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Friday, 16 January 2015

Taken 3 Review

Taken 3 Review – First flick for year 2015! Third instalment of the franchise. Mr. Neeson is back but is he any good?
X's can still have a good relationship right? 
After taking down the Russian mob in the first two instalments, once again some stupid moron decides to mess with Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) family. Unfortunately, this time it was too late to save his X-wife, Lenny (Famke Janssen). Double blow is when Mills is suspected of killing her so he goes on the run to find out the truth. Hot on his trail is Inspector Frank Dotzler (Forest Whitaker) well aware of Bryan’s special set of skills. The cat and mouse game continues until the twist is unveiled on the reason why Lenny was made victim.
Let Dotzler show you how it's done! 
Liam Neeson once again portrays the character of caretaker pretty well. He may seem aged but he can still kick your butt if you mess with his loved ones. Forest is a good addition to the cast while Famke and Maggie were once again underutilised. The pace of the movie also has slowed down in comparison with more ‘family moments’ inserted here and there. There is still some heart racing scenes. The twist however saved the flick from being too predictable.

Done and dusted! 
Liam took this picture beyond everybody’s expectation to spawn 2 sequels and I think it’s about time he retire Bryan Mills. It has been a good ride but anything beyond these 3 parts will just get ‘Taken’-pun intended for granted. After failing to be a proper husband and good dad, perhaps Bryan should focus on being a (*spoiler alert) good grandfather now. 

P/s - Thank you Churp Churp for the #Churpremiere tickets! 

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