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Friday, 31 March 2017

Life Review

My dream trio! 
Life Review – Deadpool, Donnie Darko and Ilsa Faust joins force to keep ‘Calvin’ from reaching Earth.
Errr....what's going on out there? 
Six (6) crew members on board the International Space Station collects sample from planet Mars and discovers as life like microorganism which later named Calvin. After conducting some test adjusting the oxygen level and temperature level, they manage to ‘wake up’ Calvin only for it to fall ‘asleep’ due to a team member’s negligence. In order to resurrect Calvin, they try another method that turns Calvin violent and pretty soon things get deadly - literally. It is Calvin’s quick ‘learning’ ability against the team’s capability to overcome each other’s changing situation. Can the humans survive this ordeal or will a new life take over them as the superior being?
Deadpool in space y'll! 
Talk about the latest and hottest cast consisting of international formation. There’s the usual Americans, Brits, Russian and Asian playing their role brilliantly and you know it’s only a matter of time before I sing praise of Rebecca Ferguson. The Mission Impossible darling of mine pulls off another awesome acting chops with her sexy posh accent while wearing an astronaut uniform. Damn…I wish, I was stuck with her in space. Ok ok back to others, Ryan Reynolds still has residue of his Deadpool stuck to him being the funny guy once again while Jake…he needs a chill pill before he turns into Keanu Reeves. Beside the human stars, the other worthy addition is ‘Calvin’…evolving faster and shaper by the minute. Despite watching numerous alien movies, Calvin has its own personality and charm albeit a menacing persona. Well, how would you feel if you get woken up from deep sleep with electric shock?     
Wish I was floating with Rebecca! 
Despite figuring out the ending halfway thru I did enjoy this flick, mainly because of Rebecca (wink wink) but that aside, this is a rather refreshing take on extra-terrestrial genre, sorta new generation’s updated version of 90’s Alien with better looking cast. 

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