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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Turbo review

Ladies, gentleman and snails....start your engine!
Turbo review – Imagine this…a snail who thinks it’s a race car and dream of racing in one of the world’s fastest race care competition. Yup a snail…as in siput but hey remember few years back when a rat named Remy thought it could cook? Well…you know what they say, when there is a will, there is a way…in Theo aka Turbo (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) case…it got its way by getting intoxicated by Nitro in a race car while lepakking by the freeway. Theo’s life before that was pretty much a boring routine except this passion he had for race cars. Heck, he even follow the updates until the TV get busted. He has his voice of reason in the form of his brother, Chet (Paul Giamatti). They get ‘fired’ from their ‘job’ after Theo cause too much trouble in the ‘colony’.
Don't try this on the ledge sluggers!
They stumble upon their human version in the form of Taco Brothers, Tito and Angelo (brilliant Latin voices of Michael Pena and Luiz Guzman). Just like Turbo, Tito has a dream of making it big one day. As destiny would have it, this human and slug cross each other path. They make their way to the big league with help of other humans and group of city slugs who teach Turbo a lesson or two about life in the fast lane. In the animation world of course Turbo gets to live his dream of racing among the best in the business but not without some serious competition from the human contender. The end part is a no brainer so you can guess who/what comes out top.
Ready, set....slugs away.....

Looking at the cast you know you are in for some awesomely voiced characters. Some are easily recognizable while others will make you go woah….that was him….here’s a hint…’hear’ out for Ken ‘Mr. Chow’ Jeong from ‘Hang Over’ series playing the opposite sex voice. Both human and slug hits a homerun with well picked roles. The vibrant kalers plus the music accompanying the flick will make you wanna ‘adopt’ a siput as a pet. If you don’t mind cleaning after the fella ‘slug by’ that is.
Dreams do come true if you in an animation! :D

Till then, get your little ones and big ones with little ones heart before this movie ‘runs’ out of screening circuit time. You will enjoy it if you watch it from a kid’s perspective. I mean it’s an animation for snail sake rite? Leave your adult blockbuster persona outside the cinema hall and race along with the fastest snail you will ever encounter!        
Turbo with his pit crew yo!

Thank you for the VIP tickets ChurpChurp and here’s to more  for the movie MANIac! 
Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I iz happiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

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