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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Fault Is In Our Stars Review

Who's fault is it? 
The Fault Is In Our Stars Review – Love story based on New York Times best seller…hmm…after a stinker last week…is this flick worth my time? Plus the main cast played characters as brother and sister in their previous movie (Divergent). Based on the rave reviews it’s been getting, I gave it try.
Time is limited, but love is endless
It’s about Hazel Grace, (Shailene Woodley) a 16 years old teen who was diagnosed with cancer since age of 13. She’s been thru almost all the procedures needed to fight the cancer. To make her life a little normal, her parents, Frannie (Laura Dern) and Michael (Sam Trammell) get her to attend a support group where she meets Augustus (Ansel Elgort) and they hit off immediately. Having survived cancer by amputating his leg, Gus was accompanying his friend Isaac (Nat Wolff) who is about to lose his eye sight. Hazel and Gus start to hang out more often and since she is crazy about a book written by Peter Van Houten (Willem Dafoe), Gus makes an effort so she could meet the author in person and get a closure for the book. They travel all the way to Amsterdam only to find out that he is a good writer but not a good person. While there, Gus delivers a devastating news that rates 10 in Hazel’s pain list. Will these star crossed lovers beat the Cancer and life happily ever after or succumb to the ravaging disease?
Hazel Grace
Move over Kristen and Robert, thank you so much Shailene and Ansel for taking over. These two talented actors chemistry is so much better. They strike that spark without much effort and you can’t help but root for them to be together despite the stupid illness. Shailene was both pleasant and annoying when she needed to be while Ansel was so charming and had a flair of his own trying to win over Hazel. The supporting cast did a splendid job especially, Laura as her mother, having just lost my own mother, I can feel the love her has for her daughter, trying her very best to be the best mother she could be. Heck, even Willem was irritatingly delightful. The mood of the movie takes you on an emotional roller coaster, I came close to tearing up few times but managed to save my tissue, can’t say the same about my partner though, she was cursing, coughing and tearing all at the same time, poor girl. Such hopeless romantic this women. Can’t blame her because this movie is that good, storyline, location, feeling, simply put, it had all the right ingredients to hit your soft spot.
Love is a shout in the void and oblivion is inevitable, 
but you cannot deny a boy in love.
It’s not easy to live with an ailment, especially something like Cancer when you know the chances of you making it alive is close to none. You have to put on a brave face in front of people feeling sorry for you while fighting off the urge to end your life rather than going thru the pain. It’s something like love that might provide a slight glow in your gloomy life. Not everybody is lucky to experience true love what’s with the limited time a cancer patient has. This picture teaches you to appreciate your time on Earth, no matter for the short 16 years or the long 60 years you might have. It’s up to you to become an oblivion and forgotten by people around you or be remembered by one person for being the special person you were to them. Now excuse me while I find a volunteer to write up my eulogy. Ok? Ok!  

P/s - Thank you Churp2 for the preview tickets!  

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