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Monday, 4 January 2016

The Wave Review

It's huge! 
The Wave Review – Norwegian movie dubbed into English.
Here's it comes! 
The town of Geiranger is preparing for tourist arrival when an unstable mountain movement creates chaos. Geologist, Kristian tries to warn his colleagues of the danger but disaster strikes and the town people are left to fend for themselves. Coming their way is a huge 250 foot tsunami. Can anyone make it out alive?
Run for your life!!! 
Don’t expect too much of the CGI as this is not a Hollywood production but some scenes are quite intimidating with big waves crashing into building. The cast played their role well, I just find the dubbing voice to be a bit funny for not matching the lip movements and also the voice pitch that seemed didn’t quite believable at times. Same goes for the story line but overall not a bad effort.
The aftermath
With Norway managing to make a disaster movie, I wish Malaysia could come up with our own disaster flick, not that I wish for a misfortune but we have had our own mishaps (1MBD anyone?) so why not make a story out of it ey? 

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