 
If you thought the first movie was gory, be prepared for even more body count this time around. I wanted to challenge myself to do a countdown of how many people John takes out but not even halfway, I couldn’t keep up any more. All and anybody who goes against him ends up with dead by getting shot, stabbed, sliced and even ‘pencil’ed’- go figure! Keanu as usual plays his deadpan one dimensional role to perfection it’s hard to imagine if he had ever been happy in his life. The sombre storyline doesn’t help to shine any light on John’s proper background except that he an awesome hired killer. The rest of the cast (cough Ruby Rose) the less I mention about them, the better it is, trust me. The Director could easily made this flick using just three (3) colours, black, white and red if you know what I mean.
Yeay...the dog lives! Really...the dog...
Be prepared, I have a feeling that John might return with a few more chapters and invent new ways to kill take out his enemies.

J Revolusi Review

What comes after H? J Revolusi? Lame...I know
J Revolusi Review – No, it’s not a good as Polis Evo.
Nak tembak tu tembak jelar...
Jay Zulkarnain (Zul Ariffin) and his sister Dian (Nur Fazura) are part of elite special force (Unit Tindakan Khas [UTK]) team raised by their adoptive father. Dian have always felt short changed by her relationship with her brother and father. During an operation, Dian gets captured by the terrorist after defying her superior’s order. The whole task goes awry and Jay feels responsible for Dian’s mistake refusing to accept that she might be dead. Pretty soon the team finds out that Andra (Farid Kamil) is in control of the baddies and wants to make an exchange for Dian’s release. Jay takes it upon himself to secure Dian’s safety but once again all hell breaks loose and it is up to Jay to save the day.
Meet the annoying bunch...bluerghhh
As mentioned earlier, J Revolusi is no Polis Evo. I was sorely disappointed with the lack of action although it featured UTK tactical team members. The operative communication jargon was interesting however the action to match the instruction was not up to the par. The scenes were over shadowed by too much drama and unnecessary talking’s until even the so called comic relief became annoying after a while. Instead of focusing on the actor’s ability to perform stunts, they end up uttering pointless lines after lines. The initial opening showcasing bullets flying and bombs exploding quickly turned into a ‘family play’ and totally missed the mark and swung further away from an action flick that it was supposed to be.
Ni lagi sekor...tembak jelar...
Somebody please explain the meaning of the movie’s title – J Revolusi and its connection to the storyline (if applicable) because I can’t tie the link together.   -_-

Logan Review

Hold on to your claws! 
Logan Review - …so…is this the end of the road for the Clawed One?
Loganathan, how the hell we end up like this dey? 
Logan or Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) as we came to know him almost 17 years ago along with Professor X (Patrick Stewart) think they are the only surviving mutants after the humans launch an all-out hunt to eradicate the mutants from existing. Logan becomes a limo driver to keep a low profile while taking care of ailing Charles along with another remaining mutant. He however gets a visit by a nurse claiming that humans are now generating their own breed of mutants using leftover DNA are their hunt. Logan meets one of the young generation, Laura aka X-23 (Dafne Keen) and learns more truth about the human experiment on his kind. Pretty soon they get hunted down as well and can Logan endure one last fight with what is left of him?
Three's a crowd? 
Get ready for the real beast to be unleashed in this violent flick. If you thought you had seen how animalistic Wolverine can be, just wait till he starts slashing, slicing, dicing and what not all those who comes in between him and Charles. No barrel was held and he goes full on monster mode. Hugh Jackman turns his iconic role into movie history stamping his name as one of the great mutant to ever roam the Earth. Meanwhile, we also get to see another side Professor X that we never saw before, perhaps it had something to do with his age. The screen stealer for this flick is newcomer Dafne who holds her candle against such big names. Nobody wanted Hugh to be replaced as Wolverine but this girl could be the answer to continue his legacy. Acting ability aside, the story however felt rather draggy to me with too much talking at times and if no talking it was the gory killing or get killed scenes that sorta over killed the movie for me.
Bittersweet ending? 
Personally, I think Wolverine was better represented in the X-Mens franchise rather than his stand alone films and I’m glad that there won’t be any more spin off of Logan after this. Let’s just leave the beast alone shall we? 

Collide Review

Run Beast!
Run Jyn! 
Collide Review – Beast and Jyn Erso combine their force.
Let me protect you. 
An American backpacker named Casey gets involved with a gang of drug smugglers. He becomes their driver in order to pay for his girlfriend`s medical emergency. He schemes to pull a drug heist for an eccentric gangster, but after a failed attempt, he winds up on the run from his employers as he races against time to save his girlfriend`s life from being taken by an evil druglord.
An American backpacker named Casey gets involved with a gang of drug smugglers. He becomes their driver in order to pay for his girlfriend`s medical emergency. He schemes to pull a drug heist for an eccentric gangster, but after a failed attempt, he winds up on the run from his employers as he races against time to save his girlfriend`s life from being taken by an evil druglord.
How on Earth did I end up acting in this crap? 
The Director actually had Beast (from X-Men), Jyn (from Star Wars), Ghandi and even Doctor Hannibal (go figure!) yet he served us a half-baked flick that should have been called Crash instead of Collide. Meh
From Oscar to this...tsk tsk tsk 
The Director actually had Beast (from X-Men), Jyn (from Star Wars), Ghandi and even Doctor Hannibal (go figure!) yet he served us a half-baked flick that should have been called Crash instead of Collide. Meh

xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage

Xander Cage is back! 
xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage – Is it just me or is Vin Diesel incapable of stopping himself from making his movie roles appear in sequels after sequels?
Bigger cast but is it any better? 
After assuming that Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) was dead in the first movie, Agent Gibbons (Samuel L Jackson) goes in search for his replacement (Look out for certain Brazilian footballer). Unfortunately Gibbons is ‘killed’ and Agent Jane Marke (Toni Collette) takes over his position. She soon locates Xander and recruits him to help locate a disruptive device called Pandora’s Box. Unhappy with the team Jane had picked for him, Xander decides to enlist his own squad. Pretty soon they trace the dangerous weapon before it causes more destruction but can the team trust anybody else keep the troublemaking tool safe?
Dare you jump? 
A casting of international actors including Deepika Padukone, Tony Ja, Ruby Rose and Donnie Yen among others might have hyped up the anticipation for this third movie from the franchise. Sadly some of the roles played by this worldwide cast were so limited they are better off not appearing altogether (cough Ruby cough). The action sequences as expected were over the top at times to downright unbelieve while the storyline is another recycled retrive-the-destructive-gadget-before-it-falls-into-hands-of-baddie trick.
xXx marks the spot! 
I watched xXx in the cinema so I could participate in a competition, or else I would have given it a miss because there’s nothing much to shout about this flick anyway except when Vin kissed Deepika…like….I wanted to yell ‘Woi…keep your hands off her please Mr. Botak!”