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Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Host review

Who's u gonna choose?

 The Host review – Crap! Nope…I’m not saying the movie is crap but crap coz I really don’t know where to start. Fact that it’s based on Twilight Author, Stephanie Meyer book, so you can expect some kinda love triangle. Only that this time it involves an alien in a young girl’s body who falls for one guy while the soul of the body is in love with another boy. Confused? Well, nobody said falling in love is easy so there you go!

The story involved aliens taking over human body (what else is new eh?) in order to save planet Earth from being destroyed by humans. Some humans succumbed to it while few resist and hide from the invasion. In comes Melanie Stryder who’s been avoiding the aliens with her brother and another survivor, Jared Howe, whom she falls in love with. She somehow gets caught and her body is taken over by an alien named Wanderer. Wanderer is answerable to Seeker (played by Diane Kruger) who is trying to find out where the rebels humans are hiding.
Wanderer tries to read into Melanie’s mind and slowly understand about human emotions. She escapes from Seeker and finds her way to the human, only to be suspected as a traitor. While ‘occupying’ Melanie’s body, she is reunited with the brother but Jared somehow refuses to accept her since the ‘change’. Wanderer/Wanda ends up falling in love with another guy, Ian. This cause conflict with Melanie trying to stop Wanda from hooking up with Ian because she is in love with Jared! Bet Melanie/Wanda relationship status is more than complicated ey?

Wait what...who am I again? I'm so confused wey!
Saoirse Ronan looks so grown up since "Atonement", "Hanna" and “The Lovely Bones”, she’s gonna go places this one! It’s not easy playing two roles at once! While Diane Kruger’s character will irk you with her Gung Ho performance to find the humans and change them into one of her own kind. The movie moves quite slowly and our brill censorship board managed to snip off most of the kissing scenes which end up making the movie look awkward! Like one minute the lips gets close then snip snip gone! Sigh….kissing je kut! Bongok! Also the change of scene from indoor to outdoor kinda hurts the eye…kejap gelap…then kejap terang giler! Adoi sakit mata aku!
Pick your side!
In the end, the ending scene macam can predict miles before the movie ends which made me wish, please don’t have a sequel! Please don’t! I beg you Stephanie Meyer. Kalau ada pun, most prolly I won’t watch it pun.   
Nice wheels! Am taking about the Evora of coz! :D

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