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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Take Me to Dinner Review

What's for dinner dey?
Take Me to Dinner Review – After the awesomeness that was Kolompu, Kami Histeria and The Journey, I convinced myself to watch another local picture. Plus it starred Uncle Patrick and Susan Lankester. Both of whom I ‘listened’ and ‘watch’ growing up. I was glad these two finally combined force to be in a film. I always wondered how it would feel to go out on dinner with them so let’s see if my imagination tallies with the movie…
....your order JD? Jim? Johnny? 
The story is about a burned out hit man, Edward (Patrick Teoh) final gathering with his buddies before he ‘leaves’ them for good. It starts with Edward trying to mend broken ties with his daughter Sarah. He does not explain clearly what he did and he is going do to his daughter. I was left puzzled just like the daughter with this scene which was not explained what the purpose is for. Fast forward to the scene at a bar where Edward ‘meets’ Jennifer (Susan Lankester) and tries his luck to ‘hit’ on her. His old school style works its charm and they start to go out. Their relationship blossoms as they start to see each other more often. Not bad Edward! Not bad at all! Hehehe! Skip scene to the ‘dinner’ where the ‘old gang’ talk cock about silly stupid things which was the big annoying portion of this movie. What is the purpose wey? There is no flashback scene about the previous ‘job’ done by Edward or his posies. All they did what smoke, drink, cuss and diss. Bluergh…what the heck is this wey? If not for the scenes between Edward and Jennifer, the whole damn movie would like a snooze fest! How long will they continue this dinner? Till supper? Till the next day breakfast? Zzzzzzz...sorry…I dozed off a bit there…
...just shoot me and get it over with pleaseeee.....
As I mentioned earlier, I was excited when I found out two of my idols coming together in one movie till I dragged my friend to accompany me to watch. Turned out they were the only saving grace for this….movie? Was it a movie? I don’t know…Uncle Patrick was charming when he needed to be but even those wanes as the show progress. Susan pulak…was still at her best. Giving the best she could with her limited scene. The rest of the cast….hmm…I don’t even want to bother to mention them. Let’s just say…there was a gay, lady chaser, an old cow and another prop. These four with their weird accent and pointless background story just add insult to the injury. The mood was sombre, the camera work were shoddy, the music….you get the drift right?

..............................smoke, talk, cuss, diss.......
I honestly feel like I was cheated into watching this picture. Just when I was trying to convince myself to support local film, this dud lands itself on the screen. Despite its limited screen time at the cinema, I feel like it should have gone straight to the small screen instead. In fact, here is an even nastier thought…the budget used to produce this could have been spent for some other more useful purpose. I’m not being mean but this is just my view. Those who know me, know I take my movie experience seriously and Take Me Out for Dinner almost killed my buzz and support for local flick save for my faith in Uncle Patrick and Miss Lankester. 
....should have done another season of 2 + 1 instead of this Maam... 

....worry not....I still love you Uncle Patrick!

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