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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Broken City review

Kick-ass cast!

Broken City review – With cast members consisting of Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones, you know you are in for an awesome movie. Each of them delivers their part excellently and even the supporting cast did an awesome job! Mark in his usual to die for body playing cop/private investigator/good guy caught in a bad situation. Russell as the dirty politician while Cat Zeta Jones as a long suffering wife. No wonder you got 2 Oscar winners among these 3 main actors, with hope Mark will snag one soon!
Still yummy these two!
As for the movie, it’s such a perfect time to release here what with the General Election just around the corner! Which is kinda curios coz the movie was released State-side back in January this year but it somehow it only reached here now…jeng jeng jeng…

How come we don't have 'this' here? Would be interesting in'it?
The story revolves around Billy, Mark’s character having to lose his job as a cop after getting involved in an ‘incident’. He arse is saved from being put in jail by the Mayor, played brilliantly by Russell (thank God he doesn’t sing in this movie!) Fast forward seven (7) years later during re-election, the Mayor seeks help from Billy who is now a Private Investigator to spy on his wife, whom he suspects is having an affair. That gets the ball rolling and where it lands is where the story gets interesting, really really interesting.  

Pick your battle wisely!
You get to witness the inner workings and how dirty and filthy politic gets. This flick is a good reminder and thought provoking not to be missed if you are a first time voter and going to vote again soon. You will walk out making a decision on whom to vote aculi! Just remember that change is not necessarily bad if the current system does not work! If you don’t give chance to the new, you will always remain stuck with the old one. You don’t have to agree with me because this is just my opinion. Go catch this and don’t forget to excise your right when the time comes to decide your future! 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Host review

Who's u gonna choose?

 The Host review – Crap! Nope…I’m not saying the movie is crap but crap coz I really don’t know where to start. Fact that it’s based on Twilight Author, Stephanie Meyer book, so you can expect some kinda love triangle. Only that this time it involves an alien in a young girl’s body who falls for one guy while the soul of the body is in love with another boy. Confused? Well, nobody said falling in love is easy so there you go!

The story involved aliens taking over human body (what else is new eh?) in order to save planet Earth from being destroyed by humans. Some humans succumbed to it while few resist and hide from the invasion. In comes Melanie Stryder who’s been avoiding the aliens with her brother and another survivor, Jared Howe, whom she falls in love with. She somehow gets caught and her body is taken over by an alien named Wanderer. Wanderer is answerable to Seeker (played by Diane Kruger) who is trying to find out where the rebels humans are hiding.
Wanderer tries to read into Melanie’s mind and slowly understand about human emotions. She escapes from Seeker and finds her way to the human, only to be suspected as a traitor. While ‘occupying’ Melanie’s body, she is reunited with the brother but Jared somehow refuses to accept her since the ‘change’. Wanderer/Wanda ends up falling in love with another guy, Ian. This cause conflict with Melanie trying to stop Wanda from hooking up with Ian because she is in love with Jared! Bet Melanie/Wanda relationship status is more than complicated ey?

Wait what...who am I again? I'm so confused wey!
Saoirse Ronan looks so grown up since "Atonement", "Hanna" and “The Lovely Bones”, she’s gonna go places this one! It’s not easy playing two roles at once! While Diane Kruger’s character will irk you with her Gung Ho performance to find the humans and change them into one of her own kind. The movie moves quite slowly and our brill censorship board managed to snip off most of the kissing scenes which end up making the movie look awkward! Like one minute the lips gets close then snip snip gone! Sigh….kissing je kut! Bongok! Also the change of scene from indoor to outdoor kinda hurts the eye…kejap gelap…then kejap terang giler! Adoi sakit mata aku!
Pick your side!
In the end, the ending scene macam can predict miles before the movie ends which made me wish, please don’t have a sequel! Please don’t! I beg you Stephanie Meyer. Kalau ada pun, most prolly I won’t watch it pun.   
Nice wheels! Am taking about the Evora of coz! :D

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

#TSDayOut Amazing Race Edition!

Get ready to register! It's gonna be AHHHHHMAZINGGGGG THIS TIME!
Well well well, Thailand have got to be my lucky country because my nasib somehow changes for good every time I come back there! During my last trip there which incidentally was with Tourism Selangor (TS), I managed to make loads of friends.

One of those ‘good luck’ I’m referring to is getting picked to participate in #TSDayOut for 3rd time in a row! *Disclaimer – I have some new found friends (I think) in TS but I do/did not pay them to choose my name for 3 times in a row. 

Let me explain how I get picked, first was of coz the Krezi Krabi trip (this mother of a #TSDayOut will never fade away from my memory I tell ya!) which was a well-played gamble that got the ball rolling, after which was the Skytrex Edition which kicked off the blogging contest. I just scribbled my experience and next thing I know, that crap got picked one of the best posting! Say what? Yup! I was as surprised as you are! Go figure! By winning that blog post, my name got ‘auto entered’ into the next TSDayOut, which is what I’m gonna babble about this time!
jeng jeng jeng....Thank You Tourism Selangor!
Such a long intro ey? Kena-lah establish my point, takut kena accuse of cheating ma! Anyhow, here’s what went down. Few days after the Skytrex outing, my name (together with 2 another participants) (YEAY! EMILY!!!) was announced as the winner for the newly introduced blogging competition. (Yezzzaaaaa!!! Dah tak sedih coz tak menang photo contest!). After the announcement, the krezi people of TS teased us with clues for the next TSDayOut, citing it’s gonna be amazing! Amazing as in ala ala Amazing Race edition at Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)! Woah!!! Really ah? *Confession time, I did send in my audition tape for the Amazing Race Asia tapi tak kena pilih L tapi takpe, dapat masuk yang ini pun dah cukup kan?
Lepas registration, senarai nama-nama mangsa was published and from the looks of it, dah tau gonna be gila gila outing once again. The day arrived and luckily just a week before the outing, some of my friends and I went to plant trees at FRIM for National Forest Day so we kinda had a clue what we have to go thru on D-Day (YEAH RITEEEEE!!!).
Boys chilling while waiting
Lepas tuka baju baruuuuu...jangan jeles! :D

We started to day off with early morning breakfast at McD, (Tima kaseh Amirul for the pick-up and drop off!) then headed straight to FRIM. While waiting for other participants to arrive, we mula lah nak buat bising (dah veteran participant la katakan!) 

Hmm...let's see if all the victims are here! (Muahahaha!)
As usual, saw some familiar faces and new meat to grind! (hehehe!). After semua dah sampai and sign the form and jeng jeng jeng…special for this time, we were awarded to TSDayOut t-shirt! NICEEEEEE!!!!. 

Heck Yeah Babeh! Simple yet comfy!
After changing we were then introduced to the marshals and did some stretching (takut later cramp pulak!) then got divided into groups of 3 in a team. 

Siapa pengsan sekarang takyah racing dah! ;)
Semangat tuh!!!

I got India’s very own jungle boy (Amit) [saw him at the skytrex outing] and cool dude, (Fuad)  [baru first time join TSDayOut] and we came up with our team name Amazing Krezi Fellas which stood for our names Amit, Kanmani & Fuad (Geddit?!). 

Kalau sesat..pakai GPS je
We made itttttttttttttttttttttt!!! Heck I really made it!

Short briefing later, we were handed chickeeeeeeeeeeeeen egg to jaga tru out the check points together with the map to navigate our way till the last check point. 

Jaga map baik baik tau!
Let the race begin! First task…masuk dalam kolam cari guli! Aye caramba…pulak dah…mata aku neh…atas tanah pun kekadang tak nampak ni nak cari dalam air lak! Die! Mau tamau kena la masuk, but thank God my boys managed to find 2 guli's so we were off to the next challenge.

Jum main air!

 “Ok kanak-kanak, dengar sini. sila pungut daun ke, apa ke tapi jangan petik apa-apa dan hiasi diri anda seperti orang asli. Baju tak payah tanggal ye…Cuma add aksesori je cukup! Pastu ada water kaler so sila juga ‘warnakan’ muka atau anggota badan anda dan pastikan it last till end of all task! Ada faham? Ok good, so apa lagi…we saw so many failed painters, including yours truly but had some good ones. After decorating, we had to our team war cry! Laaaaa…..y lah wey? Ntah apa bende kitaorang buat, jerit lompat melalak and moved on to the next task.

Rempit time, eh I mean jungle trekking …thank God I’ve done this before (before as in 10 years ago!) Cuma this time due to my spare tayar, semput sikit, dah tu the jungle boy pulak jalan macam pakai some-kinda jungle shoe, laju jerrrrrr…ayo macha slow down lar…but no coz he said sakit kaki kalau jalan slow (ish ish ish). I just went with my pace and stop sikit sikit to catch my breath.  

Huff Puff Huff Puff
After the trekking, we arrived to 3rd mission. Jalan pakai tempurung! Ayo Mummy! Nasib tak jauh sangat so after that sampai to 4th task. Solve puzzle. Nasib bukan solve Sudoku! The boys got it done in no time and we submitted our answer and that time the marshal asked for the egg…’u kena kasi saya telur tu lar’ and I’m like…’apahal lu…jangan nak kantoi orang…no way Jose’. Nasib tak bagi coz that fella wanted to kantoi us! How dare u dude! 

Another trail inside the jungle brought us to the magnificent view known as ‘Crown Shyness’. Saw it before (10 years ago!) but the view still took my breath away. Cantek giler! God! You are great. Humans, please don’t let this view disappear. 

Lepas kagum with Mother Nature’s creation, we got a taste of mud! Huhuhu…sila crawl commando style melalui lumpur ini ye! Terima kasih. Great! Baru je dapat t shirt baru terus kena masuk lumpur. Tak aci lar! Nak tak nak kena gak get it dirty!
Jalan sumore and came out to our 6th mission. Amit’s and my eyes were blindfolded while Fuad gave us direction to jalan macam katak and collect some tiny piece of papers. The marshal was impressed that we were the second team and only 3 task left to complete the race. 

On with the next one! Nampak paku atas papan kecik tu…sila susun dan jangan bagi jatuh. Klue dia ialah bumbung! Aaaaaaa…..I’ve done this before so just gave some pointers to Amit and he got it done in no time. Yeay Amit!  

Jungle boy turned carpenter in the making! :D

Lepas tuh jalan lagi…and huhuhu…kena tutup mata lagi….ok fine…’pegang kayu guide and folo me’ kata marshal, ‘now squad down and please take out 2 coins from the kotak depan you’. Errr….tu je bang? Yelah tu je tapi jaga-jaga, takut u kena gigit! Huh? Kena gigit? Hang letak apa kotak tuh bang oi? ‘Adalah…hehehe’ so I sorta tried to steel at peek! Big mistake! I saw the ulat-ulat….DIE DIE DIE WHY WHY WHY? This blardy task took me forever to complete. Nak masuk tangan je dah geli, pastu kena buli lagi! Huish, stress giler tau! Somehow I managed to get the both damn coins and Amit did a stunt! (Krezi jungle boy this one!).
Amacam? Ada berani?
Abis dah semua fizikal task now cuba ingat balik apa korang buat and list it down. Pulak dah…nasib baik only 8 task so lepas dah list kena buat one last war cry and we were done! We finished 2nd but score was not based on arrival . Lepas tuh, lepak lar. Kacau other teams (ngeh ngeh ngeh!). I earned a battle scar, kena gigit pacat but tak nampak, only got blood on my kaki. Nasib baik only one!
I feel like warrior now!
Since didn’t have proper water pressure in the changing room, rendam balik dalam kolam sat then changed into dry cloths. One by one mangsa arrived with smile in their face! Then it was makan time. Bagus lah TS ni. After kena dera siap kasi mum mum lagi. This time the food was yummeh so walap kau kau then BURP! 
Lai lai lai, don't shy shy!

Jum seranggggggggggggg
Lepak wait for the VIP to arrive for prize giving ceremony. Sambil tu mingle-mingle dengan mangsa baru. Isi feedback form.

Eehehehee.....guess they duno abt me YET!

Ni dah tau pun still mau fren with me!
Once VIP, Puan Hazlin of FRIM arrived and gave her speech, it was time to announce the winners and guess what each of the winning team had a person who went to Krabi, guess I was not the only one with Krabi luck yo! I got my ‘prize board’ for blog post. Snapped gamba ala celebrity with rest of the winners, then one big group picha as usual! 

Lepas tu, exchange the board for RM250! Yahoooo!!! Nandri TS! First time tuh win! Woot! Woot!
Macam biasa, the best part about TSDayOut , made tones of new friends, explored another part of Selangor and left with AMAZING memories and awesome experience! I can’t thank Tourism Selangor enough for changing my boring weekends into krezi outing with their constant marvelous outings! Dah tuh, winning some moolah makes even betterrrrrr!!! (hehehe!)
Pose sket ngan Bossman, En. Fazly!

Here’s to more remarkable ideas to expand my knowledge about SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN! Bravo to the organizing team and caya sama all the participants, we literally had an AMAZING EDITION TSDayOut! Till next time....iffffffffffffffffffffff kena pilih lagik lar ek?! :)  

Kalau korang nak join in jangan lupa 'like' Tourism Selangor page on FB and follow them on twitter! Just click and enjoy! 

Tourism Selangor FB page  , Tourism Selangor twitter
Even awesomer, they even have #TSDayOut site yo, cepat click cuba spot muka comei saya! :D

TSDayOut site!
Cantek shirt....boleh pinjam ka? *wink wink
Choose wisely peopen!
Bukti from 10 years ago!
Impromtu Krabi reunion sumore!
Kan dah kata Krezi Krabi gang!
 P/s - Photo credits to Dian, Rasyidi & Ashraf! Khap Khun Kaaaaaaaaaa!!!

P/s 2 - If nak tengok more picture sila click

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