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Friday, 24 July 2015

Baahubali Review

War-fare flick Kollywood style 
Baahubali Review – Hollywood watch out! Kollywood’s own epic feature is here ready dey!!!
Yenna look'e da dey! Savadiiii
I was ‘sold’ when the opening scene had Sivagami (played by the amazing Ramya Krishan) kicking baddies arse! Unfortunately but soon after she dies (lor!!). Ok ok…never mind…there’s no way they just gonna let such talent go to waste within such short time right. What the heck happened before this dramatic scene opener? For that we enter the Kingdom of Mahishmati where Sivagami was escaping trying to save a baby’s life. In the ultimate act of sacrifice, Sivagami drowns while keeping the baby alive. His is discovered by local villagers and brought up as a strapping young man. Shivu (Prabas) however is always obsessed about finding out what is beyond his village and his interest explodes when a mysterious mask falls down from the highland waterfall. Shivu seeks to find the owner of the mask and comes across the beautiful Avantika (Tamanna). She is part of the group that intent to rescue former queen Devasena (Anushka Shetty) who is the real mother of Shivu and she has been imprisoned by the king for the past 25 years. Jeng jeng jeng. I could go on but then it would spoil the feel of the movie so I’ll just stop here for now. If you are interested to find out what happens and what happened, you gotta watch it yourself. Nyeh nyeh.
Charge'eeeeeeeeeeee machiiiiiiiiiiii
I’m not a big fan of warfare type of movies but the visuals for this flick are simply amazing. From the intricate view of the kingdom to the vicious combat scene between the soldiers and the savages trying to capture Mahishmati. The storyline that travels between timeline also was well capture by using talented actors. I don’t have to mention how awesome Ramya is every time she appears on screen. Her majestic performance is well matched by another veteran in Tamil cinema, Satyaraj as Kattapa. Then there are the usual sing and dance routine which captures the beauty of Tamanna (ehem). Don’t be fooled by her beauty alone because this girl can take you down in a matter of seconds. The loud buzz around this movie is worth the hype it’s been getting.
All the leading ladies...Indian beauties! 
Baahubali could be the benchmark for Kollywood to finally match its Hollywood neighbour in terms of matching big budget with well-crafted story. I didn’t know it was a two-parter movie and I’m really looking forward to the conclusion in 2016. 

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