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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pacific Rim review

Size does matter!!!

Pacific Rim review – If you are tired of watching Transformers, Transformers – Revenge of The Fallen and Transformers – Dark Side of the Moon over and over again while waiting for the new Transformers (God help us), you might want to whet your appetite with this monster -vs- machine movie. Keep in mind the machines are operated by human so it’s like every single boys dream come true. Getting inside a huge machine instead of holding on to a controller to whack the crap out of creatures that comes out of inside our planet where they have been ‘hiding’ and waiting for the right time to attack us and consume it’s natural resources before moving on to another planet. Hang on a minute, didn’t the Kaiju notice, that’s what the humans are trying to do as well? We are draining and killing the planet aren’t we? Thank you but no thank you monsters, we will use our way, we don’t need your help except maybe just throw the idea on the drawing board, direct a movie and try to make millions.
Eat that Iroman!
The story…wait…no such thing as story because it’s basically all about trying the kill the Kaiju before the humans run out of Jaegers – operated by two people connected by their mind, (I saw what did there ‘partner’!) As famous landmarks around the world gets destroyed, this machine operators are our only hope from having to rebuild it from scratch, can you imagine how much money, time and effort it would take to rebuild the Twin Towers, so leave it to the Jaegers to save the day.
Am a confused monster between a shark and a dinasour!
The cast…one or two familiar face as in Idris Elba as Marshal Stacker Pentecost (what a name ey?) and Charlie Day as the annoying Doc (I didn’t bother remembering his character name because he is that annoying) and Ron Pearlman (another ‘tangkap muat’ role) and newbie Charlie Hunnam (the yummy hero known as Raleigh Becket) and not so newbie Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori (try saying both her real and character’s name 5 times non-stop if you need to laugh (no offence!)) plus few Chinamans, Russians and Australians and voila you got a 1World cast. Hey….why to Malaysian one ah? No fair…
Here we goooooo....better suit and X-man? No?
Notice my review doesn’t make much sense? Well am just trying to familiarize you with the movie. It doesn’t make sense but if you enjoy watching big machine using big tanker and what not to belasah the ‘Keju’….eh I mean Kaiju, by all means go ahead before the ‘doorway’ – pun intended, gets blown up. Heck, you know what. Catch it in 3D so you can get better feel. I’m not condemning this movie but I’m just saying it could have been so much better with the amount of money spent on the CGI. If they creator doesn’t run out of idea to create much uglier looking monsters, I might just watch the sequel. I just might…
Of couse it's better than X-Men suit!

Last note – Just wanna say my condolence to Cory Monteith who passed away at a hotel called Pacific Rim at the age of 31. You will be missed Finn. Rest in Peace and sing your heart out in heaven. 
May 11, 1982 – July 13, 2013

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