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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

paPEr toWnS rEViEw

Roadtrip anyone? 
paPEr toWnS rEViEw – Coming of age movie for high school leavers. Some got it all figured out. Some just figure things out. Some just go with the flow.
Friends on a mission. 
Quentin (Nat Wolff) has been in love with Margo (Cara Delevingne) ever since she moved into his neighbourhood. They grow up together but drift apart as they get older. Margo decides to become the mysterious girl while Q is focused on his mission into becoming a Doctor. One night just few days before graduating from high school, Margo sneak into Q’s room seeking his help to complete nine (9) missions. Hesitant at first, Q finally gives in with hope spending time with Margo. They go around town to complete ‘operation M’. The next day Margo vanishes from home except leaving some clues as to where she is headed. Thinking those clues are instruction for Q to go look for her, Q together with his best friends embarks on a journey across country. With time running out before they could return for their senior prom and no other idea as to where Margo is, will Q get to see her again?
Friends forver? 
With young talented cast each with their own unique personalities, you are bound to relate to one of them. Cara looked like she barely had to act, it seemed as she was born to play Margo. While the rest hits home run with their respective roles. There isn’t much of a storyline but the flow is decent enough to one’s attention till the end. The background music is also well matched to suit the scenes. You are bound to smile when you hear some familiar tunes while laugh out loud when the boys belt out a certain theme song at one of scene. Watch out for it.

Overall it’s a light hearted movie for high schools kids leaving their books behind and entering adulthood. As Quentin learns to differentiate between understanding true friendship and pursuing true love perhaps we might learn a thing or two as well. 

Friday, 24 July 2015

Baahubali Review

War-fare flick Kollywood style 
Baahubali Review – Hollywood watch out! Kollywood’s own epic feature is here ready dey!!!
Yenna look'e da dey! Savadiiii
I was ‘sold’ when the opening scene had Sivagami (played by the amazing Ramya Krishan) kicking baddies arse! Unfortunately but soon after she dies (lor!!). Ok ok…never mind…there’s no way they just gonna let such talent go to waste within such short time right. What the heck happened before this dramatic scene opener? For that we enter the Kingdom of Mahishmati where Sivagami was escaping trying to save a baby’s life. In the ultimate act of sacrifice, Sivagami drowns while keeping the baby alive. His is discovered by local villagers and brought up as a strapping young man. Shivu (Prabas) however is always obsessed about finding out what is beyond his village and his interest explodes when a mysterious mask falls down from the highland waterfall. Shivu seeks to find the owner of the mask and comes across the beautiful Avantika (Tamanna). She is part of the group that intent to rescue former queen Devasena (Anushka Shetty) who is the real mother of Shivu and she has been imprisoned by the king for the past 25 years. Jeng jeng jeng. I could go on but then it would spoil the feel of the movie so I’ll just stop here for now. If you are interested to find out what happens and what happened, you gotta watch it yourself. Nyeh nyeh.
Charge'eeeeeeeeeeee machiiiiiiiiiiii
I’m not a big fan of warfare type of movies but the visuals for this flick are simply amazing. From the intricate view of the kingdom to the vicious combat scene between the soldiers and the savages trying to capture Mahishmati. The storyline that travels between timeline also was well capture by using talented actors. I don’t have to mention how awesome Ramya is every time she appears on screen. Her majestic performance is well matched by another veteran in Tamil cinema, Satyaraj as Kattapa. Then there are the usual sing and dance routine which captures the beauty of Tamanna (ehem). Don’t be fooled by her beauty alone because this girl can take you down in a matter of seconds. The loud buzz around this movie is worth the hype it’s been getting.
All the leading ladies...Indian beauties! 
Baahubali could be the benchmark for Kollywood to finally match its Hollywood neighbour in terms of matching big budget with well-crafted story. I didn’t know it was a two-parter movie and I’m really looking forward to the conclusion in 2016. 

The Gallows Review

The Tali Gantung...tsk tsk 
The Gallows Review – Friendly warning…remember…Blair Witch Project? Cloverfield? Quarantine? Liked any of the movies? Yes …then go watch. No? Stay away…like far far away. (*hint – 95% of the movie is shot using hand held camera)
About 20 years ago, a high school play titled The Gallows (duh!) goes wrong when a fatal malfunction cause a tragic death of a student. Fast forward to the future, a new group of student attempts to re-stage the show. However one of the cast has cold feet and tries to tear down the set of the play on the night before the big show with his friends. Soon they find out it was a deadly-pun intended mistake when the past literally taunts and haunts them. Will the show proceed as planned or history repeats itself once again?
Don't mess if you can't handle the stress 
If you have not had a headache in a long time, by all means…get ready to get a major migrate thru this movie. You know there’s a saying some movies that should not be made? Well…this fits right at the top of that list. Most of the scary scenes are the usual jump off your seat type. The shoddy camera work with the voice narrating gets on your nerve after a while. I’ve never wanted an annoying character to die painfully as I did to one of the fella in this flick. After he was ‘gone’ I wanted to ‘high five’ the ‘spirit’ for ending my misery. After more screaming and so called final scene, there is a little a bit of explanation which I saw coming from miles away. Bluek.
Class act.....notttttttttt!!! 
Well…here is my admission, I don’t know why but I ‘watched’ the entire movie (yes I did) without my glasses on. Not sure if to avoid headache or didn’t bother about it after 10 minutes into start of the show. Whoever that decided to make this should be sent to The Gallows. Period. 

Ant-Man Review

Welcome to the Superhero club Ant-Man!
Ant-Man Review – Marvel releases their latest smallest hero from bandwagon of Superheroes.
Table talk minus the karipap and kopi O
Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is a brilliant IT engineer stuck with bad luck which lands him in jail. Upon his release, Scott vow never to go back into prison and tries to be a better father to his daughter. Unfortunately his criminal record makes it difficult for him to get a ‘legal’ job. Left with no option, he decides to join force with his former cellmate, Luis (Michael Pena) to rob a rich man’s mansion. Hoping to find quick fortune, Scott is disappointed when he only finds a weird looking suit. He takes it back and tries it on then whoosh…he becomes as small as an…ant lar (duh!) Scott later discovers that he was picked by Dr Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to execute an important mission. Pym together with his daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lilly) starts to train ‘Ant-Man’ with real ants to stop Pym’s former protégé Darren Cross (Cory Stoll) from selling his own suit called Yellowjacket to an organization called Hydra (sounds familiar?). The team comes up with a plan to infiltrate Pym Technologies to retrieve the jacket. Will they be able to stop Darren in time? Can Scott redeem himself and be the hero his daughter thinks he is? Big task for a small guy ey?
New baddie before Yellowjacket
I’ve always liked Paul with his slap stick jokes and it was good to see him graduating from supporting role into a Superhero. I can’t think of a better choice and he surely didn’t let down the audience by delivering one of his best performance. Another worthy mention is Evangeline also changing role from playing an elf to possibly becoming Ant-Man’s side kick. What made it better was the chemistry between Rudd and Lilly was convincing enough to root for them. Michael Douglas meanwhile was a sight for sore eyes supplying both serious and funny parts to the movie. As this is a Marvel’s production I don’t have to mention about the marvellous-pun intended special effects. Ant-Man could give Captain America or perhaps The Avengers a run for their money! One grouch I have is that the villain, Darren is not as intimidating as other Marvel baddies (think Loki, Ultron, and Thanos). Maybe because the fight scene between Ant-Man and ‘Yellowjacket’ looks like a fight between well…an ant and wasp. So small like that.
Baddie with his Yellowjacket...hmmkay...
Nevertheless, Ant-Man is entertaining in its own way. Just that I will never look at an ant the same way ever again after this movie.

P/s – Stay tuned to for after credit special! 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Ted 2 Review

...don't let the suit fool you, Ted is still a potty mouth! 
Ted 2 Review – The talking teddy bear is back with his thunder buddy for another set of adventure.
Thunder buddies for life!!! 
Despite all the ‘drama’ John (Mark) and Lori (Mila) did get married but it didn’t last as they were divorced in less than 2 years. Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) meanwhile has found the love of his life in Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). However the ‘furry-tale’ reunion between a teddy bear and women quickly turns into a nightmare when both of them start to fight more often than making love. In order to solve the problem, Ted suggests that they start a family and that’s when the trouble really starts. Ted had to sit for trial to prove that he is not a property but a ‘person’ with feelings. How will a stuffed toy show that ‘he’ have emotions? If you can sit thru obsessive profanities, you might just find out how…   
I did not watch the first movie until recently and honestly the only reason was because Mila Kunis was acting in it. I didn’t even watch it for Mark Wahlberg or the talking teddy bear. Naturally I was disappointed when Mila didn’t return for the sequel. She is instead ‘replaced’ by Amanda ‘Mama Mia’ Syefried as John’s new love interest. Which I must say was a slight mismatch as Amanda looks a bit too young to be paired with Mark. Besides the casting discrepancy, certain jokes also touch sensitive matters a little too much. One has to be really open minded to abusive language to get to the ending of the flick. threesome 
Despite the grouch, I enjoyed Ted 2 better than Ted. If you have spare time, go catch it with your own thunder buddy. 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Terminator Genisys Review

Another reboot? Heck...why not ey? 
Terminator Genisys Review – *Confession – I’ve NEVER watched any of the Terminator movies before. The reason I went for this was for Jai Courtney.
He did say 'He'll be back!!! are these 'fellas'....
Fresh from the above confession…I have no idea what Terminator is about except that Arnold ‘Susah nak eja’ found fame from the franchise and that he was 37 when the first movie was released in 1984. Getting into numbers…this is Terminator’s fifth instalment with Arnold playing up to three (3) versions of himself at the "old but not obsolete" age of 67. Fuh…for someone who hate numbers that is already a mini headache for me. Until the flick starts to time travel from the present which is actually the future to the past then back to the future then back to the past and to the present….you still with me? I lost count of how many times the characters jumped time. What I got was John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to 1984 to stop Skynet from killing John's Mom, Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke). However due to last minute twist Kyle lands in a different ‘version’ of Los Angeles. He does meet with a younger version of Sarah who is aware of the Judgment Day and are also on a mission to prevent it from happening. With the help of the ‘good’ Terminator (Arnold masih susah nak eja) they time travel (not again!) until they meet the older version of John Connor. Confused yet? It may if I try to put it in words but thankfully the movie does make sense. At least it did to me. what is the plan guys? 
As mentioned earlier, the reason I watched this flick was seeing Jai Courtney being naked (ehem) in the trailer and thankfully not all nudity was censored. Other than that I didn’t bother much. Nonetheless the special effects especially bringing back the younger version of Arnold was awesome to show the younger generation what a ‘handsome’ fella he is/was. The destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge and most of Los Angeles feels too familiar after watching San Andreas earlier. Hollywood should consider ‘destroying’ other places in States besides New York and LA man. #justsaying. it just me or do I see a spark in your eyes? 
Despite all the bang bang boom in the movie there is a message (really really!) of not relying too much on technology until we lose our humanity. If one were to look carefully, ‘Skynet’ is already around us with people refusing to part with their gadgets. Perhaps it’s time we let the battery run out and reconnect back to our human side.