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Friday, 14 October 2016

The Girl in the Train Review

All aboard...or not...
The Girl On The Train Review – Tsk tsk tsk…why Emily? Why did you agree to act in this crap movie adaptation? 
Hang on...did I miss the stop again?
Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) suffers from alcohol addiction after failing to get pregnant. Pretty soon her husband divorces her and goes on to have a new family. To divert her heartache, Rachel begins to observe a pair of young couple while commuting from her home to work. She imagines this couple to be a perfect symbol of love until she notices something scandalous. A very drunk Rachael decides to take matter into her own hands without knowing the actual situation and end up getting caught in a very sticky situation. Can Racheal compose herself enough to figure out truth behind these happenings? 

Dear Rebecca, please dye your hair back to darker shade and kick some arse instead of carrying babies. 
I took note of this flick after the cast was announced (especially the ladies!). I mean, with names like Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Laura Prepon, Allison Janney and even Lisa Kudrow. I was hoping to feast my eyes with the abundance of talents, all I got instead was praying that they won’t get involved with another stinker like this in the future. I saw the ending mile before it reached the destination and couldn’t wait for the big reveal only to be disappointed by the lack proper climax. The setting of the movie was sombre, the storyline was a torture. Anything that could go wrong into translating a good book into a movie happened in this film. I can’t find anything good to say about this. I wish I had missed The Girl On The Train and get on board another form of movie transportation instead.

I need a drink too after sitting thru this train-wrecked flick. Bluergh. 

Talk about a snail paced movie, this flick certainly takes the cake for it. I almost thought I about getting sloshed sitting thru this train-wreck. Bluergh…

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Review

One of 2016's best picture

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Review – Another master piece of book to film adaptation by my favourite acentric Director, Mr. Tim Burton!   

The Peculiar Family tv time. 

Jacob (Asa Butterfield – talk about a cool peculiar name ey?) have always been close to his grandfather, Abraham and fascinated by his bed time stories. However when Abraham passes away in an odd way, Jacob becomes depressed and follows his shrink’s advice to get away with his Dad. They travel to Wales where Jacob discovers that the ‘fairy-tale’ his grandfather have been telling him are actually true and the peculiar child together with their caretaker, Miss Peregrine (Eva Green) really exist in another dimension. Jacob soon learns his ‘mission’ but can he really accept his uniqueness or shun away from the peculiar children? 

The Magician, Tim Burton working on his trick.

Lately some movies trailers looked better than the actual movie but Miss Peregrine intrigued my interest from the beginning. From the floating girl to the weird twins and the rest of the ‘strange’ children. Thankfully my instinct was right as I enjoyed every moment of this film. Asa is great as Jacob but Eva was amazing and flawless. Add the talented Mr. Samuel L Jackson into the mix and you got a winning cast who played their roles remarkably well. The special effects were breathtaking. The story was simple enough to be enjoyed by both kids and adults. The music was marvellous. How else can I praise this movie except to say it is one of my favourite film for this year and also one of the best adaptation ever made. 

Eva aims and hit my heart with her amazing performance.

Tim Burton is a genius and I look forward to more magnum opus such as this from the skilful director. 

Bastille Day Review

Ready to take on Paris

Bastille Day Review – Imagine being at the wrong place at the wrong time while doing something wrong which turns everything wrong. 

The Agent and the Crook? 

Michael Mason (Richard Madden) is a small time American pick pocket who’s been living in Paris for the past few years. One day he notices an anxious Zoe Naville (Charlotte Le Bon) and when Zoe is distracted for a while, Mason makes his move and steals her bag. Unknown to him, it contains a home-made boom that explodes when he leaves it after taking away the valuable things. Mason leaves the crime scene but not before his image is captured by the security camera nearby. The French authority starts their investigation while an undercover CIA agent, Sean Briar (Idris Elba) is assigned to apprehend Mason. Things get complicated from there onwards when Sean figures out that people in high security position are involved to turn the Bastille Day parade into a chaos.

The Agent and another Crook?

I went into the cinema knowing only Elba and Le Bon in what I thought would be a boring story but I was blown away after the explosion hit because the story really doesn’t waste any time at all. It moves on from one incident to another and shows how one simple action is all that is needed to trigger a full blown disorder in a city. Idris was simply superb in his role and supported well by both Richard and Charlotte. The ending was rather predictable but that way it was presented gets top mark from me. 

Run Mason run!!!

If Idris doesn’t land the coveted James Bond role after this flick, then there is something really wrong with the movie industry.

Sully Review

Captain, we have a problem...

Sully Review – Film based on the truly amazing ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ event. 

The Captain and his first officer.

Imagine hearing this when you are on board a A320 Airbus not even 10 minutes into your domestic flight, Brace for impact because we're going down”. What the heck would/could you do except for pray hard that the grim reaper will ignore your name on the list and move on to other name. That was the situation all 155 souls had to face when their plane’s engine failed after hitting a flock of birds mid-air. Thank God for their experienced Captain Chesley Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) who managed to avoid another air travel disaster to hit America. We not only get to witness the miracle but also glimpse or the scrutiny he had to face to clear his name although he successfully controlled the situation and saved every single live under his care.  

The real Captain Sully. 

Helmed by the legendary Clint Eastwood and starring the ever amazing Tom Hanks about an actual incident,  do I need to explain about the marvellous job done by both of them off and on screen respectively? I can’t imagine anybody else to bring this miraculous happening into the big screen except for Mr. Eastwood. His trust in Hanks pays off handsomely as Tom managed to capture our attention and senses during and after the ‘landing’ scenes. Clint not only focused on the miracle but also the aftermath the flight team, especially Captain Sully had to face with vigorous probe to figure out what other option or action that would have been ‘suitable’ at time of such crisis. The investigative committee set up after the ‘storm’ to examine and study the incident with computer stimulation intrigued me the most showing the difference between computer generated action and actual human reaction.  Just like how Captain Sully showed no flaw in his ‘landing’ method, I couldn’t find any fault in this remarkable film. 

The actual stranded plane. 

Just pray hard you don’t ever have to face such situation when board a plane. Amen.

The BFG Review

The Big Friendly Giant with his tiny human friend.

The BFG Review – Big Giant with a big heart. 

Would you dare? 

A young orphan girl, Sophie comes across a being from another dimension that takes her on an adventure. Little did she knew she will be having the time of her life with her new friend she calls Big Friendly Giant. Can this odd friendship last? 

When even the Big Friendly Giant is not bigger than the other not so friendly giants. 

The voice of Mark Rylance as the BFG was excellent. The little girl who played Sophie has a bright future. The special effect was brilliant but did have some flaws by looking too CGI-ed. The storyline was also was rather slow-paced till I did doze off few times. Other than that it was fun watch. 

Hello there big friend. 

I won’t watch this if I want to have a productive day as it is leans more towards a relaxed and laidback feeling kinda of flick. 

Morgan Review

Who or what is Morgan?
Morgan Review – Can an almost human like girl bred from artificial DNA differentiate between real human emotions and simulated feelings? 
Food was that ey Morgan?
Risk-assessment specialist Lee Weathers (Kate Mara) is assigned to examine Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy), the man-made human child when it attacks one of the creator. Upon arrival, Lee notices that the group of scientists are like a close knit of family who have since grown fond of Morgan and would do anything to keep their experiment stay alive. Trouble soon takes over the facility and one by one face the consequence of their action. Can this experimental run survive or end up getting scraped for good?  
Kate : I can't believe I actually agreed to act in this movie.
Kate of Kate…such a wonderful talented actress who is wasted over and over again in misfired roles. This time she is joined by the likes of Paul Giamati and our very own Michelle Yeoh. Honestly, all I wanted once I got bored of this film, (which was very fast) was for everybody to end their misery in being casted in such a senseless film. I could see the ending way before half way thru the movie and what made it worse was the slow-arse phase. At one point, I almost wanted to shout… ‘enough already-lah, just get it over with! UGH!’. Need I go on? 

R u looking at me?
Stop messing with human DNA or any genetic chromosome for that matter stupid humans. We are not GOD. Period!

Captain Fantastic Review

The Captain and his troopers.
Captain Fantastic Review – *Warning – This is not a superhero in a spandex flick but a story about a single father with six kids, out of the woods and into the city discovering the meaning of life as they go along. 
Power to the people
Stick it to the man! 
Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen) and his wife Leslie (Trin Miller) left the modern-day civilization to raise their kids…check out their one-of-a-kind names… Bodevan (George MacKay), twins Kielyr (Samantha Isler) and Vespyr (Annalise Basso), Rellian (Nicholas Hamilton ) Zaja (Shree Crooks) and Nai (Charlie Shotwell) in the wilderness of the forest compared to the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. Unfortunately Leslie develops a medical condition and had to be hospitalized leaving Ben solely in charge of their kids. Things get bad to worse when Leslie commits suicide leaving Ben no choice but to take his ‘troupe’ to the city to meet his in-laws. Ben is on a mission to fulfil Leslie’s last wish to be cremated according to Buddhist custom instead of following her father’s strict Christian tradition. An encounter between Ben and his kids with his father-in-law creates a tension between the family forcing Ben to re-evaluate his decision about raising the kids according to his way or leaving them with their grandparents for a better shot at life. 
Attending funeral hippie style. 
As the title suggest, Captain Fantastic is fantastically by played by Viggo  Mortensen and assisted by his ‘kids’ in this film. Each of them portrays their acting gift beyond their age. Acting chops aside, the storyline is also pretty different than your usual Hollywood servings focusing on the on the lives of these out-of-the-city-and-into-the-jungle-family. In no time you will find yourself rooting for Ben but at the same time also question his methods of teaching his kids to survive on their own. The splendid cinematography coupled with awesome music selection only adds to the excellence of this feel good flick. 

The shocked Grandparents.
Be sure to watch this with together your family members instead of just looking at each other’s individual electronic screens.