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Monday, 17 March 2014

Labor Day Review

No Leo nevermind, got Josh oso can lar
Labor Day Review – I love Kate Winslet, not so much on Titanic but since then she have blossomed into a beautiful leading lady. I look forward to her movies and this was one of it after her Oscar winning performance in The Reader. Josh Brolin pulak not so much after the disaster that was Men in Black 3. As for the director, Jason Reitman, I liked his Up in Air but not Juno. Let’s see if this threesome combo worked or not.
...not your usual grocery shopping this was....
Adele (Kate Winslet) is a single mom raising her son, Henry (Gattlin Griffith) after her husband ditches her to marry his secretary. Upon the abandonment, Adele suffers from serious depression. She even have hard time to go to the grocery and one fine day gets caught up by escaped-from-prison, Frank (Josh Brolin) who seeks shelter at their home. What was meant to be a one night refuge develops into a ‘relationship’. Frank turns out to be quite helpful around the house, making meals, fixing up the car and other ‘manly stuff’. Soon enough Adele ‘falls’ for Frank and plan to their getaway to start life over at a new place. With the cops hot on the heels to catch Frank will they be able to fulfil their dream?
Let's 'play' a game! 
As I mentioned earlier my draw towards this movie was Kate and I’m glad to say she didn’t disappoint me. She was simply brilliant at being a vulnerable and a person longing for love. As cited in the movie, she was in love with the idea of being in love. Adele background story tells the story how a bubbly person became such a train wreck. You can observe her transformation from being a happily married woman to depressed lady into somebody who falls in love all over a stranger. Josh on the other hand fit the role as broad man looking for ‘raise’ his own family despite being on the wrong side of the law. The ‘son’, Henry - also was a well-played role by Gattlin Griffith having to protect his mother while noticing the changes in his mother. These three main casts were enough to get the story going. The music for the movie did a lot of favour capturing moments can’t describe by words and set the right mood.

Preview tickets courtesy of hot magazine
All  the praises aside, I did somehow feel this movie was kinda too draggy at some part and I dozed off during few scenes. The thing that kept me awake was few idiotic audience who couldn’t keep their pie hole shut. There was Malay translation to an overly excited reaction from a moron sitting in front of me. Some idiots are not designed to watch movie at the cinema but what to do. Such is life, just like the movie, some a good, some and bad, some are so so as was this movie.  
.....jeng jeng jeng....after
P/s - Not just a typical preview, this time it was also A Ladies Day out event and check out the fun I had getting all dolled up against my will. It was jointly organised by Cathay Malaysia
Reward for our effort
Everybody is a winner!!! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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