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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Killing Season review

Guess who kills who?

Killing Season review – First thing I noticed about this movie is Robert De Niro and John Travolta was acting in it so against my better judgment and some bad reviews, I went ahead to catch this flick. To be honest, it is not a baaaaaaaaaaad watch but it could have been so much better, like so so sooooooo much better. I’m not sure what Robert and John was thinking when they accepted to act in this movie. Perhaps they are not getting any ‘job offers’ so they opt to take pay cut and be on screen before current generation forgets them…
I 'arrow' you, you 'shoot' me ok?
I have no idea why and what is the purpose of this film but here’s what I understand from the so called ‘storyline’…Benjamin Ford (Robert) is a retired NATO Colonel who used to serve in the Bosnian War among others and have lived through and witnessed some gruesome outcome of the war. Once he left the service, he retrieves to the mountain area far from the family. Meanwhile Emil Kovac (John Travolta) is a former Serbian soldier who is also ‘wounded’ by the war and somehow is hell bound to take revenge on Ford. Years after the war, Emil tracks down Ford and so begins cat and mouse…ermm…make that hunter and elk game. Both men try to end each other life in every ‘macho war like’ manner they could.
What is the purpose of this movie again??? o.O
Think of the most painful way to hurt your enemy and seconds later they are doing it. Need a teaser…imagine…getting an arrow through your leg and ‘kena gantung’ upside down through that wound. Getting an arrow across your mouth (as in cheeks) then ‘wash down’ the blood with salt flavored lemonade! Are you cringing yet? I know I did and so did some of the audience. The whole damn movie was about these two nuts trying to whack each other. Hello….have you heard of gun? Just shoot the fella lar…why mau torture like this?
Can you see my clearly now that you are upside down?
As for cast, first of all, Robert De Niro…I must admit, I don’t know why but I’m not really fond of him so I secretly enjoyed watching him getting brutalized…hehehe. While John Travolta’s fake fake fake Bosnian English accent just tickled my funny bone but I gotta admit these two veterans did have some enemy chemistry which made this movie a bit watchable. Other than that if you gona watch it and get bored but still don’t want to leave the cinema, you can enjoy looking at the hutan, mountain and waterfall scenery and also the sight of the mighty elks! Thank God they didn’t kill any. My advice, watch it if you got nothing else to do and if you are big big fan of either Robert or John but even then, I think you might be disappointed with the outcome. tsk tsk tsk (What a way to end July movie previews ey?)      
As usual, thank you Churp Churp

 P/s - I was running late and reached the cinema at 9.05 pm when the email said, the movie starts at 9 pm. Thank you Nick from Churp Churp for still giving me the tickets! VIP some more woah! :D

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

R.I.P.D review

Dead but still not rest!
R.I.P.D review – I bet all if not most of us wonder what happens to us once we ‘kick the bucket’ rite? Well, some believe we will reincarnate, some thinks we will end up in heaven or hell depending how good or bad we were while alive. Apparently if you are a cop and die suddenly, you get a chance to ‘redeem’ yourself before facing ‘judgment day’ by ‘being offered’ to work at the ‘Rest in Peace Department’. This what happens to Nick Walker (played by Ryan Reynolds) upon his untimely demise. He gets ‘backstabbed’ by his partner in the Boston PD and ends up being a rookie at the ‘higher version’ of Police Department, this time partnered with old time lawman Roy Pulsipher (played by Jeff Bridges) to catch ‘deado’ who refuse to leave the Earth despite their death.
Don't mess with us deado's!
Both Nick and Roy stumble upon bigger plan by the deado’s once Nick track back his former crime partner. Together they have to stop this plot before it endangers the living world. They jump off buildings, get hit by bus and such in the process. It’s kinda like Men in Black, Jeff kinda looks like Tommy Lee Jones while Ryan is the ‘white’ version of Will Smith, except that they are ‘dead’ instead of being ‘erased’. RIPD hunts for deado while MIB went after aliens. Yup…that’s it. Add few humors to the line and if this flick scores well at the box office (which I doubt), I bet the Producer will come up with a sequel or two.
Think we can get a sequel buddy?

The chemistry between Ryan and Jeff was ok. Pretty much like…yup Will and Tommy in MIB. They annoy each other. Look after each other (most of the time). When they get their head together, they could save the world. Ryan is yummy as ever, while Jeff’s way of talking was a bit too odd for me. Then there is also Mary-Louise Parker as Mildred Proctor, their Supervisor. Kevin Bacon is back on the big screen as the baddie together with James Hong and Marisa Miller as Nick and Roy’s avatar respectively plus few fugly looking deado’s who are allergic to Indian food!
Dream avatar? hehehe

This movie is one of those no brainer just fun watch. However the 3D effect was done very well. You can feel the fire burning, water splashing, things flying towards you almost very realistically. Other than that, just enjoy the glimpse of Marissa in her skimpy tight cloths and drool over Ryan like I did. Take your pals and have a few good laughs. 
Tengkiu Churp Churp!
Thanks Churp Churp for the 3D preview screening! Me really enjoying the perks of attending your awesome . Looking forward to the next one. If you still not are missing out a lot lor! Churp if you agree! hehehe :D  

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Wolverine review

Guess who's baccccccck!!!

The Wolverine review – First of all, I’m starting to lose track of the prequel, sequel and current timeline for the whole X-Men series. I thought this flick was sequel for X-Men Origins: Wolverine tapi rupa-rupanya it’s the sequel for X-Men: The Last Stand but some sites says this is a stand-alone movie. Ntah ler aku pun tak paham. What I understand is Wolverine is part of The X-Men. Full stop.
Like my 'extended nails'?
When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I thought either it’s gonna be awesome or erk!. Lepas dah tengok, I’m rating it in between awesome and erk!. Some scenes are damn powerful while others just fell flat. If you ask me, it felt more like Wolverine was being featured in this picture instead of being the main focus. It’s like Wolverine longing to be Logan, the human after losing the love of his life, Jean Grey. Logan appears trying to save a Japanese chick (Mariko) whose dad was also saved by him years before. Logan gets invited to Japan the say goodbye to the dying Yashida whom have since become one of the powerful man in Land of The Rising Sun. Little did Logan know, this dying Japanese old man had some other plan for him. Enter other supporting Nippon characters here and there and you pretty much feel like you have learned quite a bit of Japanese culture in case you are visiting Tokyo sometime in the future.
Leave the Samurai sword to the Ninja's please.
Hugh Jackman was in his usual buffed body with veins popping out like it’s gonna explode if he growl any further! He was shirtless most of the times to the delight of his female fans. He really does embody the animal in human body well. I can’t think of anybody else playing one of the most loved Marvel character. Case of point…cuba imagine Ryan Gosling with claws coming out his hands…not nice kan? Coming across his training regimen in order to bring Wolverine to the bring screen, this dude memang committed giler and deserve all the praise. However I feel something fell short. It was just not the same good feeling I had with the rest of the X-Men franchise. Even with appearance of Jean Grey once in a while, which after sometime got quite annoying, die ready kan? So stay dead lar Jean! Why mess up an already messed up guy’s brain?
Time for a break maybe Wolverine?
I don’t know man…maybe I’m getting tired of Wolverine hogging all the limelight from his other X-Men gang. Perhaps it’s time for Wolverine to rest for a while and maybe let Gambit, Cyclops or Storm have their spotlight. If there’s gonna be a prequel, sequel or whatnot, I can’t think how else they gona ‘milk’ Wolverine/Logan role. My verdict for this…watch it if you want or don’t, it’s up to you. If you decide to catch it, stay till the end of credit because I think that last few minutes was far more exciting compared to this almost two (2) hour long feature.   
Thank you hot magazine for the goodies and awesome pre-screening party!
I went kinda Wolwy myself and scored some awesome prize! Terima kasih again hot magazine!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Conjuring review

Tengok poster je nak pengsan dah! :P
The Conjuring review – Ok, first of all I got a confession…I HATE SCARRY MOVIES. I have a photographic memory (not for all occasion unfortunately) so if I were to watch any gambar hantu, the blardy images will stick in my mind till I choose to ignore it [case of point – Evil Dead (I watched it when I was 7 – 8 but can still remember some of the scenes till now!)]. Now that the cat is out of the bag, you would wonder why I gatal-gatal nak tengok this flick is which said to be one of the scariest movie kan? Well, your answer is as good as mine. How long nak takut-takut tak tengok? Must face one’s fear right or at least try to. Ok ok, enough about my history let’s get into business shall we? 
Annabelle : "Yes....are u looking for me?"
Well, one reason that intrigued me to build nerve to sit thru The Conjuring was Vera Farmiga, I fell in love with her since ‘Up In The Air’ and ‘The Orphan’. Damn good actress she is and she proved once again why I love her in this movie playing Paranormal investigator, Lorraine Warren. I lit up whenever she appeared on screen. You can almost ‘feel’ what she is feeling thru her facial expressions. Did I mention I love her? 
Mirror mirror on the music box...tell me what am looking at will ya?

As for Patrick Wilson…it kinda tickled me to see his side burns but he was decent as Edward lending support to his wife. His ‘Ghostbuster’ and ‘ghost hunter’ cum exorcist worked well. Thank God his side burn didn’t get burned in the process – pun intended. (hehehe) Special mention to Lily Taylor as Carolyn Perron (I still remember her from the movie ‘The Haunting’, she is the go-to-person to play as possessed person role. Kena whack kao-kao, tarik sana sini, ‘sit upside down’ and muka kena make up till almost kenot recognize. If she acts in another ‘spirit’ movie I might risk a heart attack just to watch her. The five (5) girls of the Perron daughters were played brilliantly, each of them with their own ‘freaky’ moments. The cast was wisely picked to suit their protagonist.
Hang on honey, I got this....I think!

As for the story, you get goose bumps when you see that it is based on true story. Say what? Tengok movie je dah gigil, cuba bayangkan if have to live thru something horrifying like this. Mampus wey! It was set in the 70’s and all this family of seven (7) wanted was a place to stay but they learned a lesson of a lifetime instead. Itulah, next time before investing on something make research dulu. Jangan main beli je. Mana tau tertiba ada a sick giler babi punya spirit haunt the place? Tak ke susah? If you have pet, take heed of their reaction. Dogs, cats, birds and other animals suitable to be kept as pet do sense this kinda things. Nasib rumah aku ada banyak kucing, kalau ada apa-apa (touchwood) funky reaction from them, terus aku cabuts! No matter what you beliefs are, just remember there ‘things out there’ that you can’t explain. Thank God the Perron family seek help before it was too late.
Go watch lar wey!

If you are up for a good scarring, not the cheesy cheap type, you should conjure enough courage to check this motion picture out directed by own very own Malaysian born Director. This dude, James Wan did a pretty decent job. Another confession time, since I’m a scary cat, I watched the movie with my glasses off most of the time or else memang dah mati terkejut but that didn’t help because the background sound also played an awesome part. Every single ‘krukkkkk’….’krakkkkk’….dah cukup to give chill down your spine. Excellent camera work capturing the angle of the haunted house. If I was not such a chickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, I would watch this flick again with my glasses on. 

P/s - Thank again Churp Churp for The Conjuring tickets! 

Thank you Churp Churp!!!