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Monday, 30 June 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction Review

Optimus rides on! 
Transformers: Age of Extinction Review – Optimus Prime and the gang minus Shia (Thank God!) are back to entertain us once again.
Optimus and the new leading man in Hong Kong! 
After the epic battle between the Autobots and Decepticons that almost destroyed Chicago in the previous movie while bringing down the franchise as well. The humans have ceased all alliance with the robots and force them to go into hiding. All while Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer) with the help of Savoy (Titus Welliver) hunting down the remaining Autobots and Decepticons after making an exchange deal for ‘seed’ with another alien visitor in the form of Lockdown. Meanwhile, Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) is a struggling small time inventor who stumbles upon Optimus Prime and decides to help the autobots in finding out the purpose of the hunt. His discovery causes his life to turn upside down. During his ‘partnership’, Cade learns that a big budget inventor Joshua Joyce (Stanley Tucci) have managed to manipulate the ‘Transformium’ into creating his own ‘line’ of autobots using memories from the remains of Megatron’s ‘brain’. He names his creation ‘Galvatron’ without realising that he is not actually ‘in control’ of his invention. All hell breaks loose when Galvatron manage to locate Optimus Prime to seek revenge while Lockdown wreaks havoc in Hong Kong. Ancient Dinobots joins the battle and let’s just say, this little island will never look the same again. Will Optimus Prime and his remaining autobots survive another epic battle or finally get defeated by the ‘re-born’ Megatron?
Prime & Bee! 
Deceptiocons re-born! 
Fuh….that was a mouthful of storyline right? With the plot jumping from one scene to another scene, no wonder the movie ran for almost 3 hours. It was a nice change of cast in the human characters with the absence of Shia (I’m so grateful for that!) and replaced by Mark, Stanley and Kelsey respectively. They played their role well with Mark trying to be a good single father, Stanley as the strict but sometimes funny creator while Kelsey killed it as a harsh military man bend on getting rid of the autobots. The robots were their usual selves except for Bumblebee whom I think inherited some of Sam Witwicky’s annoying traits. As for the supporting actors, hmm…good that they got a chance to act in this year’s one of biggest blockbusters. Another notable change was the theme song switch from Linkin Park to Imagine Dragon, guess winning a Grammy earlier did help them land the song but not to undermine, Battle Cry does roar perfectly. The visual effects are the routine fit for the bank breaking budget. If only they focused more on a proper storyline, it would have been perfect.
Dinobots anyone......
With the beginning of Age of Extinction, we are in for another trilogy ride according to early reports. It’s not a bad start but let’s hope it will get better instead follow suit of the earlier trilogies which went from smelly to stinker. With Wahlberg joining the franchise, let’s hope Optimus Prime and the gang will return with an improved plot. Until then I shall revel the joy of getting Shia out of this flick unless he makes a comeback in the next one! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!   

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Fault Is In Our Stars Review

Who's fault is it? 
The Fault Is In Our Stars Review – Love story based on New York Times best seller…hmm…after a stinker last week…is this flick worth my time? Plus the main cast played characters as brother and sister in their previous movie (Divergent). Based on the rave reviews it’s been getting, I gave it try.
Time is limited, but love is endless
It’s about Hazel Grace, (Shailene Woodley) a 16 years old teen who was diagnosed with cancer since age of 13. She’s been thru almost all the procedures needed to fight the cancer. To make her life a little normal, her parents, Frannie (Laura Dern) and Michael (Sam Trammell) get her to attend a support group where she meets Augustus (Ansel Elgort) and they hit off immediately. Having survived cancer by amputating his leg, Gus was accompanying his friend Isaac (Nat Wolff) who is about to lose his eye sight. Hazel and Gus start to hang out more often and since she is crazy about a book written by Peter Van Houten (Willem Dafoe), Gus makes an effort so she could meet the author in person and get a closure for the book. They travel all the way to Amsterdam only to find out that he is a good writer but not a good person. While there, Gus delivers a devastating news that rates 10 in Hazel’s pain list. Will these star crossed lovers beat the Cancer and life happily ever after or succumb to the ravaging disease?
Hazel Grace
Move over Kristen and Robert, thank you so much Shailene and Ansel for taking over. These two talented actors chemistry is so much better. They strike that spark without much effort and you can’t help but root for them to be together despite the stupid illness. Shailene was both pleasant and annoying when she needed to be while Ansel was so charming and had a flair of his own trying to win over Hazel. The supporting cast did a splendid job especially, Laura as her mother, having just lost my own mother, I can feel the love her has for her daughter, trying her very best to be the best mother she could be. Heck, even Willem was irritatingly delightful. The mood of the movie takes you on an emotional roller coaster, I came close to tearing up few times but managed to save my tissue, can’t say the same about my partner though, she was cursing, coughing and tearing all at the same time, poor girl. Such hopeless romantic this women. Can’t blame her because this movie is that good, storyline, location, feeling, simply put, it had all the right ingredients to hit your soft spot.
Love is a shout in the void and oblivion is inevitable, 
but you cannot deny a boy in love.
It’s not easy to live with an ailment, especially something like Cancer when you know the chances of you making it alive is close to none. You have to put on a brave face in front of people feeling sorry for you while fighting off the urge to end your life rather than going thru the pain. It’s something like love that might provide a slight glow in your gloomy life. Not everybody is lucky to experience true love what’s with the limited time a cancer patient has. This picture teaches you to appreciate your time on Earth, no matter for the short 16 years or the long 60 years you might have. It’s up to you to become an oblivion and forgotten by people around you or be remembered by one person for being the special person you were to them. Now excuse me while I find a volunteer to write up my eulogy. Ok? Ok!  

P/s - Thank you Churp2 for the preview tickets!  

Michael Jackson - King of Pop #gonetoosoon

I think I started to listen to you before i could memorize my 'ABC'. Your songs became 'Another Part of Me'. You taught me that if I 'I Wanna Be Starting Something', I can't keep it 'In The Closet'. It's ok if things get 'Bad' or 'Dangerous' because you can always 'Blame It On The Boogie'!
If you can't 'Beat It', just 'Come Together' and make 'History'! It's not easy to 'Heal The World' but we often forget that 'We Are The World' so when you think 'They Don't Care About Us', just remember that 'You Are Not Alone'. You are the 'Man In The Mirror', you are the 'Liberian Girl' no matter if you are 'Black or White'
It's 'Human Nature' to 'Don't Stop Till You Get Enough' so 'Scream' even when you feel like a 'Stranger In Moscow''Remember The Time', your 'Childhood' , your 'Ghosts' to overcome any 'Thriller'.
Michael, you taught me about faithfulness thru 'Ben' while proving that 'Bille Jean'is not your lover but not so sure about 'Dirty Diana'. Even though you are gone, 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' because when I listen to you I ask to myself 'Will You Be There', I can hear you whisper 'I'll Be There' and that's good enough to turn my frown into a 'Smile'
The world can never replace your amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Now go have fun entertaining my Amma because I bet the Old Lady can't wait to 'Rock With You'. Rest in peace King of Pop. 

Just thought of posting this up all out of sudden. Hope you like it! 

P/s - pictures taken from Michael Jackson Facebook Page

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Rover Review

A Guy and a Robert....geddit? 
The Rover Review – What can I say…I got fooled by these words ‘Official Selection Festival De Cannes”, Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson.
Just one set of cloths for the whole stinky movie
It starts at an Australian desert few years after the economic breakdown. Eric’s (Guy Pearce) only possession, his car gets jacked by three (3) guys who seems like they were on a run. Eric is determined to get it back so he pursues them till he bumps into one the guy’s brother, Rey (Robert Pattinson) who is wounded. Together they go on a long drive till they finally catch up with the three car jackers only to ‘get back Eric’s car’. What happens in between are pure crap.
...from Vampire to errr....whatever this is...
Guy Pearce burst into Hollywood about  the time as Hugh Jackman, looks at where Hugh is and Guy is. Enough said. As for Robert, let’s wait and see where he is going to be in another few more years shall we? 
Tsk tsk tsk.....
I have nothing nice to say about this movie except for…hmm…nope…no exception….really got nothing else to say…oh yeah…except this almost 2 hour chocker might persuade you to leave the cinema within 5, 10, 30, 45 minutes after its starts. 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Blended Review

Together again for the 3rd time! 
Blended Review – Adam Sandler is one of my favourite comedian-actor while Drew is my favourite Angel. I loved their previous combo in ‘50 First Dates’ and was looking forward to this new flick. It’s like a continuation some sort after they hook up in the abovementioned movie.
Dad's guide to name daugthers...NOT! 
Jim (Adam Sandler) and Lauren (Drew Barrymore) are both single parents who are blessed with three (3) daughters and two (2) sons respectively. They go on a very bad boring blind date and swore off each other. Fate however has another plan for them as Jim’s Boss, Dick  and Lauren’s business partner, Jen ends up being a couple. Dick’s and Jen’s initial plan to go on an African holiday gets changed into Jim’s and Lauren’s family vacation. Little did they know that they are gona bump into each other in another Continent. Both families try to put aside their differences aside and enjoy their African adventure. Somehow funny, awkward, dangerous circumstances bring both families closer together. Their respective kids start admiring the other parent. Lauren strike special bond with the girls while Jim hit it off with the boys. Will this special connection lead to a relationship or fizzle out once they leave Africa? Tune in and find out.  
One errr.....two happy family? 
As mentioned earlier, Adam can do no wrong with his egg face humour while Drew compliments his wit with her own funny side. Put them together at an exotic location and it’s a sure fire hit. There are some draggy parts here and there but once the hilarity starts, you can’t help but laugh your lungs out. Another special thing about Adam’s picture is the emotional roller coaster he put you on. One moment you are laughing out loud, the next you will be close to tears. Worthy mention goes to Terry Crews and his band of singing brothers that added extra laughter. Their rendition of African ditty will add more stiches to your already giggling tummy. The safari scenes  will make you want to catch the next flight to see all the elephants, rhinos and other  majestic African animals.

Terry doing his thing! 
After a rather disappointing sequel to Grown Ups, Blended has the proper ingredients to trust in Sandler again. Simple story with tonnes of light moments making it a fun family watch. If you look at it beyond the comedy part, there is an underlying message about family values. You can buy material things with money but there things worth more than that. The sooner you realize it the happier you will become.     

P/s - Thank you Cinema Online for the preview tickets.

My blended gang of friends at the preview. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

#RoomerHasIt Pyjama Party at Tune Hotel KLIA2

Look at the picture below…Pyjama Party…with performance by Melissa Indot! One night stay at the newly build Tune Hotel KLIA2! Delicious food and drinks! Fun and games! Woahhhh!!! Sounds best giler right? The catch to scoring invite to the party is to ‘invite’ your friends on all kind of social platform to ‘take up’ the room on Tune Hotel Facebook page. Bluergh….I honestly hate this part…bosan lar nak kacau kawan-kawan to accept the invite. Despite having more than 700++ ‘friends’ on my Facebook…I only managed to fill up 10 out of the 400 rooms offered. Hmm…oh well…good try…let’s move on to another contest shall we?
Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Pyjama style!!! 
While I was looking for another contest, I received a call from Miss Cindy of Tune Hotel…the conversation went something like this…

Miss Cindy : Hi Miss Kanmani, congratulations, you are one of our winner for the #RoomerHasIt’ contest”.

Monkey Mani : Aiks….biar betul? I only got like 10 rooms lor…sure or not I won?

MC : Yes, we have allocated 10 rooms for you and your friends to join us for the Pyjama Party happening on 31st May at our new Tune Hotel KLIA2.

MM : Say what??? 10 rooms? Twin sharing? So I get bring my friends along for this?

MC : Yes, 19 of your friends get one night stay at the hotel. Congratulations!

*in my head…mana aku nak cari 19 ekor kawan aku ni? o.O

MC : I will email the details shortly, please reply accordingly and remember it’s a pyjama party so dress code is pyjama ok.

MM : What if I sleep nekkid? Hehehe….I’m sorry I’m sorry…I was just kidding. Thank you so much for this good news. See you soon!

Hang up the fon and lompat katak kejap! Hiak! Hiak! Hiak! I won! I won!...ok ok cool down Mani as here comes the difficult part trying to get my friends to fill up the actual 9 rooms available!

First person I checked with was my partner-in-crime, Bella…

MM : Wey…aku menang 10 bijik bilik kat Tune Hotel for the pyjama party siot!

Bella : What? 10 rooms…fuhyo!!! Contest apa ni?

MM : Aaaaa…ko takyah byk cakap. Js pack ur pyjama for the party and we are sharing a room ok.

Bella : Errr….ok Boss.

Next up…I scrolled thru my fon and sent out invites on my watsap group. Kawan sekolah, kawan kerja, kawan contest, kawan punya kawan. By end of two days, I managed to fill up all the rooms. Yeay!!! There were however some last minute changes and I felt bad because I had to kacau Miss Cindy so many times with my stupid questions and requests. Thank you for being so nice and attending to my nonsense Maam.

The day arrived, Bella and I tumpang kereta Pat to KLIA2. We passed by the party area and I was pumped when I saw Miss Indot was doing her sound check. Woot! Woot! The three of us was the earliest in our group. After picking up our key card, we went to our respective room. Unfortunately, Pat’s room and oddly enough, only her room was on the 5th floor, while the rest of the gang were on 3rd floor.
*picture taken from Tune Hotel FB page. 
We almost break down the door because there was actually a ‘special way’ to open that darn door. Finally after figuring out how, we were impressed by the room. Smaller than any room we have been to but definitely comfortable for two person. There was shower, toilet bowl, sink on the right side once you open the room door. Further in, a flat screen TV with over 20 channels facing a pretty decent queen size bed. free wi-fi as well. The room was also fitted with air con and ceiling fan. Not bad! Not bad at all! We unpacked while checking on others arrivals. One by one of my friends started to arrive and more havoc started to happen on the 3rd floor,

Bella forgot to bring her toothbrush and was hungry like a wolf so we went pusing around the KLIA2 terminal which was just few minutes away from the hotel. A nice walkway was build connecting the terminal and the hotel. 
Walkway from Terminal to the Hotel *picture from Tune Hotel FB page
We had to search high and low for the darn toothbrush and finally found it at guardian. After which Bella had her late lunch at White Town….eh…errrrr….Old Town White CafĂ©. While walaping food, my phone was buzzing non-stop. More and more of my friends are all set to party the night away. Some really had to “FFK’ last minute so I was busy trying to find replacement.

We went back to the hotel and changed into our pyjama. We could hear the music already and from our room window noticed the party was in full swing. Informed others that we are heading for the party and met up with some of our friends at the lobby. We signed in and were given goodie bags….inside was…get this…toothbrush! Doink!
Ready to partyyyyyyy
Lai lai lai 
Since we were a bit late, most of the seats were already taken so we went around trying to find a spot to park our arses. More of my friends joined so our group got bigger and we managed to ‘schoosh away’ some wannabee’s dressed like they are going for P Diddy party. Haiz ada jugak makhluk berlagak camni ek? Nasib baik ler kawan-kawan aku tade yang species camni! Once we established our spot, some went on to cari makan, snap pictures, ‘cuci mata’ and also enjoy Melissa’s performance. More and more of my friends made our group nosier! Hehehe #havoc la korang! I loike!
Indot in action yo! 
I didn’t eat much sebab some of the food was too spicy for me (bite me!) but I did gulp down drinks. 
We took pictures and IG it to #RoomerHasIt because it was auto-printed in an instant! Cool giler, Jom pose! Click click click! Say Tune Hotelllllllllllllllllll!!! 
Sapa nak amek gamba! 
click click click 
Beside the photo session, there were also caricature artist! Nice!!! Better line up before the line gets long. Hehehe #iKiasu! 
#iComel :) 
There was some best dressed competition that went on. Despite not being nominated, my group of friends made heck a lot of noise! Dah ler duduk depan stage. Gempak siot! Bising macam kat Zoo! I was so happy to see my friends are happy! We are so busy with our lives these days, we hardly get to lepak with each other and this was an awesome party to get the entire nuts under one roof! Thank you so much Tune Hotel!
Lucky Jinder, Cindy and Pat managed to snap picture with Mr. Lankaster! 
so kiut #iJeles
*Afik baru landing from Hong Kong and terus joined the party
Yang ni aku tak jeles! 
Ni jeles sikit-sikit! 
DJ Faith was killing at the decks with her amazing set! Afik couldn’t help but to start his jingly wiggly dance moves. While the rest joined him. I was in between attending calls on the late comers but most of whom I invited was there partying the night away. Thank you so much for coming nuts!
Happening ladies! Mostly single...hehehe 
Some single...some not! 
After a while, the heat was getting on to me so I just lepak on the bean bag and noticed Bella was looking kind uncomfy. She told me that there were this weird guy looking one kind and taking her picture while she had her caricature drawn. Before she could finish her sentence, we noticed the moron sitting on a chair and literally looking at Bella as if he is going to eat her alive. We got creped out so we went to the hotel lobby to get away from that idiot and enjoy the air con for a while. While lepaking I noticed Melissa so apa lagi? Amek gamba poyo lor! 
Miss Indot & I! 
Cindy saw us and we lepak there for a bit, till my other friend, Sherry arrived. Poor girl had a long day yet she took the effort to drop by. After checking her into the room. Bella, Cindy and I joined back the party. All still high and hyper from the amazing party. Snapping pictures away like nobody’s business, Afik even did her trademark train track around the party area. New friendship was formed . All around happy face. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Bila dah giler! kekeke
Awesome night in grid mode! 
#amekko! Your friends berani take picture like this tak? 
After almost 11 pm, the host thanked everybody for their support and it was end of an awesome Pyjama Party I’ve ever attended. Our group hit the stage and took one group picture after another. Party dah abis tapi we were still noisy. 
Monyets belum ready! 
Monyets lebih kurang ready!!! 
Hehehe…after last round of pictures, we went back to our respective rooms, some chose to sleep while some of us went for a mini jalan-jalan in the terminal again.
Sessi melantak tengah malam buta! 
Overall it was a marvellous night despite some hiccups here and there. Never thought I would win a wonderful contest such as this. The party was wicked awesome but having my friends around to enjoy it together made it excellent. Sign me up for the next contest Tune Hotel and thank you so much for having us.
Mani & the gang
Lastly, thanks again Bella, Afik, Maisarah, Khai and adik Khai (sorry about your ‘accident’), Pat, Sarah, Cindy & Jinder, Kici & Suresh, Milo, Arul, Sherry and friend, my cousin sister, Jamuna and my sute Chiti for bringing the chickadees, Karthik, Logita and Loshini for brightening up my winning. 
Cutie pies kiok on Tune Hotel's comfy bed! 
To those who couldn’t make it this time, hopefully we will get another chance when Tune Hotel opens another branch soon *hint hint! 
#RoomerHasIt Pyjama Party was made awesome by these amazing friends of mine!!! 
Thank you for hosting us Tune Hotel KLIA2!
The Breakfast Club! The morning after the partyyyyyyyy!!!