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Friday, 24 July 2015

Ant-Man Review

Welcome to the Superhero club Ant-Man!
Ant-Man Review – Marvel releases their latest smallest hero from bandwagon of Superheroes.
Table talk minus the karipap and kopi O
Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is a brilliant IT engineer stuck with bad luck which lands him in jail. Upon his release, Scott vow never to go back into prison and tries to be a better father to his daughter. Unfortunately his criminal record makes it difficult for him to get a ‘legal’ job. Left with no option, he decides to join force with his former cellmate, Luis (Michael Pena) to rob a rich man’s mansion. Hoping to find quick fortune, Scott is disappointed when he only finds a weird looking suit. He takes it back and tries it on then whoosh…he becomes as small as an…ant lar (duh!) Scott later discovers that he was picked by Dr Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to execute an important mission. Pym together with his daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lilly) starts to train ‘Ant-Man’ with real ants to stop Pym’s former protégé Darren Cross (Cory Stoll) from selling his own suit called Yellowjacket to an organization called Hydra (sounds familiar?). The team comes up with a plan to infiltrate Pym Technologies to retrieve the jacket. Will they be able to stop Darren in time? Can Scott redeem himself and be the hero his daughter thinks he is? Big task for a small guy ey?
New baddie before Yellowjacket
I’ve always liked Paul with his slap stick jokes and it was good to see him graduating from supporting role into a Superhero. I can’t think of a better choice and he surely didn’t let down the audience by delivering one of his best performance. Another worthy mention is Evangeline also changing role from playing an elf to possibly becoming Ant-Man’s side kick. What made it better was the chemistry between Rudd and Lilly was convincing enough to root for them. Michael Douglas meanwhile was a sight for sore eyes supplying both serious and funny parts to the movie. As this is a Marvel’s production I don’t have to mention about the marvellous-pun intended special effects. Ant-Man could give Captain America or perhaps The Avengers a run for their money! One grouch I have is that the villain, Darren is not as intimidating as other Marvel baddies (think Loki, Ultron, and Thanos). Maybe because the fight scene between Ant-Man and ‘Yellowjacket’ looks like a fight between well…an ant and wasp. So small like that.
Baddie with his Yellowjacket...hmmkay...
Nevertheless, Ant-Man is entertaining in its own way. Just that I will never look at an ant the same way ever again after this movie.

P/s – Stay tuned to for after credit special! 

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