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Monday, 12 August 2013

Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters Review

From lighting thief to travel to Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters Review – Harry Potter and the gang continue their journey….eh wait a minute, salah movie pulak! Although I had a dejavu feeling following Percy Jackson, his half-brother Tyson, besties Annabeth and Grover trying the look for a ‘cure’ that is killing their earlier dead friend, Thalia pine tree that is protecting the Olympians from being killed by evil forces. Unfortunately some of the Olympians have turned into ‘death eater’ eh I mean dark side.
Percy and his posse'
See what I mean? It’s like Harry Potter but it’s not Harry Potter. Heck they even have this bad arse villain, Kronos who have been ‘banished’ but is being revived by Luke (yup…much like Malfoy reviving Voldemort). Percy rides of Hipokampus into Sea of Monsters (it was Hippograf in Potter series) to stop Kronos. Perhaps I just miss Hermoine and Ron ey? The gang travel though modern and mythical settings in order to stop the resurrection of Kronos. Throw in some CGI and teen lines with little adult supervision (Stanley Tucci as Mr. D)  plus some father and son conflict, a friend scarifying herself to save her friends and a slight twist in the end you got a full fledge flick for the new age group target.   
New Demi-God in town!
The repeat cast for this movie, Logan Lerman shows some promising talent to carry on the torch as Percy for a few more sequels together with the rest of the cast. I’m not sure how many books are there for this series but so far, it’s been entertaining…and let’s hope it stays on course till Percy figures out what he had to do when he reach 20 years old.
Look out for the sequel soon...
Till then enjoy the ‘exotic’ creatures being thrown at each upcoming adventure Percy Jackson has to undertake. Joined by his other Godly friends defending the Earth from whatever mishap waiting to happen. He is no Harry Potter but he will do for now till the next boy wonder takes over the big screen.  

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