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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Red2 review

Mebbe they SHOULD rest after this!

Red2 review – First of all, check out the cast…you got Bruce Willis (who played John McClane in the Die Hard series, which have since been heading South), Helen Mirren (Oscar winner for playing Queen of England!), Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal, also Oscar winner DUH! enough said!) Catherine Zeta-Jones (won Oscar for Chicago!) heck there’s even glimpse of Professor Lupin from Harry Potter series (David Thewlis), Commander William Stryker from X-Men (Brian Cox) plus few other big names and the Director comes out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay short in giving them a good sequel to be in.  

tsk tsk tsk
I was not amused with Red (the first movie) so I was not hoping to be blown away by the follow up and thank God I didn’t have much expectation or else I would have been deeply disappointed, although I’m still kinda disappointed with the outcome. I enjoyed the part where they travel almost all around the world from Hong Kong to London to Moscow to Paris despite the ridiculous timeline. Other than that I was just few seconds away from dozing off in the cinema. It was just too draggy man! The story is the same old, same old plot. Countries trying to get their hands of Weapon of Mass Destruction (Yawn)…why are these people so obsessed about blowing up countries? What satisfaction do you get out of it? Haizzzz….stupidoooo

Fooled by the awesome cast
Nasib baik the chemistry between the cast was ok…not the best but bolehlah…especially between Marvin (John Malkovich) and Moses while the lovely dovey emotions between Sarah and Moses made me feel like wanna reach into the screen and sepak je dua ekor tuh…mengada-ada betul. Then enter pulak Cat-Zeta-Jones as under-utilized Katja, the Russian agent…lagi lah aku geram bila dia flirt with Bruce’s role. Nasib baik the ‘I’m-gonna-kill-you’ feeling between Han Cho Bai (Lee Byung-hun) and Moses was fun to watch while they try to whack each other.

Please don't turn back and make another sequel for God sake!
There is no saving grace for this film. I was going ‘tsk tsk tsk’ half the time waiting for it to end. Let’s just say…big names in a movie don’t guarantee a good flick. All also macam tangkap muat jer. I just wished these ‘veterans’ stayed retired and move on with their live instead of trying to save the poor World from destruction over and over again. Here’s a newsflash guys…the World will come to an end eventually so why rush? Just enjoy little time you have on Earth and stop making stupid sequel can or not? Thank you very much. 

P/s - Thank Fie for the tix! 

At least this boy was happy to score the Sun glasses with his tix!

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