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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

paPEr toWnS rEViEw

Roadtrip anyone? 
paPEr toWnS rEViEw – Coming of age movie for high school leavers. Some got it all figured out. Some just figure things out. Some just go with the flow.
Friends on a mission. 
Quentin (Nat Wolff) has been in love with Margo (Cara Delevingne) ever since she moved into his neighbourhood. They grow up together but drift apart as they get older. Margo decides to become the mysterious girl while Q is focused on his mission into becoming a Doctor. One night just few days before graduating from high school, Margo sneak into Q’s room seeking his help to complete nine (9) missions. Hesitant at first, Q finally gives in with hope spending time with Margo. They go around town to complete ‘operation M’. The next day Margo vanishes from home except leaving some clues as to where she is headed. Thinking those clues are instruction for Q to go look for her, Q together with his best friends embarks on a journey across country. With time running out before they could return for their senior prom and no other idea as to where Margo is, will Q get to see her again?
Friends forver? 
With young talented cast each with their own unique personalities, you are bound to relate to one of them. Cara looked like she barely had to act, it seemed as she was born to play Margo. While the rest hits home run with their respective roles. There isn’t much of a storyline but the flow is decent enough to one’s attention till the end. The background music is also well matched to suit the scenes. You are bound to smile when you hear some familiar tunes while laugh out loud when the boys belt out a certain theme song at one of scene. Watch out for it.

Overall it’s a light hearted movie for high schools kids leaving their books behind and entering adulthood. As Quentin learns to differentiate between understanding true friendship and pursuing true love perhaps we might learn a thing or two as well. 

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