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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Hunger Games : Catching Fire Review

Let the game begin! 
The Hunger Games : Catching Fire Review – Imagine a brutal game where you have to kill or witness your opponents get killed when all you wanted do you is to survive the ‘bloody game’ – pun intended. Somehow you do survive but suddenly the whole world starts look up to you as an inspiration for a revolution. That is the situation Pe-Niss (What? That’s how the pair of Katniss Everdeen [Jennifer Lawrence) & Peeta Mellark [Josh Hutcherson] are referred to) have to face once they return to District 12 as victors of the 74th edition of The Hunger Games.
Girl on Fireeeeeeeeee!!! 
In a time where the opressed people of Paneem are looking for inspiration to take on the Capitol, Katniss gives them hope and this cause major problem for President Snow (Donald Sutherland) who pays her a visit and ‘warns’ her to resume her ‘love’ with Peeta to avoid more unrest at some Districts. Little did the previous winners knew about the twist Snow had in his mind when he appoints new Head Gamemake, Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman – not Meatloaf ye, Cindy) after the previous Gamemaker Seneca Crane (Wes Bentley) ‘decides to end his life’. The new catch is referred to as "Quarter Quell", a special edition of the Games, where tributes will be ‘reaped’ from a pool of all living Victors of past Hunger Games. Haaaaa amek’s sorta like Champions against Champions! The new Gamemaker ni lagi ganas wey! He totaly change the game (agak lar kan when you the best of the best going against each other). Once the tributes are let loose, thus begins the battle for survival. Make friend fast or die before you can blink your eye, by way of getting stabbed, hacked, bitten on the throat and what not! Gulps! 
Can you name the stars? 
The cast was simply AMAZINGGGGG! When J.Law starred in the first movie, she was a newbie but now she is the ‘IT’ girl having won an Oscar in between the making of this sequel. She posses both the power and weakness of a simple girl trying to survive. You will be rooting for her to make it through. As for Josh, he is growing into a heart throb and just a matter of time before start making bigger waves. The veterans, namely Donald, Philip, Stanley & Woody (I simply love these two crazy mans!), Elizabeth Banks and Lenny (Yummy!) show why they are some of the best actors in the industry. Can’t see wait to see more of them in the sequel. As for the new/old members of the game, Finnick (Sam Claflin), Johanna (Jena Malone) and Beetee (Jeffrey Wright), you will be trying to watch their back as well because their strong will to live while trying to ‘save’ Katniss and Peeta. As for Liam (playing Gale), thank God you and Miley are not together dude!   
Peeta or Gale Katniss? 
I have not read the books and glad I didn’t because it would somehow effect my ‘judgment’ about the movie. I have to admit that i hate waiting for what will happen next but then that is also the best part because when something happens, my mind gets blown away. Like Woahhhhh!!! I didn’t see that coming yo! My heart was pounding fast during some scenes while my friend almost pulled my hands apart because she was so damn excited. Sakit tau! Go into the cinema and enjoy the game, with a lot more blood this time and I promise you it is worth every cent you pay! May the odds forever be in your favour. Bring on Mocking Jay! 
New Beacon of Hope!!! 
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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Free Birds Review

No ordinary birds of feathers they are!

Free Birds Review – Think your life is hard? Trying being a Turkey during Thanksgiving season and you will sigh in relief that you are a human and not a juicy bird instead. Nasib baik I don’t eat Turkey so I didn’t feel guilty watching what this birds had to endure every time humans have the urge to roast them, but then again I love my chicken so…errr….never mind…better not delve into that. Hehehe
Reggie, Ranger & Jenny on the screen yo!
It’s about Reggie (Owen Wilson) who is the odd one out of the flock and gets new lease of life when the President’s cute daughter rescues and declares Reggie as the pardoned turkey. He gets to ride the Air Force One helicopter and transferred to Camp David. Upon arrival, all Reggie does is eat pizza and watch his favourite tele-novela. His comfy life however is short lived when he gets ‘turkey-napped’ by even ‘odd-er’ Jake (Woody Harrelson) who wants to travel back in time to change course of history. Together they head the ‘Turkeys Liberation Front’ to rid Turkeys from the menu based on the ‘Great Turkey’s message from the future. Both of them managed to time travel by ‘high-jacking’ time machine called S.T.E.V.E. (voiced by George Takei of Star Trek fame!)  from the government lab. They arrive just few days before the first Thanksgiving is about to the celebrated and bumps into Ranger (Jimmy Hayward) and his sister Jenny (Amy Poehler). The siblings rescues them from being hunted by Standish (Colm Meaney) and brought to the hut where the whole flock of turkeys are hiding from being served as main dish. Reggie and Jake learn about teamwork from their counterparts and together defend for their survival.
Run Turkey Run!!!
After hitting big as voice the of Lightning McQueen in ‘Cars’ franchise, Owen Wilson once again is a delight to ‘hear’ as he provides his cheeky voice to Reggie. You will smirk when he does his ‘Duh!’ lines. My favourite voice-over’er of cause is Woddy Harrelson as Ranger. There’s something about this quirky man that I’ve loved since his ‘Cheers’ days. I’m so happy that he is back on the big screen with awesome line ups such as ‘Now You See Me’ and soon-to-be-out ‘The Hunger Games : Catching Fire’! Another favourite is Amy Poehler as Jenny, she is like the quirky female version of Woody. The rest of the ‘turkey’s’ and humans are spot on voiced by so many talented people.
Ranger with them young ones!
Since the school holidays are just around the corner, Free Birds is perfect to take your kids to and start off their movie season. The vibrant colours, funny and adorable characters will keep the young ones and young-at-heart entertained for one and half hours. There’s even a message at the end of the movie regarding the importance of celebrating Thanksgiving Day sans Turkey on the menu. Witty lines and comical scenes will get you laughing and never look at a Turkey the same way again. Leave your synical adult logic out the cinema and witness how a flock of feathered fellas kick human’s gluten! Kekeke… I highly recommend this Turkey serving to start off your appetite for the upcoming blockbuster movie season! Yeeeeehaaaaaa   
Yeay! Yeay!!! Thank you Churp Churp!!!
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Carrie Review

Got blood?

Carrie Review – I was not born when the original Carrie was out but I remember the name Sissy Spacek because she became a household name playing this ‘iconic’ (if you can call it that) character. Back then people didn’t quite understand the meaning of telekinesis. Fast forward few X-men movie generations later, I bet some of us wish we had such power to ‘kenakan’ those who hurt us one way or the other. Betul tak? Heck, I would be lying if I said didn’t want such ‘power’, not to abuse but to use it once in a while for ‘good cause’. Eehehehe
Carrie circa 1976 & Carrie in 2013
If you have not watched the cult classic, the story is about Carrie (ChloĆ« Grace Moretz) who was born as a result of a rape incident. Her over religious mother, Margaret (Julianne Moore) tries her best to protect her daughter from the ‘evil’ around the world. This makes Carrie the odd one out at her school and she gets picked and pushed by her classmates. Even a simple incident like getting period for the first time becomes a traumatising experience for Carrie. Little by little Carrie realises she has a ‘special’ ability to make things move, break glasses and other ‘power’. All the mistreatment culminates during the prom dinner when Carrie gets invited by the school’s hot shot and chosen as the Prom Queen only to be humiliated in front of the whole school. Carrie unleashes her full force and those who bullied her gets the wrath and some of them meet their ending in a painful way possible.    
Somebody point her to the shower please...
Having watched ChloĆ« playing the IT girl on Kick Ass before, I find it hard to associate her in such a weak role. I was looking forward for ‘Carrie’ to kick ass of those who bullied her and when the moment came it was ‘satisfying’. Amek ko! Padan muka asyik buli orang je. Ingat orang tak rasa sakit hati ke bongok?! Not that I condone such act but kalau dah selalu kena, sometime, you have to let the people taste their own medicine, betul tak? As for Julianne Moore, I can’t imagine what would I do if I had such mother, dah lama sewel kot! Nasib ler my mom is nothing like Margaret, even though we do kinda drive each other off the wall once in a while. The rest of the cast, especially the ‘kurang ajar’ classmates, they deserve all the vengeance for doing nothing while Carrie had endure so much abuse.
One remake is enough I think
This re-make will most prolly fade away after the credit role ends but still a decent watch with some update technology gadgets added in to make it more current. I’m glad I didn’t have to face such situation during my schooling years. It has a good message not to push people to their limit, with or without power. Each of us have our own story and have to learn to respect each other. If you come across anybody being a victim, don’t just stand and watch but do something to help. Even a little help would mean a lot. Let’s hope Carrie will only exist in the movie and not real life.  

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Thor 2 : The Dark World Review

Thor is back with his miu miu!

Thor 2 : The Dark World Review – After avenging the Earth from the bad guys in Avengers, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is back to his Asgard while Loki (Tom Hiddleston) gets prisoned for treason. Thor is in line to take the throne from Odin (Anthony Hopkins) but Thor’s heart is set on Jane Forster (Natalie Portman). Jane accidently stumbles upon an ancient destructive force that used to belong to Dark Elves whom was defeated by Odin’s father, King Bor. Upon noticing that Heimdall (Idris Elba) can’t ‘detect’ Jane, Thor travels to Earth and brings back Jane to Asgard to protect her from Malekith which in turn almost destroyed Asgard. With help of Loki, Thor leaves his homeland to travel all over the universe so that the Dark Elves don’t return and plunge the Universe into darkness (Hence the title The Dark World).
Reminds me of a scary looking Tele-tubbies! Kan? 
After the awesomeness of earlier Thor, Captain America and Avengers, I was looking forward to be blown away by the sequel. Unfortunately I was kinda disappointed. There were loads of blow ups, wits and special effects but I was not sold. It felt like another one of those big budget movies given freedom to burn the money instead of using it for a good purpose. The dialogues were lame at times. Except for Loki who were mischievous when he uttered his words. Some scenes were downright cheesy, bad cheese mind you.
Ready for Thor 3?
Character wise, Chris was macho was Thor no less, Tom stole the scenes he was in. Natalie got to show her scientist part while the rest of the cast did well for their pay grade. Don’t expect any Oscar nomination, that’s for sure. The special effect with the ‘miu miu’ flying from one realm to another realm along with the cars, fighter jets gets kinda boring after some time. Overall…you can notice I’m not impressed at all.
Mr & Mrs. Thor in the 3 Thor perhaps?
Bring on Chris Evans, Captain America, Winter Soldier to revive my excitement towards the Avengers please because, I’m not a fan Iroman either. Yup, sue me! I prefer boyish looking Chris E over macho Chris H! Don’t even get me started about Robert Downy Jr. Bluergh…watch it if you are hardcore fan of Marvel (Avengers to be specific) comics or else you are not missing much. Heck, even the two ‘extra’ scenes after end credit is not much to shout at. Yawn.