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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Hello there.....ready to read about my next adventure....this time I bring u to the Land Below the Wind.......Sabah bah (as u know the state is so big so I just manage to explore Kota Kinabalu...mayb will cover more area in my next trip) !!!!!
Check in time!
here goes....

Friday – 27.08.2010

After a week full of waiting in anticipation, I was upset a bit after having to stay back after work for a while and by the time I got home I was so tired. Took out the clothes but didn’t pack, instead took a short nap while waiting for my friend, Ray who was travelling with me to arrive. Forced myself to get up, pack up, ate some dinner, lepak for a bit and then tried to sleep but couldn’t! Argh!!!!....forced eyes to close and did fell asleep for a bit till the alarm rang at 3 am. Got up and took my bath….final check and off to KL Sentral to take bus to LCCT. Thanks Santhi Akka for the early ride to Kuala Lumpur Sentral!

Saturday – 28.08.2010

Why can’t the flight be at 9 am of something? Times likes this I wish I had my own airplane. Anyway till then, guess just have to wake up at odd hours to get where I want to go. Took the 4 am bus to LCCT and it started raining cats and dogs. WTF! Why don’t it rain like that when am burning @ home? GRRRR……arrived @ LCCT at about 5 am. So many people were already there. Guess there’s even earlier flights than mine! Since this was kind of last minute plan, we didn’t have lots of cash of us, so imagine our surprise when we had to pay RM60 when checking in the luggage! Hmm…there goes my budget calculation!
Such clear blue water......

After checking in we tried to get some breakfast but the eateries were quite full @ that time…guess Malaysians can eat for 24 hours! We end up burning another RM30 for breakfast that should have just cost RM15! After the quick bite, we were off to board the plane with rain still pouring like there’s no tomorrow! It caused delay of almost half hour which we didn’t mind since our check-in time is only at 2 pm. After flying for 2 ½ hour, finally we reached Kota Kinabalu, Sabah! I was happy because I finally made it Sabah before I hit 32 years old! It was burning hot and after picking up our luggage, we got a cab to Beringgis Beach Resort which burned another RM60! Sigh…holiday have not even started and already RM120 gone!

Highly recommended place to stay!
Lucky No. 418!
God is great with such magical creation
Anyway, while in the cab we chatted with the driver that filled us up with really useful information. During the cab ride we felt like we were in Terengganu. It was so nice just to see green plants and the beach along the way to the Resort. We arrived at the resort at about 11 am-about 3 hours early than check-in time and the nice people at the resort allowed us to get inside the room early! Yeay! Room 418 was our home for the following 3 days. First thing I look for…bathtub and there it was! Yes! The room was so cosy. We unpacked, rested a bit, and then hunger pang hit! Ordered one of the most expensive Nasi Goreng and some Chicken Wings! The food was tasty and was just enough for both of us. After that we were glued in front of the TV and I end up snoozing. Got up again around 5 pm and we hit the beach…just walk by…watching the sunset, which was quite early…by 6 something the Sun was down.
I could live here forever
Look at my just got up from my nap face!
We went to the Cabana Restaurant to claim our welcome drink and end up eating pizza.

One heck of a tasty welcome drink!

Somehow we were hungry all the time! After that took a stroll outside the resort to look for other eating place but none was within sight or walking distance so went back to the resort, lepak a bit more then off to Cabana Restaurant for dinner. I ordered spaghetti…both Carbonara and Marinara together in one big plate and also some fried prawns along with fries while my friend ordered rice set with chicken and mushroom soup. The price was…well, pricey but then, one bite of the spaghetti and I was in haven! It was soooooooooooo tasty and I was getting full. I had to take several breaks before could finish the plate. My friend’s rice set and mushroom was also tasted top notch! The dinner was worth every penny! With a stomach full of spaghetti I had no room for the fries and prawns so we tapau it back to the room. We were so full so we just head back to the room and I soaked myself in the bathtub, got out…finished up the fries and prawn and then dozed off. Good end for the first day!

I will go back here just for this dish!

Fries with fried prawns....nom nom nom

Simple yet satisfying

Sunday – 29.08.2010
Zudy's Favourite makan place
Wakey wakey at 7 am, had our breakfast-not much to shout about but still, not a bad spread. Then burned another RM30 for transfer at 9 am to KK town where my friend, Zudy (who is from Sabah) was waiting to take us around. She took us to Pasar Gaya which is only open every Sunday morning from 7 am to 1 pm. Things were really reasonably priced so I whipped out my list of names to buy souvenirs. We walked the whole stretch twice and I crossed off all names in the list. Ray was having fun buying things too and both of us cleaned up our cash by the time we left the Pasar. Thank God Zudy belanja us lunch, we had…errr…I forgot the name but it was like wanton mee. Burp! After that it was more walking and shopping, by shopping I mean, window shopping! I think we completed a marathon that day, walking from one end to the other end of the town! Zudy had to go and we were tired so we took the Bas Mini back to the resort with hope that the salary will in by tomorrow!

This is that wanton mee dish tingy look at it....I had to snap the picture
according to Zudy it's used to wash the dishes!
I imagined sumting else when I saw this!
This is the mini bus we took back to the Resort....
The door makes a scary sound whenever it opens......
            Once we got back we hid inside the room because it was so hot outside. We stayed indoors till 4 pm and then it was time to hit the beach! The sand was so nice, the water was so nice and we had a nice time! If only both of us could swim! After playing in the ocean water and we played some badminton with the racket that we bought for RM5! Got tired, returned to the room again. I was so tired and for a bit kinda lost my holiday mood. Soaked in the bathtub and off for dinner where I had hotdog but couldn’t finish it! After dinner, hands were itchy so surfed the net for an hour at the lobby because wi-fi couldn’t reach the room! After that we were off to bed! Tiring second day…zzzzzz

Monday – 30.08.2010

Our ride
Thanks for the lift Ery Syko!
Today also up at 7 am. Daylight starts early in KK, by 6 am it’s already so bright! After breakfast we waited while another friend of Zudy, Ery graciously offered to take us around town! How awesome is that? She even picked us up from the resort! Even awesome! After picking us, we went to KK town to pick up Zudy pulak. I had no plan and no idea on what to do. Being low on cash made me shy so we just followed what Zudy and Ery had planned for us or rather what ever sudden plan they come up with! Ery suggested we take a speed boat to one of the island, so there it was, plan numero uno! We tapau some food and drink for lunch to take to the island and off to Pulau Mamutik! The ride was so bumpy but fun, ass got nice wake up call, Arrived at the island, the water was crystal clear, and sand was light brown. Being a beach bum, how could we not get inside the water? Ray and I went into the water got wet till shoulder level bearing in mind that we didn’t have spare clothes but heck who cares! Zudy and Ery lepak under the trees. Sun was burning our skin but we had fun watching white people getting turned into pig pink colour! Oink oink! Hehehe! 
Met my long lost cousin!
This time the Sun was burning tapi gambar mesti kena tangkap lar!
How can u say no this this?

After getting roasted, we head back to the shore and my slipper had gone missing! Dang! The wave must have washed it away into the water! I was like…so how…kaki ayam ka? No way so went on a mission to songlap any unattended slipper, saw a pair and voila…I took it! While I was trying to get away with my crime I saw a hot looking girl witnessing my misdemeanour. Zudy told me that the slipper belonged to her and her ‘sister’ but I didn’t care. I was like…well, if it’s yours…come and tell me that it’s yours lah, instead she just stared and left so I went on with the slipper! Besides losing my slipper, my pants was soaking wet, so I took it off and pranced around with my tiger print Victoria Secret undies while pulling my t-shirt down to cover my ass. My friends had great time teasing but who cares! Once pants dried, while waiting for the boat to turn up, I walap my Meehon. By the time we got back to the town we were once again wet because we were playing with water while in the boat. It was already after 3 pm so meaning salary sudah clear, while waiting for Ery to fill up her car, Ray & I filled up our purse!

Told u she was a syko rite!
Ery doing was she does best!
The priceless Sunset at Karambunai!

Ery turn to be a karaoke freak who kept re-writing lyrics to the songs that was coming on air. We were laughing like got hit by laughing gas. After a few pit stops, we parked at 1 Borneo-the biggest shopping complex in Sabah. Ray and I looked ridicules-here we are from Kuala Lumpur city looking like…well, just imagine, stolen slipper, half pants and t-shirt with sand making us itchy! Since we already got some cash, we decided to buy some things, I bought a pant while Ray picked up a dress. Apparently the shop belongs to Ery’s x-boss fondly referred to as Donkey & Monkey hence the shop’s name D&M! Hehehe! Clothes selection there was not bad! If only I had more money to spend…hmm…perhaps next time. After leaving 1 Borneo, we took a short de-tour to University…hmm…forgot the name…drove around the campus a bit and then a short stop over @ the aquarium where I saw a fish big enough to swallow Zudy! Our journey continued all the way to Karambunai to watch the Sunset. We felt like we went to the other end of the world because it was soooooooooo far! Thank God we didn’t book our room there…well, it’s not like we could afford it anyway! The Sunset was amazing. It was just 7 pm but started to look like 10 pm and stomach start to growl so it was time for Seafood dinner! Entertainment while driving to Gayang was marvellous courtesy of Ery’s short story & awful singing.

How can peole eat this?
Crab away
Once we pull in at the Seafood place…guess who we bump into? The two ‘sisters’ who I think I songlap the slipper from…we didn’t bother at first and went on ordering our dish to devour. As we were walking towards our table…the hot looking girl ambushed me…she was like…“I believe you stole my ‘sister’s’ slipper from the beach” …I was like Gulp! Damn! Damn! Damn! She continued talking while I was praying her voice won’t go any higher, she won’t make a scene or worst just slap me! I apologised…offered to return the slipper (which I was wearing at that time! Yeah! I know…smart rite?) or even pay for it, but she refused and gave me an earful…hmm…there goes my appetite…but lucky I was so hungry so I just walap the food while, Ray, Zudy and Ery was having a field day with my slipper stealing incident. Can you imagine…who would have thought? Of all the place, of all the time…we had to bump into each other…karma sure have a funny way of getting back at me! I was glad nothing ‘big’ happened except that confrontation. We had our seafood dinner, my friends made me feel much guilty compared to that girls teasing me away. I just hope I never bump into the ‘slipper sister’s’ ever again!

View from the Hill!
Has a freaky story behind this Hill!
Yes.......this is that slipper!!!!!
After the slipper seafood episode…we were off to our next agenda…no…not stealing shoe but for a movie and karaoke…while on the way going to the cinema…karaoke queen Ery was on fire changing the song lyrics into slipper stealing hits! Fine! I will never listen to some songs the same way again. Our tour guide took us to Signal Hill, Sabah Observatory Tower but not before hitting us with some scary tale! Zudy refused to get out of the car but once the 3 of us did, she had no choice but to join us. Haiya Zudy…so big also so scared meh? Hehehe! We got a nice view of the city and thank God didn’t see any ‘bag’! Next, it was off to Centre Point at around 9.30 pm for movie and real karaoke but since the latter was already covered during the car ride…we choose to watch Step Up 3 but not in 3D. Show started at 10 pm…Zudy picked a so called best seat in the cinema but we kept getting interrupted by some idiots walking by…I got pissed and started whacking her every time some idiots walk in front and blocking our view. The movie was cool and the ticket price was only RM5! Damn! I know where I’ll be if I were to live in KK! By the time the show ended it was already 12 am!

Interesting name eh?
Fuh! Terrer huh? Out at 10 am and still not back yet when we are flying off the next morning! The karaoke session continued while on the way back to the resort…the songs was nuts and we were laughing our ass off with Ery’s antics! Got back at around 12 plus…stinky, sticky, tired but happy because it was really a splendid day out…can’t remember the last time anyone made me laugh this hard. Thanks Zudy and Ery for hanging out with us! Lain kali we do it all over again ok Bah! Once back for our last night in Room 418, I started packing while waiting for Ray to take her bath…then one last soaking session in the bathtub. Went to sleep around 2 am with a big smile on my face!  
Tuesday – 31.08.2010

Swimming pool at the Resort
didn't have time to soak in it...perhaps next time!
Awesome food place with awesome service!
Totaly worth the money to stay here!
Got up at 7 am…had one last breakfast at Cabana Restaurant…checked out and said goodbye with heavy heart to Beringgis Beach Resort. Awesome place with awesome ambiance! Reached the airport decked in my new Sabah t-shirt and short pants freshly bought from Pasar Gaya and 1 Borneo respectively. After checking-in and burning another RM60 for luggage (ARGH!), went around the Terminal 2 in search of last minute shopping…parted with more cash and then it was time to board the plane back to Kuala Lumpur but I will never forget my first trip to Kota Kinabalu and can’t wait to explore other parts of Sabah in the future!

Vie wof the ocean while wallaping breakfast!
Overall it was a good holiday that turned great because of the company that was with me. I’m looking forward for my next trip with some extra slipper this time around. Jumpa lagi Sabah!  

Simple and nice!

Chun rite?

Thanks Air Asia for flying us there after we paid the money!

Didn't want to leave but what to do? :(

Warm place with warn people

Thanks for having us!
I promise I will be back soon!