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Monday, 9 June 2014

Maleficent Review

Did somebody said magnificent
Maleficent Review – We all have heard the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty who was cursed by Maleficent. What would have prompt Maleficent to do such a vile act? What if the story we were told as kids are not actually what/how it happens? So, people at Disney decided to ‘re-tell’ the story.  
Got wing? 
Maleficent lives in her world of magic and wonders, a neighbourhood away from greedy and awful human world who’s King have been trying to concur for its richness. Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) swore to protect her ‘wonderland’ until a human boy, Stefan manage to sneak past the ‘guards’ and into Maleficent’s heart. They start seeing each other until Stefan falls for human nature of greed and reduce the time he spends with Maleficent. As time passes by, Stefan’s greed grows till he returns one day only to commit the ultimate betrayal towards Maleficent. Stefan goes on to have his family and reigns as the new King of the human world. The Queen gives birth to Princess Aurora and Maleficent ‘drops’ by with a ‘gift’. Worried for his daughter safety, King Stefan sends Aurora away while he plots revenge against Maleficent. Aurora grows up to be 16 years old under Maleficent’s watchful eyes. Having spent time with Aurora has left Maleficent with mixed feelings about her earlier curse. However, a curse is a curse and no matter what and it can’t be broken, Aurora falls for the spell and falls into ‘eternal sleep’ which can only be broken by ‘true love kiss’. Heck…with the world full of deception and lies…will Aurora ever wake up from her sleep?  
Wanna step into Maleficent world? 
Angie Angie Angie…she could have done this movie with her eyes closed and no other talent would come close to match her talent. This women didn’t just turn Disney’s famous villain into a gold but totally transformed it into diamond with her charisma. I’m not much of Angie’s fan but she really outdid herself in this flick. You can’t help but fall in love with her and go thru every emotion she portrays as Maleficent. If there is one role to capture her flair, this would be it. The rest of the cast was entertaining enough but then there is a reason, the movie is called Maleficent and not Maleficent and Aurora. Hehe. The special effects matched the acting like a gel. The storytelling, the music, the humour, the everything lar. I dare to call it one of the best movies for this year. Do let me know if you think otherwise, we need to talk.

All hail the 'horn-ed' one! 
I grew up with Disney movies, heck I still cry when I ‘see’ Mufasa die for the umpteenth time, look forward for a whole new world with Aladdin, smile silly when Belle’s kiss turns Beast into a handsome price. Yes, yes…I’m a sucker on everything Disney which was why I cried when I visited Disneyland in California. Watching this movie brought back all those wonderful memories being a Disney kid. Despite some stinker that comes out from the studio once in a while. Magical storytelling reminds people why we love Disney and their timeless tales. I just hope the good people there will bring this kind of brilliance so I can continue enjoying my movie going experience.  

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