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Friday, 30 January 2015

PK Review

...the alien has landed! 
PK Review – Yes this is a Hindi flick but Aamir Khan as an alien should worth the watch right? alien and a reporter! 
PK (Aamir Khan) is an alien stranded in Rajasthan, India (finally an alien lands in other part of the world besides America!) after his ‘remote control’ was stolen. In search of the stolen item, PK travels all the way to Dehli while learning about human nature. Meanwhile, Jagadjanani aka Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) had just return from Bruges after a heartbreak to work for a local news channel and as fate would have it, their cross path. After watching and listening to PK’s story about ‘looking for God’, Jaggu is convince that she have landed herself story of a lifetime. PK goes on television and gets the people to think about the existence of God. The climax of the story is when PK goes head on with a high Priest to debate about human existence. Will PK get back his ‘remote control’ and return to his home planet? You just have to watch this amazing movie to find out for yourself!
...alien trying to blend in....
Aamir Khan is one of my favourite Hindi actors because his movies are usually different from the other flicks Bollywood likes to churn out. It was a delight to watch him acting like a new born baby trying to learn and absorb our way of life. Try to bulge your eyes for more than 5 minutes and you will understand what I mean. While Anushka Sharma held on her own with a strong character portrayal. The storyline is truly thought provoking that will get your to think about your own beliefs. Coupled with the customary song and dance sequence, this flick is a joy to watch.
...unique friendship like any other
Do watch this picture with an open mind. With the way of the world today that is on the edge of misunderstanding over a small matter. It won’t hurt to question and figure out our purpose in this world.  

Unbroken Review

Unbroken Review – Angelina Jolie tries her hand to turn a best-selling book into a movie. 
Ready for face the war
The movie (based on true story) illustrates how Louis Zamperini (Jack O’ Connell) survived the most difficult situation any young man can go through. As a growing Italian migrant teenage boy, Louis had his share problems. His elder brother saw potential in Louis and encouraged him to try out for the school track which eventually turned Louis into an Olympic runner. Later Louis joined the army and during an unfortunate routine round, the plane crashes into the Pacific Ocean and kills almost all of his team members. The remaining survivors had to endure 47 days in the open ocean until the Japanese soldiers ‘rescues’ them. The ‘war prisoners’ had to go through many ordeals in particular, Louis who was targeted by Watanabe aka The Bird (Miyavi). After being bullied day in, day out will Louis hold his stand or crumble and fall?
No glory! 
Main praise goes to Jack O’Connell who was awesome as Zamperini. One could witness his body transformation from a healthy runner into a starving drifter into a beaten up POW. I was cringing every time he got whacked, talk about acting talent. This boy is sure gonna create big waves soon in the big screen. While the Jap fella…I’m sure if it’s just me but I suspect The Bird had a crush on Zamperini (ehem!) so you can guess how good Miyavi’s acting was. If I could reach into the film, I really wanted to slap him for torturing Zamperini. The storyline goes back and forth so it moves your emotions from sad to happy to angry but it felt a bit draggy.
not a bad effort Angie! 
Overall it was a good effort by Angie to highlight Louis Zamperini’s life. There were also some useful lessons to learn by today’s youngsters. On how not to give up and try your best even when all hope seems to be fading away. 

P/s - Thank you HypeMY for the preview tickets! 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

I Review hu

Don't mess with this hunchback dey! 
I Review – Yes people, I watch Tamil movie once in a blue moon especially if AR Rahman is involved.
Ada ada ada...semma jodi 
We all have our crush on a celebrity or two as does Lingesan/Lee (Vikram) who is nuts about top model Diya (Amy Jackson). Imagine his excitement when he gets a chance to work with her on a big modelling job in China when her existing male model partner, John (Upen Patel) pester her about sleeping with him. However being brought up in the slumps cause trouble when Lingesan could not model as per the Director’s requirement. In order to erase the awkwardness, Diya lies about being in love with Lee until Osma, a jealous trans-gender make artist who is infatuated by Lee breaks the truth to him. Heartbroken, Lee just wants to complete his job and return to his old life until Diya falls for him for real. Their ad campaigns become hit after hit but Lee’s refusal to represent a non-healthy drink company cost his employer a big loss. Unhappy by his decision, his employer hatch a plan along with Diya’s family Doctor, John, Osma and Lee’s bodybuilding rival, Ravi (each with their own agenda to get back at Lee) to ruin Lee’s life. Just when Lee thought he had lost everything he worked for along with his love, he finds out the truth and set upon getting his revenge against those who betrayed him.
Vikram…macha…this fella…I hate to admit it but he is so damn talented wey. Give him any role; he will tackle it with his eyes closed. Just for this flick, he played three (3) roles, as the innocent naïve fella, handsome and to die for model and a hunchback. I almost drooled few times watching him on screen (during the modelling part lar) but I rather not dwell on it. His equally hot co-star, Amy was also an eye candy, just need some brush up on her acting chops. The rest of the cast did their best to provide comic relief and add more flavour. Now, one of the reason I don’t watch Tamil movies is because of the song and dance sequence but with AR Rahman helming the music, I got no complain what so ever. This man is a genius unlike any other and I wonder where he gets all those wonderful music that he compose so flawlessly. Story is quite predictable but Vikram’s acting really made up for the hiccups.
....ithu athukum make sure you watch it machi! 
Can’t remember the last Tamil movie I watched in the cinema but this was a good restart. I hope more movies like this will be made so I can leave Hollywood for a while and lepak at Kollywood every now and then. Take my word for this one and I’m sure you will also 'mersala ayiruve machi’! Now excuse while I try to hum to some of the awesome songs featured in this flick…..ennode nee…. 

Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance Review that a bird on your head Mike? 
Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance Review – Former Batman turns into former Birdman. Is he a shadow of his former self or will he soar higher in Birdman than he did wearing the Bat suit?
Why hello there Ed! Nice undies! ;) 
Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) was once a big name in Hollywood playing the Birdman which spanned 3 successful sequels.. Unfortunately he loses his grip and tries to revive his glory days thru a different path. This time by writing, directing and acting in a Broadway production. Faced with casting problem along with so many other hiccups, Riggan have one last shot at getting his life together or lose all at once. His money, daughter, pride and mind are at stake till he pulls an unexpected ‘stunt’ days leading to the opening night of his play. 
Walk away or face the reality? 
Don’t ask me why but Michael Keaton looked like an aged Billy Crystal to me throughout this movie. Looks aside, he did give one of his best performances in years as a washed out actor looking to redeem himself in the cruel world of fame and fortune. Add Edward Norton to the mix, another underrated talent and along with Emma Stone, it’s no wonder all three of them are nominated for the upcoming Oscars. Either all three or one of them should bag the statue for their acting chops. The way the movie is shot is not conventional as we get the feel of following the actors from behind and breathing down their neck. You will either love or hate this technique. Some shot were spot on while others did give me some headache. The drums beats throughout the movie was awesome till I wish I had a drummer banging some drums at every moment of my life except when I sleep. Heh. Oh…but the zooming in on risqué scenes (instead of censoring) was so annoying! Bluek.     
Oscar worthy? Hurmm....
It’s not so often we get to see a movie like this so it’s no wonder there are rave reviews going on about it. Since it’s also nominated in few other categories at the upcoming Academy Awards, expect people to flock like a bird to catch this one-of-a-kind flick. After bagging few status at the Golden Globe let’s see how it does at the Oscars and blockbuster collection shall we? 

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Into The Woods Review

Do you dare to enter? 
Into The Woods Review – This is a musical movie – think Enchanted/Chicago 
Boom boom bang cast memebers! 
What if Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel and Cinderella all exist at the same time and get what they wish for? The fairy tale we used to hear ends with ‘…and they lived happily ever after…’ but what if there was more to the ever after? Adapted from theatre musical, the story finally comes to live with super cast. It starts off with childless Bakers (James Corden & Emily Blunt) who go on a quest to fulfil the Witch (Meryl Streep) request so they can break the spell cast upon them. They stumble upon Cinderella (who has the golden shoe), Rapunzel (with her long hair), Jack (owner of the cow) and Little Red Riding Hood (her blood red cape). With time running out, will The Baker manage to obtain the items needed to satisfy the Witch’s demand?
My favourite Baker! Ehem....
As mentioned earlier, this flick carries so many big names. Added fun is to watch this troupe not only act but also break out in songs. I’ve watched Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp sing before so it was nice to hear their singing voice again.  I was blown away by Emily’s voice (I like this women so bite me). Chris Pine was also a delight with his vain Prince Charming role. Storyline was well crafted to a certain satisfaction but it did felt a bit draggy at certain part. Alas the talent made up with flaws.
Careful what you wish for!!! 
You will find yourself humming to some of the songs from the movie when you walk out of the cinema. Just be sure not sing too loud and scare away other patrons.  Go buy the original soundtrack and sing your heart out at your home instead. 

P/s - Thanks Adam for the ticket! :) 

The Re-write Review

Hugh is back! 
The Re-write Review – Not sure if the movie is about Hugh Grant’s imitation of his life.
I don't mind having him to teach me a thing or two! Ehem! 
Keith Michaels (Hugh Grant) wrote an Oscar winning story but hit the snag from then onwards. All out of wits, he finally takes up a teaching position in a small town and thought he could just cruise the semester without actually doing any teaching. Things take a turn when he stumbles upon Holly Carpenter (Marissa Tomei) and the rest of his students who ignites his interest to properly educate and share his knowledge on screenwriting. Slowly his life starts to make sense again and Keith tries to pick up where he left off.
In Malay I would call her Marissa Comei! hehehe 
Hugh Grant…now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. The charm is still there despite few extra wrinkles. Looking at him made me miss the old British charm lacking in the new crop of talents. I just hope Hugh will grow old as the charming yet annoying lad who fought with Colin Firth in Bridget Jones. The same word old can’t be used yet on Marissa Tomei as she still looks stunning like the day she won her Oscars award in ’87. Hard to believe she is in her 50’s. What can I say some people’s appeal does not fade away even after years have gone by. The storyline is pretty much laidback just like any of Hugh’s previous work so don’t expect any life changing moment but to enjoy a simple movie.
Extra lesson not in the jadual! 
With tonnes of heavy drama, blockbuster and what not, it’s nice to unwind to a sleepy town flick. Take a load off and just smile at the mistakes and lesson learned by Keith. You will do just fine. 

Taken 3 Review

Taken 3 Review – First flick for year 2015! Third instalment of the franchise. Mr. Neeson is back but is he any good?
X's can still have a good relationship right? 
After taking down the Russian mob in the first two instalments, once again some stupid moron decides to mess with Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) family. Unfortunately, this time it was too late to save his X-wife, Lenny (Famke Janssen). Double blow is when Mills is suspected of killing her so he goes on the run to find out the truth. Hot on his trail is Inspector Frank Dotzler (Forest Whitaker) well aware of Bryan’s special set of skills. The cat and mouse game continues until the twist is unveiled on the reason why Lenny was made victim.
Let Dotzler show you how it's done! 
Liam Neeson once again portrays the character of caretaker pretty well. He may seem aged but he can still kick your butt if you mess with his loved ones. Forest is a good addition to the cast while Famke and Maggie were once again underutilised. The pace of the movie also has slowed down in comparison with more ‘family moments’ inserted here and there. There is still some heart racing scenes. The twist however saved the flick from being too predictable.

Done and dusted! 
Liam took this picture beyond everybody’s expectation to spawn 2 sequels and I think it’s about time he retire Bryan Mills. It has been a good ride but anything beyond these 3 parts will just get ‘Taken’-pun intended for granted. After failing to be a proper husband and good dad, perhaps Bryan should focus on being a (*spoiler alert) good grandfather now. 

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