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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Killing Season review

Guess who kills who?

Killing Season review – First thing I noticed about this movie is Robert De Niro and John Travolta was acting in it so against my better judgment and some bad reviews, I went ahead to catch this flick. To be honest, it is not a baaaaaaaaaaad watch but it could have been so much better, like so so sooooooo much better. I’m not sure what Robert and John was thinking when they accepted to act in this movie. Perhaps they are not getting any ‘job offers’ so they opt to take pay cut and be on screen before current generation forgets them…
I 'arrow' you, you 'shoot' me ok?
I have no idea why and what is the purpose of this film but here’s what I understand from the so called ‘storyline’…Benjamin Ford (Robert) is a retired NATO Colonel who used to serve in the Bosnian War among others and have lived through and witnessed some gruesome outcome of the war. Once he left the service, he retrieves to the mountain area far from the family. Meanwhile Emil Kovac (John Travolta) is a former Serbian soldier who is also ‘wounded’ by the war and somehow is hell bound to take revenge on Ford. Years after the war, Emil tracks down Ford and so begins cat and mouse…ermm…make that hunter and elk game. Both men try to end each other life in every ‘macho war like’ manner they could.
What is the purpose of this movie again??? o.O
Think of the most painful way to hurt your enemy and seconds later they are doing it. Need a teaser…imagine…getting an arrow through your leg and ‘kena gantung’ upside down through that wound. Getting an arrow across your mouth (as in cheeks) then ‘wash down’ the blood with salt flavored lemonade! Are you cringing yet? I know I did and so did some of the audience. The whole damn movie was about these two nuts trying to whack each other. Hello….have you heard of gun? Just shoot the fella lar…why mau torture like this?
Can you see my clearly now that you are upside down?
As for cast, first of all, Robert De Niro…I must admit, I don’t know why but I’m not really fond of him so I secretly enjoyed watching him getting brutalized…hehehe. While John Travolta’s fake fake fake Bosnian English accent just tickled my funny bone but I gotta admit these two veterans did have some enemy chemistry which made this movie a bit watchable. Other than that if you gona watch it and get bored but still don’t want to leave the cinema, you can enjoy looking at the hutan, mountain and waterfall scenery and also the sight of the mighty elks! Thank God they didn’t kill any. My advice, watch it if you got nothing else to do and if you are big big fan of either Robert or John but even then, I think you might be disappointed with the outcome. tsk tsk tsk (What a way to end July movie previews ey?)      
As usual, thank you Churp Churp

 P/s - I was running late and reached the cinema at 9.05 pm when the email said, the movie starts at 9 pm. Thank you Nick from Churp Churp for still giving me the tickets! VIP some more woah! :D

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