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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Pasanga 2 Review

Big kids, little kids. We were all kids once. 
Pasanga 2 Review – Surya is a non-action flick.
Ready to play? 
Kavin and Nayana are two children who get pushed out of schools because of their hyperactive activities. Their parents are not able to bear the attitude of their children and transfer them through many schools. Things finally reach boiling point and the kids get sent to stay and study in hostel where they feel miserable and until they hatch a plan and ‘leave’ the hostel as well. Incidentally, they end up with a child psychiatrist, Tamizh Naadan (Surya) and his wife, Venba (Amy Jackson). They help the parents understand their children and see their true potential.
Teach and learn. Learn and teach 
It’s nice to see Surya leaving his usual hero act and performing as a parent who deals with hyperactive kids. Despite serving as an entertainment, there are quite a lot of lesson to be learned by watching this film. Mostly on how to deal with kids and not to pressure them into becoming someone they are not meant to be. It also dabs into modern days parenting and education system. Kudos to the young talents who will annoy the heck out of you with their antics but then makes you think according to their age and imagination.

A happy family is a healthy family. 
Overall it is an enjoyable flick that will tickle your feelings with its fair share of fun, laughter and even jerk a few tears along with valuable lessons to be learnt and understood.

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