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Friday, 24 July 2015

The Gallows Review

The Tali Gantung...tsk tsk 
The Gallows Review – Friendly warning…remember…Blair Witch Project? Cloverfield? Quarantine? Liked any of the movies? Yes …then go watch. No? Stay away…like far far away. (*hint – 95% of the movie is shot using hand held camera)
About 20 years ago, a high school play titled The Gallows (duh!) goes wrong when a fatal malfunction cause a tragic death of a student. Fast forward to the future, a new group of student attempts to re-stage the show. However one of the cast has cold feet and tries to tear down the set of the play on the night before the big show with his friends. Soon they find out it was a deadly-pun intended mistake when the past literally taunts and haunts them. Will the show proceed as planned or history repeats itself once again?
Don't mess if you can't handle the stress 
If you have not had a headache in a long time, by all means…get ready to get a major migrate thru this movie. You know there’s a saying some movies that should not be made? Well…this fits right at the top of that list. Most of the scary scenes are the usual jump off your seat type. The shoddy camera work with the voice narrating gets on your nerve after a while. I’ve never wanted an annoying character to die painfully as I did to one of the fella in this flick. After he was ‘gone’ I wanted to ‘high five’ the ‘spirit’ for ending my misery. After more screaming and so called final scene, there is a little a bit of explanation which I saw coming from miles away. Bluek.
Class act.....notttttttttt!!! 
Well…here is my admission, I don’t know why but I ‘watched’ the entire movie (yes I did) without my glasses on. Not sure if to avoid headache or didn’t bother about it after 10 minutes into start of the show. Whoever that decided to make this should be sent to The Gallows. Period. 

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