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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Welcome To The Punch Review

U shoot me! I shoot u! Deal?

Welcome To The Punch Review – If you had a looooooooong day you might want to avoid watching this James & Mark combo of cat and mouse chase flick. Or else you might find yourself dozing off by halfway. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good movie but you have to watch at the right time. Otherwise you won’t fully appreciate the effort to execute this British movie. It is done in way that you have concentrate to understand what is going on. There are some action scenes but the Director took his own sweet time to move from ‘talking scenes’ to ‘shoot everybody’ scene. Even though the movie is less than 2 hours long, you might feel it takes forever for them to finish chatting and get on with their next move.
Brains over brawn
The story starts off with Max (James McAvoy) [a rookie cop] chasing after Jacob Sternwood (Mark Strong) but fails to catch him and ends up with a serious wound to his leg and pride. He almost quit the force but stays on with a new partner with hope of grabbing Jacob someday. Max gets his chance few years later when Jacob’s son gets caught up in a gun deal gone wrong. Thus begins the cat and mouse race again. While trying to outsmart and outrun each other, both of them discover a bigger plot involving people in the high position. They then find a way to work together to bring down the ‘real’ bad guys.    
Go get a shave James!
I was so looking forward to watch James McAvoy after his brilliant performance in ‘Wanted’, he didn’t disappoint me but I felt kinda short-changed. He gave a good act but I just thought he could have done better. Mark Strong on the other hand was great. He showed loads of emotion going back and forth as the bad guy, a father and ‘good guy’. The ‘English’ accent used by the supporting cast takes a while to set in. The way they speak, the twang sounds kinda funny sometimes with the usual Brit dry humor. The setting of the movie was quite dark as well, not much color and the background music blended well with the environment.
Wanna join our 'tea party' mate?
You just have to try and appreciate a different way this movie was shot. It’s not the usual Hollywood style of fast phase full on action. Plenty of lines to listen to and then comes the actions scenes and few minutes later they are talking again. Takes a patient person and strong ‘love’ towards James to sit through and make it till the end of the credit role. If you value another style of criminal movie, this might be your cup of English tea mate!   

Thank you hot magazine for the preview tickets! 

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