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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Welcome To The Punch Review

U shoot me! I shoot u! Deal?

Welcome To The Punch Review – If you had a looooooooong day you might want to avoid watching this James & Mark combo of cat and mouse chase flick. Or else you might find yourself dozing off by halfway. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good movie but you have to watch at the right time. Otherwise you won’t fully appreciate the effort to execute this British movie. It is done in way that you have concentrate to understand what is going on. There are some action scenes but the Director took his own sweet time to move from ‘talking scenes’ to ‘shoot everybody’ scene. Even though the movie is less than 2 hours long, you might feel it takes forever for them to finish chatting and get on with their next move.
Brains over brawn
The story starts off with Max (James McAvoy) [a rookie cop] chasing after Jacob Sternwood (Mark Strong) but fails to catch him and ends up with a serious wound to his leg and pride. He almost quit the force but stays on with a new partner with hope of grabbing Jacob someday. Max gets his chance few years later when Jacob’s son gets caught up in a gun deal gone wrong. Thus begins the cat and mouse race again. While trying to outsmart and outrun each other, both of them discover a bigger plot involving people in the high position. They then find a way to work together to bring down the ‘real’ bad guys.    
Go get a shave James!
I was so looking forward to watch James McAvoy after his brilliant performance in ‘Wanted’, he didn’t disappoint me but I felt kinda short-changed. He gave a good act but I just thought he could have done better. Mark Strong on the other hand was great. He showed loads of emotion going back and forth as the bad guy, a father and ‘good guy’. The ‘English’ accent used by the supporting cast takes a while to set in. The way they speak, the twang sounds kinda funny sometimes with the usual Brit dry humor. The setting of the movie was quite dark as well, not much color and the background music blended well with the environment.
Wanna join our 'tea party' mate?
You just have to try and appreciate a different way this movie was shot. It’s not the usual Hollywood style of fast phase full on action. Plenty of lines to listen to and then comes the actions scenes and few minutes later they are talking again. Takes a patient person and strong ‘love’ towards James to sit through and make it till the end of the credit role. If you value another style of criminal movie, this might be your cup of English tea mate!   

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Kick Ass 2 Review

Here they go...once again...
Kick Ass 2 Review – Errrr….ermmm….pffffftttt…..pppthhhhh…..*scratch head…hmmm…mmm….I dono wey….this Motherfuker (if you feel offended then stop reading now) of a movie is totally something else dey. It is a sequel so if you have watched the first one which also blew my mind away then is pretty much along the same line. I wonder what was going thru the mind of the writer, producer and director who came up with this movie. There is so much bullshit you won’t believe such a movie could aculi see the day of light, in Malaysian cinema some more! I might sound misleading and it’s because I’m confused myself. I’m not sure if I hate or liked it.
Das Autooooooooooo.....
Anyways, the story starts with Mindy aka Hit Girl (ChloĆ« Grace Moretz) having to live with her Dad’s former cop partner, Marcus (Morris Chestnut) after Big Daddy’s death in the first installment. Dave aka Kick Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) meanwhile is trying to figure what is his next course of action. He gets too bored and goes looking for Mindy to train him back into shape and team up to fight crimes. Since Kick Ass emerged, the street is filled with those in costumes trying to keep the streets safe. Mindy refuse to take up his offer so Kick Ass joins a band of superhero wannabes. He gets acquainted with Colonel Stars and Stripes (a very old looking Jim Carrey), Night Bitch and whatnot. Get this…these are names of ‘adiwira’ so just imagine the names of the villains pulak!
Wanna be goodie or baddie?
If you remember, in the first movie, Kick Ass nemesis, Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) witnessed his father dying so he develops a grudge ala Harry Osborne-vs-Spiderman against Kick Ass and is hell bound to have his revenge. He transforms himself into a super villain and calls himself Motherfucker…yup…no typo…Motherfucker! *slap forehead. Since Motherfucker is fucking rich, he recruits his band of baddies. Wanna guess their names??? Read ahead and be ‘charmed’. I’ll give you a few…Mother Russia, Black Death and Genghis Carnage…haaaa….kan dah kata….nama memang giler siot, just like the movie! Toss in few nasty bloody fight scenes, some soft porn, loads profanities and you will be as confused as I am as to whether you should diss or ditch or amused at this Motherfucker of a movie. 
Amek ko! Nak sangat gaduh kan? Dush! Dush!
The cast… ChloĆ«…this girl…she is something else…totally something else…heck you know what, I think it’s just matter of time before she hits bigger roles and Carrie (pun intended as she will be starring in the classic re-make) a movie on her own without the help of others. She just needs to be groomed a bit more and I pray she doesn’t end up like a certain Amanda Byrnes. As for Aaron…dude…please find better roles. Being handsome and having fab abs have short shelf life just so you know. I noticed some potential but it’s all but wasted for now. Jim Carrey…nope I refuse to touch on him, just see for yourself. The rest of the cast…if you can call it a cast was just sorta getting paid for being in the movie. Overall…I’m still confused…I liked it? I hated it? I don’t know… I seriously don’t. Perhaps you can watch and decide for yourself because it’s still kinda watchable. 

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My Boboy Boy

Let’s face it, those you know me, know I heart cats and I have more than a dozen kitties in my apartment right now but there was this special fella who will always have special place in my heart, my Boboy. His mom, Angie was also my special cat. She gave litter few times and this bugger was born in the last batch Angie ever gave birth too before her demise. 
Boboy's Mom, Angie Gurl
Since I was having loads of misunderstanding with my Amma at that time (I was living with Amma then), I couldn’t keep the rest of Boboy’s siblings. I was also gonna go away on holiday to Bangkok at the time of birth so with heavy heart I had leave Boboy’s brothers and sisters at the ‘makan’ place near Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Bandar Tun Razak, my friend assured me that they will be ‘ok’ there. Yes I feel guilty of doing this but I had no choice. All but one remained, Boboy.
No camera shy one
Masa kecik muka quite buruk...hehehe
He was a naughty boy. I trained him to do his ‘business’ in the toilet but he was kinda spoilt so he would ‘spray’ around the house and this made Amma ever mad. After sometime, he also ‘bengang’ when my Amma hit him if she catches him does naughty things so he started to venture outside of the house. Maybe to do his business and find girlfriends. He would not be at home if I’m not home. He will only come back when he can sense I’m back from work or outside. He would then ‘lepak’ with me. I will piss him off and ‘torturing’ him. Pull his tail, his misai. Have a mini wrestling session with him. He ‘layan je’ but sometime silap haribulan kena cakar! Adoiiiiiiiii!!! Haaaa…amek ko Mani! Padan muka!
Guess what???
Pose tak senonoh
He was this fur ball with special tail that my niece and nephew refer to as ‘feather duster’. Memang fluffy giler and he knows it. Bila panggil nama je terus swing-swing his bushy tail. He does not ‘meow’ like other cats. He goes…amma….maaa…so cute!!! Memang geram. We would have our small conversation which drives my Amma mad. Sometimes, she would bud in and he replies her as well. My translation to his reply was…. “Aiya….old lady….sibuk la lu….don’t kacau my conversation with my Mummy can ah?” Kekeke….I would get him Whiskas and bila budget lebih sikit, dapat makanan lagi best. He was not fussy about his food. Bagi chocolate oso can. KFC was his preferred food. One of his other favorite muchy was ‘Miau Miau keropok’. Nampak je pack kaler oren tuh, terus buat muka manja, pastu suara oso bukan main soft. I myself belum sempat nak rasa, he oredi walap and ask for more. Haiz Boboy, Boboy, ko ni kucing ke apa ar?
Boboy and his girlfren, whittle gurl, she died from poisning :(
Things got quite bad between my Amma and me so I finally decided to move into my own apartment with my three (3) boys, Boboy, Kutty and Lexie. I had other cats before that but a few got poised, sakit hati tengok anak aku mati terseksa. I hope the basterds who poisoned them will kena one day. Anyway, moving out caused some problem initially since Boboy was both indoor and outdoor boy. At Amma’s place, he was free to roam because he knew how to balik rumah but my apartment was mostly covered with jalan tar and not much greenery so susah nak bagi dia lepas. The blocks are also very confusing. I know, he knew our apartment is on the top floor, he just gets confused which block to climb. He also had problem with ‘doing his business’ again. Kutty and Lexie had no problem adjusting to our new place while Boboy was having trouble and he would be restless.
Can u leave me alone pls....
Lepak-lepal at balcony
My three boys
I was feeling guilty for keeping him locked inside so I bought a leash and start to train him to go for ‘walking’ around or apartment area. The neighborhood people start noticing and they were very impressed that Boboy would just folo my direction as we stroll around our block. After few training I start to walk him to my Amma’s place. Once we reach to the ground floor, he would wait if I say, our place and Patti’s place (Amma’s place), then he would walk with me and stop once a while to roll on the dirt. When we walk to my Amma’s place, some people would stop and look. Amazed how ‘obedient’ this kitty was. Once reach Amma’s place, I would ‘tie’ him near a bushy area while I go lepak at Amma’s and Big Akka’s house. He would have his ‘own time’ lepakking while wait for me.
His favourite spot to 'spray'
Ntah apa bau ada kat situ
This was going on for almost a year. Once or twice he managed to escape from the leash and figured out that our apartment is not that far from Amma’s place. I let him lepak for few days till member sudah lapar and he would ‘come to me to go home to’ once perut dah lapar. There was even once when I opened my apartment door, he just rushed out and strait away lari pegi to his spot. He was a smart cookie. Every day bila dah balik, he would ‘ask’ if I’m gonna take him out for jalan-jalan. I will ‘inform him’ of the time and once dah lambat sikit. Mak datuk hang, mula lah dia nak melalak. ‘You promised! You promised Ammaaaaaaaaaaa!!!’. I would give in and bring him. It was a good exercise for me as well. Lepas dah puas hati. He will climb the staircase by himself. Sampai rumah minum air and lepak at his spot on top of my cupboard.
Like a Baus!
He was the Baus
Kalau mood baik, will sit next to me, then I start ‘talking’ to him till he gets bored. 
Bonding time bila mood baik
We had a good thing going on. Whenever anybody comes to our apartment, he would hide. He was not so fond of my Akka’s. He would keep quite while they are around but once they leave….keluar lah macam-macam dia membebel! Ngiau ngiau ntah apa dia bising! Once in a while I also take him to my Big Akka’s house, which he hated, tapi he will behave while my Akka pulak buli dia. He gives this ‘look’ which drives my Akka nuts. My Akka told me not to tie him there in case something bad happens to him. I always brushed it off saying he is a tough boy and know how to take care of himself.
Memang hensem giler Boboy aku!
Unfortunately because of my stubbornness, tragedy happened one day. It was the last day of holiday after Hari Raya. I did my usual tying him at the bush area and lepak both at Amma’s and then Akka’s place. It was also rainy season. This time, I don’t know why I hung out longer than the usual time and it was drizzling. My Akka started scolding me for leaving Boboy tied in the rain so finally at about 10 pm I got down from her place and went to the bushy area.
Sigh...silly fatal mistake and lost him forever...
I called out his name, he would usually reply with…Amma….but this time, nothing…I was like…alamak he terlepas again ke? So I pointed the tiny laser touch light into the dark and noticed his leash was still there. I turned to my right and to my horror. I saw his body being twisted by a freaking ular fucking sawa! Can you believe it? I shouted in terror with all kind of swear words coming out of my mouth while calling out his name and stomping my feet. I’m not sure but I think I might have stepped on the blardy snake. I thought Boboy was just being twisted so I bend down near the tree and untied the leash and turned back and noticed the snake was gone. I quickly carried him near my Akka’s place.

I realized then Boboy was already gone, right under my nose. Who the fuck would have thought, a housing area which has developed more than 20 years would keep such an awful creature lurking in its bushes.  I called my Akka and told her…Boboy is gone Akka, Boboy die redy. She was shocked as she came down. He really was gone. I could feel some of his bones have broken, bend because of the devil snake grip. Another few minutes I would not even got to ‘see’ him. The fucking snake would have swollen my Abi and wait for another victim soon. I was crying my eyes out. I couldn’t believe he was gone. My Akka tried to calm me down but I just lost it. I kept saying ‘I want him back’ ‘I want my Boboy back Akka’, ‘I killed my son, I killed my son’. I indeed did. If only, I listened to my Akka. If only I didn’t tie him so tight, he would have escaped his death.

My Amma noticed the commotion and shouted from her balcony. My niece told her what happen and she was going bezerk. I was still crying hoping he would answer me but my Boboy was gone. He was gone before I found him. I went blank till a abang passed by and asked what happened. He was like God-sent because he helped to calm me down a bit. He asked me what I wanted to do…I remember replying….’Saya nak dia balik Bang…Saya nak bawak dia balik….’ He said…. ‘Saya faham dik tapi dia dah tade…sekarang awak kena lepaskan dia’…nanti Abang tolong kebumikan dia ye? Sigh….bury him??? but I want my Boboy back…have could have I done something so stupid??? He was good cat, he was my Abi, he was my boy… Boboy. I failed him.

The Abang returned with a cangkul and whispered a prayer into Boboy’s ear and helped me to bury Boboy. I returned home and Kutty and Lexie and by then I also had few other cats with me. They just sat near me. I didn’t sleep one bit that night. My Amma and Akka kept calling to check on me. I felt like a parent who lost her child. I felt so empty. Our house was suddenly so quite because only Boboy would make noise. I had no one to talk to. I avoid from going to Amma’s place for a while. I performed some prayers so that his soul would rest in peace. I hope Boboy is resting in peace. Even though I failed him in the end, I hope he had a happy life four years with me.
That 'look' he gives....
I miss him so much till now. I thought I was the only one who missed him but turned out even my Akka’s was sad to have lost him. I guess he did leave an impression in all our us. Today, 26th August 2013 marks one year since I lost him. I wish I could turn back time to avoid the mishap but sigh…all I can do now is take good care the rest of my kitties. You may think this is silly but I miss my Boboy and will always love him. 
I miss you Abi....... thank you for coming into my life Boboy....