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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

We’re the Millers Review

Smile for the camera guys!

We’re the Millers Review – Warning!!! Be prepared to laugh your arse off watching Jason Sudeikis (playing David), Jennifer Aniston (as Rose/Sarah), Emma Roberts (Casey) and Will Poulter (Kenny) coming together as a fake family so that David could smuggle RV loaded with drugs from Mexico to the United States. It’s a laugh a minute story witnessing this accidental family getting into all sort of troubles. David is actually small time drug dealer who gets into mess once he gets robbed while trying to save run-away-teen-from-home Casey. Meanwhile, Rose is a stripper getting tired of her job. Kenny is David’s ‘virgin’ neighbor who always seems to get into all kind of misfortune. Case of point - imagine getting bitten in the nuts by spider…painful ey?
They really do look-a-like no?
In order to get their ‘shitty’ life together, ‘The Miller’ family were created and together they embark on a journey across the border without the knowledge that they are getting screwed by David’s old collage buddy, his current drug supplier, Brad. The Millers gets hunted a real drug lord while trying to get the ‘stash’ into the country and they stumble upon another family on their journey that turns out to be from Narcotic Department (DEA). Talk about bad timing. The journey takes them thru all sort misadventures. It starts with each of them looking out for their own benefit which later somehow brings them closer together as a real family.
Here we Mexicooooo!!!
The cast was perfectly picked, Sudeikis was awesome as a sleaze ball, Aniston as smoldering hot stripper, Roberts as I’m-an-angry-teen and most funny of them all, Poulter as fish-out-of-water-virgin-almost-man-boy! The supporting cast will also crack you up with their antics particularly a Scottie P. (You know what I’m sayin’?). The games they play (Black Cock Down!), ‘Swinging' scene in the tent, ‘ear fuck’ and ‘boob grabbing’ got me laughing till tears start flowing. Such splendid job made me giggle and forget about my crappy life for a moment.
One of the best scene in the movie!
If you are having a bad day, leave it for a while and watch this crazy funny movie. It is a bit crude and rude so be prepared for some foul language and sexy views. The censorship board did a decent job, blurring some inappropriate sights instead of the usual ‘gunting’ the whole scene. Overall, I’m really happy to have met The Millers and I think you should meet them too. Maybe can bring a sequel if the team can find a proper follow up.   
What are we looking at?
Thank you ChurpChurp for the invite to Meet the Millers!   
Thank you ChurpChurp!!!

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