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Monday, 19 August 2013

Trance Review

Not to be confused with Trance, a music genre!
Trance Review – Nope this movie is not out in the cinema and I doubt it will see the daylight in our shores. The reason I hunted for this flick was, James McAvoy. That good looking devil with his blue eyes…Adoi caiq aku! Only later I found out that it’s directed by Slumdog Millionaire’s Oscar winning director, Danny Boyle. No wonder it also starred Rosario Dawson, his current squeeze.
Caught in the midden!
Just a bit like his role in ‘Wanted’, James character, Simon is kinda disturbed with his current living situation. He is addicted to gambling and is knee deep in debts. He works in a prestigious auction company and has a shot to ‘clear’ his ‘hutang’ by making a deal with criminal mastermind, Franck (Vincent Cassel) by trying to steal a multimillion pound worth painting. Unfortunately things don’t quite go as planned and Simon ends up having amnesia and forgets where he ‘kept’ the stolen painting after getting whacked in the head.

In order to ‘retrieve’ his lost memories, the crooks sort help from hypnotherapist Elizabeth (Dawson). She uses all kind of methods to help Simon remember but once she finds out the real reason, Elizabeth demands for her cut of the profit. Once the ‘session’ starts, more ‘skeleton comes out of the closet’. Simon is not all innocent as he seems to be, while Elizabeth has her own ‘dark history’ as well. It all comes down to a tangled past connected to the future.
You have been warned, it can get quite graphic yo!
James plays his dazed and confused part so well, it’s like tailor made for him but when he comes to his senses, he looks so menacing and you won’t dare to mess with him. We get to ‘see’ him ‘exposed’ in few parts, no full monty but enough to fuel ones imagination. Ehem….the same however can’t be said about Rosario as she bares a lot, I mean like A LOT! I wonder how the crew members fell witnessing their Director’s girlfriend baring so much flesh. 
Who would you trust?
Overall, it’s not Danny’ best work but still watchable if you dig McAvoy like me I do while waiting for him to return as Professor X once again and also in ‘Wanted 2’. I hope Rosario find better characters to play after this, now that she have ‘shown’ her assets. So if you are intrigued, kindly visit your friendly neighborhood DVD seller and get a copy for yourself. 
Word of advice, Danny, leave it as it is, don't make a sequel!

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