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Friday, 30 January 2015

Unbroken Review

Unbroken Review – Angelina Jolie tries her hand to turn a best-selling book into a movie. 
Ready for face the war
The movie (based on true story) illustrates how Louis Zamperini (Jack O’ Connell) survived the most difficult situation any young man can go through. As a growing Italian migrant teenage boy, Louis had his share problems. His elder brother saw potential in Louis and encouraged him to try out for the school track which eventually turned Louis into an Olympic runner. Later Louis joined the army and during an unfortunate routine round, the plane crashes into the Pacific Ocean and kills almost all of his team members. The remaining survivors had to endure 47 days in the open ocean until the Japanese soldiers ‘rescues’ them. The ‘war prisoners’ had to go through many ordeals in particular, Louis who was targeted by Watanabe aka The Bird (Miyavi). After being bullied day in, day out will Louis hold his stand or crumble and fall?
No glory! 
Main praise goes to Jack O’Connell who was awesome as Zamperini. One could witness his body transformation from a healthy runner into a starving drifter into a beaten up POW. I was cringing every time he got whacked, talk about acting talent. This boy is sure gonna create big waves soon in the big screen. While the Jap fella…I’m sure if it’s just me but I suspect The Bird had a crush on Zamperini (ehem!) so you can guess how good Miyavi’s acting was. If I could reach into the film, I really wanted to slap him for torturing Zamperini. The storyline goes back and forth so it moves your emotions from sad to happy to angry but it felt a bit draggy.
not a bad effort Angie! 
Overall it was a good effort by Angie to highlight Louis Zamperini’s life. There were also some useful lessons to learn by today’s youngsters. On how not to give up and try your best even when all hope seems to be fading away. 

P/s - Thank you HypeMY for the preview tickets! 

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