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Monday, 31 March 2014

Bye-bye Bubbly Babe

When I first saw a new magazine on the newsstand called hot with Angelina Jolie on the cover…I was like….ler…muka pompuan ni lagi! Dah tade orang lain le nak letak on the cover…bosan dy looking at her face on cover of every other magazine so I opt not to buy it. The second issue however caught my eye…which is kinda ironic because for the life of me, I can’t remember who was on the cover. Thought hard as I could but…nope…memang can’t recall. Screw the cover because I was hooked on the magazine ever since. I’ve never missed a single issue ever since. To be honest, sometimes, I don’t even read page to page but I will feel something amiss if I don’t get my hands on the latest issue.
Cray cray hot magazine crew! 
What turned out to be awesome was when I finally met the Editor for the magazine. She was like a breath of fresh air. You see…I’m the type of monkey who can’t sit still while attending events. I will somehow make at least one new friend at every event but unfortunately, this ‘new friend’ I make will sometimes make dono of me when he/she see me at another event barely few weeks later. There I will be wondering if I said/did something wrong (I tend to do that!) when it’s actually their own ego ness that prevent them from talking to me. This bubbly girl however has never done such thing to me. She will say the funniest thing whenever we bump into each other and we will burst out laughing in the middle of the crowd without caring what other people think. We would hug each other till people stare and make up stories in their head. Apa kitaorang kisah? We don’t get to meet each other that often but when we do…it will turn into moment of mini havoc!
Always with a smiling face!
I will curse her for taking pictures with my favourite artist while she would go… “Hey…but you also always win what?….so fair and square lar babe”. I’m not really fond of being called babe but she makes it sound so special I didn’t mind…in fact I miss it. I can’t recall the first time we met but I know we simply clicked on the spot. From then on, it would be an awesome surprise bumping into each other at events. Few people even asked if we were childhood friends  or if we worked together. I wish we did. Would have been fun kan?

Slight confession…despite being a magazine reader, I have never written in to a magazine. Not till after I went to States for the American Music Awards in 2007 and snapped a picture with Bone Thugs N Harmony. I decided to share my experience with the magazine readers about dreams coming true. It was picked as Letter of Week! 
Gangsta Mani with Bone Thugs N Harmony! 
Say whertttttttttttt!!! Fuhyoooo!!! I was over the moon when I saw my monkey face on my favourite magazine! Ehehehehe…that spurred my spirit and I wrote in one more time when I found out Kelly Clarkson was coming over. Guess what? Once again kena pilih jadi letter of the week. Hmm…NICE!!!
2nd coming.....
The awesomeness of meeting her became amazing when I won trip of the lifetime to attend the 2009 Grammy Awards. While waiting to board the plane, there she was! Lil’ Miss bubbly was also on her away to Los Angeles to cover the event. Damn! I know I won but I wish I was covering the event as well. Little did I know it was a tough job. Ingat senang ke nak cover Music’s Biggest Night? Our friendship developed further after the trip as I would always look forward to seeing her here and there. We never fail to give each other the warm hug while teasing each other moments later. Outsiders would think we have gone mad!

This missy introduced me to quite a number of people in the industry. Our usual event to meet would be during the movie preview’s I won from the magazine. I’ve lost count how many previews I’ve been to. I remember there was this one time, my partner kantoi last minute and I had to watch the movie on my own and post it on FB and she commented, “Don’t ever do that again…you are not alone. Lain kali come sit me ok”. 
Nuts about hot! 
The next time we saw each other at another screening, we would crack a joke going…. “Oi….you stalking me izit women?” There were times when I would beratur quietly to collect my tickets while the wannabes around me would make all kinda of noise with their fake accent going on and on about their holiday in UK, US or some fancy mancy place. She will put them at their place when all of a sudden by going…. “You know who she is? She went to the Grammies with me ok. Grammies!” I would just plaster a smirk on my face tapi dalam hati… “FUCK YEAH! Ko ingat ko hipster sangat lak ek? Amek ko!” Kekekeke…thanks for the boost of ego babe! J
Makan Mei Ann makannnnnnnnn
Among all the people I’ve met in my life she is/was one of the most genuine person who truly means what she says. Good, bad, rude or crude. She could stand my antics and never had qualms about being seen together with me. She never fails to introduce me to her friends and does it so wonderfully. Secretly I wish I could lepak with her even more but the short time we spend would make up for it. The longer version would be when I get to attend the magazine’s fun and crazy anniversary events. First thing that comes out of her mouth would be “This is Kanmani. The magazine’s loyal reader”. Cewah…macam dapat certification pulak! Thanks babe! Thank you so much and guess what? You are my favourite Editor! I love your writing, your wit, your humor, your warmth! I love you.
Rockstar she was! 
Now imagine my shock when I just switched off my house light for Earth hour and check my FB only to see Reta’s posting Mei Ann’s picture. I’ve seen these girls do it a lot and I was just about to comment when I notice the hashtag #RIPMeiAnn. WHAT THE FUCK??? IS THIS A JOKE??? Not from Reta! She would not joke about this! I clicked on Mei Ann’s FB page….more postings saying RIP! NOOOOO WAY WEY! NO FUCKING WAY!!! Tears started rolling down my cheeks. My heart screamed! My vision got blurred. I collapsed on my bed…SAY IT ISN’T SO! IT CAN’T BE! IT SHOULDN’T BE! HOW COULD THIS BE?
one of my fav profile picture of Mei Ann! Smiling even underwater! :) 
I tried to call Reta and send her a text message to verify the news. I hoped it was just a cruel joke and my babe was doing fine. I FB messaged Gobi…he replied….and confirmed my worst fear. It was not an early April Fool’s joke. She is gone. Really gone. That cheerful, animated, lively babe I know is gone. Once again I lost my composure. Both Reta and Gobi gave information about her wake and upcoming funeral….oh my God….wake and funeral? What fucking cruelty is this? This girl had so much more things left to do but instead she was snatched away from us? What is the bloody hurry God? Why did You get so greedy? There are loads more joke and sarcastic remarks we wanted to exchange between us. What am I supposed to do now? Mourn her loss? WHAT THE FUCK WEY? I was not sure if I was sad or plain angry but I soooooo wanted to punch someone while crying my eyes out. I couldn’t stop my tears. The news slowly started to sink in along with my sinking heart. I cried myself to sleep that night.  

The next morning I was off for Captain America: The Winter Soldier preview with my friends. I was trying my best not to breakdown during the movie knowing it was last movie she watched. After the film my mind started to go serabut, my friends were trying get my mind off the news. They helped me to drive to Gui Yan Funeral Parlour to pay my last respect. On the way there I wanted to jump out of the car. It was one of the longest ride ever but when we reached I felt numb. I saw Raasi, making her way out, said hi to her and proceed to enter the Parlour. I’ve never attended a Chinese custom wake so I had no idea what I was going to face. An aunty greeted me and I recognise one of Mei Ann’s sister as I’ve seen her during one of the movie screening. She knew me right away, just like Mei Ann, she hugged me. I conveyed my condolences and the aunty took me closer to the casket. I asked if she was Mei Ann’s aunty. She smiled and replied, “I’m her mother dear”, Murugaaaaaa….how silly of me! I strait away hugged her and started to cry. ‘I’m sorry for your loss Aunty. You had a wonderful daughter. She was a great person’. Every time I talked in past tense, my heart ached. Aunty asked if I wanted to say hi…or actually bye to Mei Ann…now I see where Mei Ann got her sense of humour.
There I stood. Mind went blank. I have never seen her like this. I remember how I felt when I saw my uncle in the same position almost a year ago. I wanted to do the same thing I wanted to do to my uncle. Just yell… “Oi wake up ler! Let’s crack a joke or two! What are you doing inside there?” but nothing happened. She was there….she is gone….my babe….gone…just given 32 short years! What kinda punishment is this? I lit up a Chinese praying stick or something. Said my prayers and bid farewell to my favourite Editor. Mei Ann’s mother approached me again and I just went numb and started crying again. She consoled me. Stupid Mani! You should be consoling her not the other way around! We talked for a while and I sat and chat with her sisters. Her elder sister’s voice sounded so much like Mei Ann’s. I joked with her younger sister. I’ve seen them many times before and I regret it took me this kinda circumstances to finally have a chat with them. I saw few familiar faces, can see they are shocked just as I was. Few people came to join us on our table and just like how Mei Ann used to do it, she sister introduced me. “She went to the Grammy with Ann”. I just smiled. I wish we were still at the Grammies instead of the current situation. How I wish I could turn back time.
....proud mama with the 200th issue cake! 
meeting her match in She lah! 
...appreciated for her hard work 
rewarded for her amazing job
thank you know......thank you...thank you...
After all is said and done. I know I can’t blame anybody or anything for what has happened. Just like how shaken I was when I lost my Granma, my Uncle and my Boboy. I need to go on living my life with memories of these great people/pet that graced my life. I may not get to see them anymore but I will fondly remember how each and every one of them have touched my life and hopefully I did the same for them too. Every beginning has an ending, we may not like the way it ends but that’s what life is all about. Rest in peace and may/till we meet again. Thank you for entering my life and make me value my life.

I’m sure the haven is lucky to have you just as I was when I got to know you my babe. Bye bye bubbly babe…..for now.  
....gone but not forgotten. 
Rest in Peace....., love and be merry babe! 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier review

The Captain is back yo! 
Captain America: The Winter Soldier review – Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Hulk, Black Widow and Ironman. This is the list of Avengers according to my preference of the cast. If possible I didn’t want to include Ironman because I don’t like Robert Downey Jr. (bite me!). I rather have Loki instead (actually more like Tom Hiddleston but I know of a certain person who won’t hesitate to murder me to get close to Tom!) To be honest, I’m a bit confused with the whole Captain America, The Avengers, Thor, Ironman movies timeline because let’s face it…they keep going back and forth with the whole franchise, I feel like I’m stuck in the 80’s (or was it 90’s?) show called Quantum Leap! We all know Loki stole the thunder-pun intended from Thor in The Dark World…will the same fate hit Captain America?
Name the character.....if you can
The story…err…if you were to call there was one…is about Captain America (hereinafter referred to as CA sebab malas nak tulis Captain America every single time!) adjusting the new world order after being frozen for 50 over years. CA (Chris Evans) is part of S.H.I.E.L.D. (go google for the full meaning sebab saya malas again) and works with Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) to keep America save from its enemy, foreign or domestic). CA gets to work with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) on a mission and discover that it was a cover up for a larger plot! (jeng jeng jeng….didn’t see that one coming now didcha?) Soon enough things start unravel itself and it’s up to CA (who else) to save the World (by that I mean America in specific!). CA gets help from a new friend, Falcon (Anthony Mackie) but not before facing a new nemesis, the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), so will CA manage to overthrow his foe or admit defeat once he finds out who The Winter Soldier actually is? Hey…hang on….so there is a story after all…hehehe
Don't mess with Captain America and his 'shield'! Ehem 

Chris Evans…I’m not sure if it’s just me or this man boy cutie pie seems to have gone from cute and handsome till I wanna get some (*wink wink) in this sequel. All he had to do was appear on screen and my heart skips a beat…dey Chris…why you so good looking one???...that was until The Winter Soldier came bursting with his frizzy hair and mechanical hand. Eh…hang on…who is this rugged dude? Don’t I know you from somewhere?...Sebastian Stan…oooo….another pretty pie from the movie The Covenant….yup….remember the baddie? Good to see you again and can’t wait to see you again. Screw the acting or whatever this two perfect man specimen does in the movie. All I wanna see is these drool worthy faces/body on the big screen while I have naughty thoughts later.  Don’t worry guys…despite my lack of interest towards Scarlett, I can guarantee you that she contributes equally for you to cuci mata kao-kao with her perfect hair sans her not being able to wear a bikini. (Just use your imagination for that part lor!)  Also look out for Kate/Agent 13 (Emily VanCamp) and Peggy Carter ( Hayley Atwell) for extra eye candy! I’m glad that Samuel L Jackson isn’t just the only black man in the movie anymore with the inclusion of Anthony Mackie. He is way more likeable than Samuel. Another addition is Robert Redford who provides the twist to this flick. Generally each of them had their specific role well written for them, be it major or small part. The CGI were however kinda overwhelming for me here and there but then what do you expect from a blockbuster movie?
I have always wanted to fill the cinema with just my friend to catch a movie and guess what? It happened finally for this movie. My friend won a contest and we got the whole hall for ourselves (with complimentary popcorn and drink some more!). This Romeo celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday while having his friends and family around and it was simply awesome. There was a small cake cutting ceremony and get-together of friends…Cewah…tetiba rasa macam The Avengers punya gathering pulak dah. Thanks a lot for this amazing experience Hans and God bless the both of you. Perhaps can do the same for your wedding ey dude? *Note to self – bring present for the couple next time! 
Captain Hans and his girlfriend!
Check out the video

Movie watching more fun when you have your friends and family around! :)

P/s - on a sad note I lost a dear friend of mine just a day before the screening and couldn't help but think of her during this movie because it was the last film she saw before she left us in shock. I went to her wake after the screening and know she is in a better place and she will never leave from my heart. #RIPMEIANN. :( 
Rest in Peace #TVAddict. 
One of her Final FB posting

What turned out to be her second article on MSN and her final legacy....

You will live in the movie, music and tv show babe. Take care till we meet again. 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Divergent Review divert or not to divert....
Divergent Review – When I saw the poster for this movie, I thought….oh no….not another star-crossed-rebel-teenage-adult-love flick. We already had Twilight saga (thank God it stopped at 3 books), The Host (alien gone softie), The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones (even cheesier than Twilight) and The Hunger Games (this I like!) and now this? I even forgo preview tickets only to find out later that it was not such a bad watch. I also got to know that it was based on best seller and there’s a total of 6 books altogether under this franchise. Another intriguing catch was the Producer managed to get Kate Winslet to play not her usual pleasant role…..hmm….interesting….ok. Berkorban duit sikit lah tengok gambar ni with my crazy nut movie buddy.
....can you say CASH MACHINE??? 
Just like The Hunger Games, the setting was post war scene with focus on Windy City, Chicago! The people in charge have decided to separate societies according to faction namely Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave) and Erudite (the intelligent) so ‘things’ will remain ‘in order’. Those who don’t belong to any faction are known as faction less (duh!) and then there are those who don’t fit into any of the faction known as Divergent. They are feared by Erudite as they worry Divergent will interrupt the ‘faction chain’. In comes Beatrice "Tris" Prior (Shailene Woodley), born as an Abnegation but somehow doesn’t carry the selfless ‘value’. Her chance to switch faction comes when she reaches 16 years old and had to take an exam to determine which group she belongs to. The test however reveals something else and she finally ends up with Dauntless. She had to go thru rigorous training to become an official member. Tris had to learn to adapt to her new living environment fast and with the help of Tobias ‘Four’ (Theo James) manage to survive. Both of them develop chemistry and discover a bigger scheme brewing for a hostile take-over. Will Tris and Four able to stop plot in time before innocent lives are lost? survive Dauntless....
Except for Kate Winslet, Ashley Judd, Maggie Q and Zoe Kravitz, the main cast are not actually big names but my guess is they will be once the Divergent fever diverts the teeny boppers and those alike to this franchise. Despite being fairly un-known, main cast consisting of Shailene Woodley did a decent job playing a confused girl trying to fit in while Theo was just drool-worthy no matter what he did. Add Jai (with Macklemore kinda haircut) to the mix and it was like…yum yum yummy. The well-known actors however were reduced into playing supporting part which was just enough to highlight their talent. Ashley was a convincing mother, Maggie was….well…she was in the movie. While Kate was hot as women hungry for power! Her strong character simply made it hard for me to hate her. I love you Kate! I love you long long time! The set and mood for the movie was captured appropriately with minimal special effects. Stunt job was not bad too with the Dauntless hopping and jumping here and there.

....I would 'eye' this cutie too!!! #yummy! 
....nak join Dauntless gak for this hensem man! #drool
From the reaction of the movie goers, they seemed like they enjoyed themselves. Heck, to be honest so did my friend and I. There were some annoying moments here and there but we were most bumped when an important scene were snipped off.  The cinema also sighed in agreement! Haiyaaaaa!!! Apa la lu!!! Overall it was a reasonable watch not counting the running time of almost 2 hours and 20 minutes. It did felt kinda draggy at some parts but you will forget/forgive it once you see Theo/Jai. Those two man….Jacob and Edward who??? Hehehe….go catch it if you can while I wait for the sequel to come out soon.  

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Take Me to Dinner Review

What's for dinner dey?
Take Me to Dinner Review – After the awesomeness that was Kolompu, Kami Histeria and The Journey, I convinced myself to watch another local picture. Plus it starred Uncle Patrick and Susan Lankester. Both of whom I ‘listened’ and ‘watch’ growing up. I was glad these two finally combined force to be in a film. I always wondered how it would feel to go out on dinner with them so let’s see if my imagination tallies with the movie…
....your order JD? Jim? Johnny? 
The story is about a burned out hit man, Edward (Patrick Teoh) final gathering with his buddies before he ‘leaves’ them for good. It starts with Edward trying to mend broken ties with his daughter Sarah. He does not explain clearly what he did and he is going do to his daughter. I was left puzzled just like the daughter with this scene which was not explained what the purpose is for. Fast forward to the scene at a bar where Edward ‘meets’ Jennifer (Susan Lankester) and tries his luck to ‘hit’ on her. His old school style works its charm and they start to go out. Their relationship blossoms as they start to see each other more often. Not bad Edward! Not bad at all! Hehehe! Skip scene to the ‘dinner’ where the ‘old gang’ talk cock about silly stupid things which was the big annoying portion of this movie. What is the purpose wey? There is no flashback scene about the previous ‘job’ done by Edward or his posies. All they did what smoke, drink, cuss and diss. Bluergh…what the heck is this wey? If not for the scenes between Edward and Jennifer, the whole damn movie would like a snooze fest! How long will they continue this dinner? Till supper? Till the next day breakfast? Zzzzzzz...sorry…I dozed off a bit there…
...just shoot me and get it over with pleaseeee.....
As I mentioned earlier, I was excited when I found out two of my idols coming together in one movie till I dragged my friend to accompany me to watch. Turned out they were the only saving grace for this….movie? Was it a movie? I don’t know…Uncle Patrick was charming when he needed to be but even those wanes as the show progress. Susan pulak…was still at her best. Giving the best she could with her limited scene. The rest of the cast….hmm…I don’t even want to bother to mention them. Let’s just say…there was a gay, lady chaser, an old cow and another prop. These four with their weird accent and pointless background story just add insult to the injury. The mood was sombre, the camera work were shoddy, the music….you get the drift right?

..............................smoke, talk, cuss, diss.......
I honestly feel like I was cheated into watching this picture. Just when I was trying to convince myself to support local film, this dud lands itself on the screen. Despite its limited screen time at the cinema, I feel like it should have gone straight to the small screen instead. In fact, here is an even nastier thought…the budget used to produce this could have been spent for some other more useful purpose. I’m not being mean but this is just my view. Those who know me, know I take my movie experience seriously and Take Me Out for Dinner almost killed my buzz and support for local flick save for my faith in Uncle Patrick and Miss Lankester. 
....should have done another season of 2 + 1 instead of this Maam... 

....worry not....I still love you Uncle Patrick!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mr Peabody & Sherman Review

History comes to life!!! 
Mr Peabody & Sherman Review – I thought The Lego Movie took the cake for this year’s best animation but after ‘travelling thru time’ with Mr Peabody & Sherman; I would like to amend my earlier statement. This movie is one heck of a feel good film that will get you smiling from ear to ear. Another confession I made earlier was my lack of love for history but after this fun-venture-flick, I feel like picking up a few history books and plant my nose inside it. Now let’s see if you would dig this animation as much as I did.
Here we go.....
Very often we ‘see’ people adopting dog to be their pets but the table is turned around when World’s smartest dog, Mr Peabody (Ty Burrell) stumbles upon Sherman (Max Charles) and adopts him. Despite being provided everything, Sherman, the human boy was still kinda ‘lembab’. Once the time comes, Sherman goes to human school and gets into trouble with a girl, Penny (Ariel Winter) on the first day. In comes ‘Jabatan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak’s’, Miss Grunion (Allison Janney) to take Sherman away from Mr Peabody. In order to set things right, Mr Peabody invites Penny and her parents, Paul and Patty Peterson (voiced by Stephen Colbert and Leslie Mann respectively) over to their house. While ‘Mr Peabuddy’ was entertaining the grown-ups, Sherman tries to befriend Penny and bring her to see Mr Peabody’s greatest invention, the WABAC machine. Persuaded by Penny, Sherman activates the machine and hence begins their adventure travelling back and forth to and from French Revolution, ancient Egypt, Trojan War and some of other important time in history. The fun exploration somehow messes with the current space and time continuum thingy magigy causing some major ripple in some history events. Will Mr Peabody and Sherman able to ‘restore’ things as they were or change the cause of history? Jeng jeng jeng….
...walk like the Egyptian
Unlike The Lego Movie, most of the voice cast for this movie are not so well known. Their voice however matched nicely to their corresponding roles. There were some recognisable voices, such as Allison Janney and Leslie Mann yet their lesser known cast gave their best. The best part about the movie was of coz ‘meeting the historical figures in person’ and getting first account of what really went down in the past. From the famous Leonardo’s trying-to-capture Mona Lisa’s smile to Marie Antoinette’s obsession with cakes to King Tut’s wedding plan. Everything just felt awesome! Add that with Mr Peabody’s pun-jokes and colourful capture of the timeline scenes. I wish I could have learned world history thru this way.   
Mona Lisaaaaaaa.....
I was right to be excited when I saw the trailer for this movie. Despite it being an animation feature, there is a lot of ‘lessons’ to be learned from it. ‘Deep regard’ for each other although being a different species. Absorb knowledge about history in a fun and enjoyable way. Having faith in one’s ability. Yup….all that and more are served in this one entertaining vibrant show. Since the school holiday is just around the corner. Parents and kids alike, please get your butt over to the cinema to journey across timeline with Mr Peababa…eh… Mr Peabody and Sherman while having fun trying to spot the important peoples who shaped our word’s history! 
Movie and makan! Me likey! :) 
P/s- Thank you Churp2 for the preview tickets and special appreciation also to NuffnangMY for the extra passes! 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Labor Day Review

No Leo nevermind, got Josh oso can lar
Labor Day Review – I love Kate Winslet, not so much on Titanic but since then she have blossomed into a beautiful leading lady. I look forward to her movies and this was one of it after her Oscar winning performance in The Reader. Josh Brolin pulak not so much after the disaster that was Men in Black 3. As for the director, Jason Reitman, I liked his Up in Air but not Juno. Let’s see if this threesome combo worked or not.
...not your usual grocery shopping this was....
Adele (Kate Winslet) is a single mom raising her son, Henry (Gattlin Griffith) after her husband ditches her to marry his secretary. Upon the abandonment, Adele suffers from serious depression. She even have hard time to go to the grocery and one fine day gets caught up by escaped-from-prison, Frank (Josh Brolin) who seeks shelter at their home. What was meant to be a one night refuge develops into a ‘relationship’. Frank turns out to be quite helpful around the house, making meals, fixing up the car and other ‘manly stuff’. Soon enough Adele ‘falls’ for Frank and plan to their getaway to start life over at a new place. With the cops hot on the heels to catch Frank will they be able to fulfil their dream?
Let's 'play' a game! 
As I mentioned earlier my draw towards this movie was Kate and I’m glad to say she didn’t disappoint me. She was simply brilliant at being a vulnerable and a person longing for love. As cited in the movie, she was in love with the idea of being in love. Adele background story tells the story how a bubbly person became such a train wreck. You can observe her transformation from being a happily married woman to depressed lady into somebody who falls in love all over a stranger. Josh on the other hand fit the role as broad man looking for ‘raise’ his own family despite being on the wrong side of the law. The ‘son’, Henry - also was a well-played role by Gattlin Griffith having to protect his mother while noticing the changes in his mother. These three main casts were enough to get the story going. The music for the movie did a lot of favour capturing moments can’t describe by words and set the right mood.

Preview tickets courtesy of hot magazine
All  the praises aside, I did somehow feel this movie was kinda too draggy at some part and I dozed off during few scenes. The thing that kept me awake was few idiotic audience who couldn’t keep their pie hole shut. There was Malay translation to an overly excited reaction from a moron sitting in front of me. Some idiots are not designed to watch movie at the cinema but what to do. Such is life, just like the movie, some a good, some and bad, some are so so as was this movie.  
.....jeng jeng jeng....after
P/s - Not just a typical preview, this time it was also A Ladies Day out event and check out the fun I had getting all dolled up against my will. It was jointly organised by Cathay Malaysia
Reward for our effort
Everybody is a winner!!! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii