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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Free Birds Review

No ordinary birds of feathers they are!

Free Birds Review – Think your life is hard? Trying being a Turkey during Thanksgiving season and you will sigh in relief that you are a human and not a juicy bird instead. Nasib baik I don’t eat Turkey so I didn’t feel guilty watching what this birds had to endure every time humans have the urge to roast them, but then again I love my chicken so…errr….never mind…better not delve into that. Hehehe
Reggie, Ranger & Jenny on the screen yo!
It’s about Reggie (Owen Wilson) who is the odd one out of the flock and gets new lease of life when the President’s cute daughter rescues and declares Reggie as the pardoned turkey. He gets to ride the Air Force One helicopter and transferred to Camp David. Upon arrival, all Reggie does is eat pizza and watch his favourite tele-novela. His comfy life however is short lived when he gets ‘turkey-napped’ by even ‘odd-er’ Jake (Woody Harrelson) who wants to travel back in time to change course of history. Together they head the ‘Turkeys Liberation Front’ to rid Turkeys from the menu based on the ‘Great Turkey’s message from the future. Both of them managed to time travel by ‘high-jacking’ time machine called S.T.E.V.E. (voiced by George Takei of Star Trek fame!)  from the government lab. They arrive just few days before the first Thanksgiving is about to the celebrated and bumps into Ranger (Jimmy Hayward) and his sister Jenny (Amy Poehler). The siblings rescues them from being hunted by Standish (Colm Meaney) and brought to the hut where the whole flock of turkeys are hiding from being served as main dish. Reggie and Jake learn about teamwork from their counterparts and together defend for their survival.
Run Turkey Run!!!
After hitting big as voice the of Lightning McQueen in ‘Cars’ franchise, Owen Wilson once again is a delight to ‘hear’ as he provides his cheeky voice to Reggie. You will smirk when he does his ‘Duh!’ lines. My favourite voice-over’er of cause is Woddy Harrelson as Ranger. There’s something about this quirky man that I’ve loved since his ‘Cheers’ days. I’m so happy that he is back on the big screen with awesome line ups such as ‘Now You See Me’ and soon-to-be-out ‘The Hunger Games : Catching Fire’! Another favourite is Amy Poehler as Jenny, she is like the quirky female version of Woody. The rest of the ‘turkey’s’ and humans are spot on voiced by so many talented people.
Ranger with them young ones!
Since the school holidays are just around the corner, Free Birds is perfect to take your kids to and start off their movie season. The vibrant colours, funny and adorable characters will keep the young ones and young-at-heart entertained for one and half hours. There’s even a message at the end of the movie regarding the importance of celebrating Thanksgiving Day sans Turkey on the menu. Witty lines and comical scenes will get you laughing and never look at a Turkey the same way again. Leave your synical adult logic out the cinema and witness how a flock of feathered fellas kick human’s gluten! Kekeke… I highly recommend this Turkey serving to start off your appetite for the upcoming blockbuster movie season! Yeeeeehaaaaaa   
Yeay! Yeay!!! Thank you Churp Churp!!!
P/s - Thank you Churp Churp for the tickets and cute bag!!! 

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