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Friday, 15 January 2016

7 Letter - Titian Budaya

Titian Budaya
Ok I’ve not done this before but here goes nothing. Received invite to the Premiere of ‘7 Letters’ screening in conjunction with the inaugural Singapore Film Festival tied to Titian Budaya to celebrate 50 years of friendship between Singapore and Malaysia.

7 Letters is actually 7 short stories directed by 7 different Singaporean Directors but am here just to write about this one story that hit right strait to my heart. It was the last film out of the 6 earlier ones so you have to be patient till you get the watch Grandma Positioning System (GPS) [Catchy and funny title me thinks] directed by Kelvin Tong.

*Spoiler alert (I usually won’t give anything away any but as I mentioned earlier, this is different)

It starts off with a Singaporean family of five, an older women with her son along with his wife and kids (a teenage girl and her younger brother). They get lost on their way to the annual trip to Johor to honour the remains of the older women’s husband. Fortunately, Granma remembers the route and soon they reach the destination without getting lost (hence the GPS title – geddit?). While the family is rushing to meet their next to-do item in the schedule, Granma takes her time at the cemetery, sorta updating her husband on the latest happening with their family along with ‘giving’ her husband the direction to reach their home in Singapore. Only the grandson accompanies his “Po-Po” whilst listening to her ramblings.

The following year, they are left with only four (4) people as Granma is ‘gone’. Once again the family rush over the prayer ceremony only to get lost on the way back until the son decides to jump out of the car and head back to the headstone of his grandparents. Once there, he starts to give ‘direction’ to the old folks just like how his late Granma used too and soon joined by his sister who fill in on the changes that took place after Granma was gone…later the wife and the son kneel to unite…and that’s ladies and gentleman was when I couldn’t control my tears anymore. 

All of the sudden tears start streaming down like a leaking faucet. *sniff sniff… WHAT THE HELL RIGHT? Me getting all emo over a short story? Pfffftttttt….heck, it doesn’t help when your friend is also wiping her tears away. Then we looked at each other and laughed while trying to hold back more waterworks from filling our cheeks. Goddammit! You know what…my ‘faucet’ is leaking again while writing this. Hewhew

Even with this short review, I don’t think I’m giving enough credit for the brilliant work by Kelvin Tong. I have no idea why this short story in particular hit me hard or maybe I do and I’m just in denial of the way I truly feel about losing someone dear to me… sooooooo there you go. 

With that, please take note and make time to catch other amazing short films by the talents by our neighbours from South. Tickets are priced only for RM8 (thank God not in SGD!) and it will be a well spent money. Check out the screening schedule below and enjoy yourself at the cinema.    
Watch one! Watch them all! 
P/s - On a side note. Just after the screening, I learned that Alan Rickman had passed away so Dear Professor Snape...this review is for you. Rest in peace Sir. 
Gone but will not be forgotten. 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Pasanga 2 Review

Big kids, little kids. We were all kids once. 
Pasanga 2 Review – Surya is a non-action flick.
Ready to play? 
Kavin and Nayana are two children who get pushed out of schools because of their hyperactive activities. Their parents are not able to bear the attitude of their children and transfer them through many schools. Things finally reach boiling point and the kids get sent to stay and study in hostel where they feel miserable and until they hatch a plan and ‘leave’ the hostel as well. Incidentally, they end up with a child psychiatrist, Tamizh Naadan (Surya) and his wife, Venba (Amy Jackson). They help the parents understand their children and see their true potential.
Teach and learn. Learn and teach 
It’s nice to see Surya leaving his usual hero act and performing as a parent who deals with hyperactive kids. Despite serving as an entertainment, there are quite a lot of lesson to be learned by watching this film. Mostly on how to deal with kids and not to pressure them into becoming someone they are not meant to be. It also dabs into modern days parenting and education system. Kudos to the young talents who will annoy the heck out of you with their antics but then makes you think according to their age and imagination.

A happy family is a healthy family. 
Overall it is an enjoyable flick that will tickle your feelings with its fair share of fun, laughter and even jerk a few tears along with valuable lessons to be learnt and understood.

Daddy's Home Review

Pick a Dad! 
Daddy's Home Review – Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg combines force once again after The Other Guys combo not long ago.
Ready to rumble? 
Brad (Will Ferrell) had always wanted to have his own family but due to an unforeseen ‘accident’ is unable to ‘produce’ his own lineage. His setback is solved when he dates Sara Whitaker (Linda Cardellini), a single mom with two lovely kids. All hell however breaks loose when Sara’s x-husband, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) return and tries to win back his family. Dusty sporting a more rugged and cool personality compared to Brad’s mild-mannered nature, can he compete with the kids real father?
More the merrier? Or maybe not. 
It’s a laugh out loud flick so prepare for some tummy cramps. Some jokes are lame but hey this is not an Oscar nominee to be all serious. Plus the enemy-chemistry between Will and Mark is almost perfect. Family values are also added for extra flavour showing that being a parent is not walk in the park.
Three is a crowd ey? 
Just sit back laugh, relax and enjoy watching this movie.   

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Bajirao Mastani Review

All is fair in love and war or is it really?  
Bajirao Mastani Review – Sanjay Leela Bhansali helms as co-writer, producer and director as well as music composer for his latest magnificent offering.
Bajirao ready for battle
Banjirao (Ranveer Singh) is elected as the new Peshwa (modern times equivalent of Prime Minister) for the Maratha Empire. While battling their enemies, he comes across a messenger who seeks his army’s help to defend their land. It was later revealed that the emissary is actually a Princess from Bundelkhand, Mastani (Deepika Padukone). Bajirao agrees to lend a hand and defeats the invaders and as token of appreciation, King Rajput invites him to celebrate Holi in his Kingdom. Impressed by Mastani battle skills, Bajirao gifts his dagger to Mastani, which is a sign of marriage for the native. Soon after Bajirao continues his journey back home leaving Mastani falling head over heels for him. Mastani leaves her Kingdom to pursue the love of her life only to be treated unfairly as a Mistress. Bajirao soon after develops feeling for Mastani and is torn between loving his wife, Kashibai (a very Juhi Chawla looking Priyanka Chopra) and Mastani. Both his ladies give birth to Bajirao’s baby boys while Mastani continued to be shunned by everyone. Once again the need to lead the army arise and Bajirao embark on his path. Sensing a chance to punish Mastani for being a home wrecker, she gets imprisoned and once Bajirao hears the news he goes berserk. What will become of this love triangle? Will there be a happy ending or tragic finale? Like hell am gonna tell you, go watch the movie instead lar dey! 
From reel to real life lovers?  
Trust Sanjay to bring his level best in any of his work. This man is a testament of how one should use their talent. As mentioned earlier, Sanjay played multiple roles as co-writer, producer, and director and also composed the wonderful music for the epic film. The result? A visually stunning tragic love story brought to life with brilliant cast, cinematography, poetic lines and majestic setting all around. Speaking of cast, the three (3) main characters were made for Ranveer, Deepika and Priyanka. From portraying a brave warrior to a tortured longing and betrayed soul, these three thespians were spot on every time they came on screen. The excellent acting was perfectly matched by a beautiful yet painful story. The dance sequels were nothing short of amazing. I still got some songs stuck in my head long after watching this picture. As of now, I can’t or refuse to find any flaws except be amazed by the hard work put into making this movie marvel.
Honestly can one heart have place for two love? 
It’s very rare of me to watch Bollywood movies but once in a while a perfect gem arise and shines bright to capture my attention. Bajirao Mastasi is such rare sighting. If you are eager to find out how good a well thought movie can be produced, you have to watch this magnum opus by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and trust me you will not be disappointed.
Pinga on replay.

Monday, 4 January 2016

The 33 Review

Stuck between a rock and hard literally....
The 33 Review – Film based on real year 2010’s mining disaster in Chile. 
Will The 33 make it our alive? 
A usual days work turns into deadly when 33 miners get trapped inside the San Jose gold and copper mine. Running low on food and motivation, the miners have to work together to stay alive while the Chilean government tries to hatch a plan to rescue them. Best drillers around the world lend their hand while being hit with several snags before finally getting a break through. It would take another two months before The 33 can be rescued. 
Super Mario and the rest of the miners 
With so much negativity happening around the world these days, it good to see how humans can come together in times of desperate need. From a very concern Minister (the yummy looking Rodrigo Santoro) to Super Mario (Antonio Banderas), the cast portrayed their role well to bring the human emotions. Heck, despite knowing the outcome (all 33 miners were rescued) I almost teared up when the last miner made it out alive. 
Main cast. 
If only we can set aside our differences and work together for a common goal, the world will truly be a better place. Let’s hope one day this wish will come true. 

Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip Review

The boys are back! 
Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip Review – The Three Furry Singing Chipmunks are back for another adventure.
Same old mischievous Alvin! 
Dave (Jason Lee) is busy producing album and dating until he feels that he have neglected Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Things only gets worse when the chipmunks finds out that Dave’s girlfriend has an annoying son who bullies them. When they discover that Dave is about to propose to her in Miami, the Chipmunks decided to intervene and spoil the plan at all cost. Will they succeed? 
As usual the Chipmunks never fail to entertain us with their antics. Along the way they cover few latest hit songs while getting into trouble. They also form an unlikely bond and realize that they are family after all despise their differences. Look out for New Orleans jazz band performance doing Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk. It was the highlight of the movie for me. 
Alvin, Simon, Theodore and Miles! 
The chipmunks redeem themselves in this third outing after a forgettable sequel. The end part of this only suggest more continuation and hopefully it will get better before we really get tired of Alvin, Simon and Theodore. 

Dilwale Review

Reunited once again. 
Dilwale Review – Bollywood’s golden couple, Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan reunites once again. (*que happy scream!) 
The past and present? 
Raj (SRK) is son of a Don who is involved in criminal activities and rival with another mobster. Raj unintentionally falls in love with Meera (drop dead gorgeous Kajol) and soon finds out the truth about her. Many years later, their path crosses when their brother and sister respectively fall in love with each other. How will this new turn of event change things between Raj and Meera? Will they remain the way are or can love finally triumph over hatred? 
Will there be a happy ending?
I forgot about everything else the moment Kajol showed up on screen. The lousy storyline, the cheesy comedy lines, the long fight sequence, everything else. Kajol’s super stunning beauty after all these years made Dilwale bearable to watch. 
Hye mere pyar..... 
Did I mention how beauty Kajol looked in this flick? Yearp, I rest my case. Kajol. Just Kajol!  

The Wave Review

It's huge! 
The Wave Review – Norwegian movie dubbed into English.
Here's it comes! 
The town of Geiranger is preparing for tourist arrival when an unstable mountain movement creates chaos. Geologist, Kristian tries to warn his colleagues of the danger but disaster strikes and the town people are left to fend for themselves. Coming their way is a huge 250 foot tsunami. Can anyone make it out alive?
Run for your life!!! 
Don’t expect too much of the CGI as this is not a Hollywood production but some scenes are quite intimidating with big waves crashing into building. The cast played their role well, I just find the dubbing voice to be a bit funny for not matching the lip movements and also the voice pitch that seemed didn’t quite believable at times. Same goes for the story line but overall not a bad effort.
The aftermath
With Norway managing to make a disaster movie, I wish Malaysia could come up with our own disaster flick, not that I wish for a misfortune but we have had our own mishaps (1MBD anyone?) so why not make a story out of it ey?