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Monday, 10 March 2014

3 Days to Kill review

Mr. Bodyguard is back on the big screen! 
3 Days to Kill review – Kevin Costner is back yo! I gotta admit he is not really my favourite actor (who can forget the disaster that was Waterworld!) but nobody should forget that he also won an Oscar for ‘Dances with Wolves’ (credit should be given when the credit is due right?). Kevin has so far appeared in 3 movies recently, as Clark Kent’s Dad in Man of Steel, as Harper in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and this latest flick which is the better one of all 3 in my opinion.  Now let’s have a read why I liked him better in this flick.
I second the review. 
Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner) is a dedicated CIA agent. His job took too much of his time so he’s been neglecting his family consisting of wife, Christine Renner (Connie Nielsen) and daughter Zoey Renner (Hailee Steinfeld). During one of his mission, he finds out that he’s got cancer and decides to return to Paris and mend things while spend his remaining days with his family. Little did he know that he have to ‘finish’ one last mission before he can hang his badge forever. In comes Vivi (Amber Heard) with her multiple wings offering Ethan an experimental drug to overcome the cancer in exchange to catch a criminal called Wolf. With his family situation hanging by the thread coupled with his deteriorating health, will Ethan succeed in his final mission or lose everything he cares about?   
Swapping car rides Mr. McG style! 
After two ‘come back’ movies, Man of Steel and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, I’m glad the third outing was much better for Mr Costner. It was heart-warming to watch him trying to connect with his teenage daughter and make up for lost time. All while trying to catch a crook and stay alive long enough to complete his mission. Kevin portrayed enough passion as a father and loyal agent. Hailee was a perfect annoying adolescent who makes everything hard. From her hair emergency to getting harassed in the club to learning to ride a bike. The international woman of mystery in this movie, Amber Heard…damn that is one hot chick yo! She was ‘deadly’ in her own ways which made me envy of Johnny Depp for being her fiancé! The rest of the cast and story just fell nicely into places. Starting with the chase for the bad guy, getting in touch with the accountant, dealing with juvenile issue and bringing the family together. Mr. ‘Charlie’s Angel’ Director, McG simply shined with his new effort.

I 'heard' me! Amber is hot hot hot! 
I saw the movie listed but since I didn’t score any preview tickets, I opt to not watch it. Not until my friend suggested catching it since we have already watched every other movies in the list. Not a bad decision I might say. I went in with no expectation and came out after the movie satisfied. Some if not quite a number of the scenes in the movie ‘touched’ me in more ways I anticipated. Especially the bonding moments between Ethan and Zoey. If you are having trouble to connect with your busy Dad, clear both your schedule and watch this together. I wish I could catch with my Dad…sigh. 

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