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Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

Bacl with more A....vengers??? 
The Avengers: Age of Ultron Review – Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Captain America…Black Widow and Hawkeye…wait wait…there’s more…jeng jeng jeng...
#amekko Ultron!!! 
This mother of all Marvel heroes in a mother of a sequel got fans squealing all over the world. It starts off with a bang quickly setting the pace for the movie. We are re-introduced to the Avengers trying to take down another Hydra baddie who got hold of Loki’s spectre (Sorry ladies, Tom is not in this one). While trying retrieve the spectre, the team discovers a bigger plot (like duh!). Ironman with some help from Hulk decides to meddle with the power of the Infinity Stone embedded inside the spectre and Ultron (voiced by James Spader) is born. Ulton seemed to get the wrong idea about world peace and pursues on its own agenda with the help of the Maximoff twins. Trying to fix the mistake, Stark tries once again to create another humanoid to fight alongside the Avengers. Vision (voiced by Paul Bethany) is a combination of Jarvis with a much clear conscious. With the fate of the world once again hanging in the balance can the team work together to save it?
Boom!!! Avengers in the houseeeeeeeeeee
Well…the old cast is back (each of them are somehow born to play their role in my opinion) with new additions of Aaron Taylor-Johnson (as Quicksilver) and Elizabeth Olsen (as Scarlet Witch). With a power packed cast, the Director still managed to give just about enough time for each of them to shine. The storyline is just like any other blockbuster pop-corn flick. The CGI pretty much got injected with bigger budget. The rest is a full blast Marvel fan-boy dream come true.
Team Vision...or.....

Team Ultron?

You can’t go wrong with Avengers with more sequels, prequels, spin off and what not being planned down the line after Age of Ultron so just grab your popcorn and enjoy every upcoming releases. 
Can you name them all? 

Danny Collins Review

Rock star in the house! 
Danny Collins Review – Al Pacino as an aging rock star on the road of redemption? Heck why not ey?
Let me entertain you!!! 
The movie is loosely based on a true story. Danny Collins (Al Pacino) was an up and coming singer song writer whose hero was John Lennon. During an early day interview, Danny mention about his inspiration. Little did he know that John Lennon wrote him a letter which arrived a little too late. Just then Danny realizes the mistakes he made and tries to make amends. He drops out of his comeback tour in search of his only son who was living a quiet life. Danny attempts to clean up his acts, write new songs, spend more time with people who matters. Soon Danny understands the meaning of John Lennon’s saying…”Love…is all that matters”.
With so many crap movies and music filling up our time lately, this flick was simply refreshing. It travels slowly but if you are patient enough you will appreciate the message it is conveying. Al Pacino is no rock star but does a decent job trying to be one. He is after all one of the best actor of our time so he did he research well and manage to bring Danny alive. Supporting cast consisting of Annette Benning and Jennifer Garner played their small part just well enough to bring more life to the picture. The background music of the golden days was also has a soothing effect. Just chill and enjoy the ride because we hardly get served with this kind of film lately.
Why hello there Annette! 
Love…is all that matters…what do you say to that? 

The Cobbler Review

What's size is your shoe? 
The Cobbler Review – Adam Sandler….oh how I miss you best work in Click, 50 First Dates…this new venture kinda fell short for my liking. many shoes....
Heard of the saying…try walking in someone else’s shoes? Well…this flick is literally about Max Simkin, (Adam Sandler) a cobbler stumbling upon an old shoe stitching machine at the back of his family shop. While trying on one of his customer’s shoe stitched using the machine, he ‘becomes’ his customer. Max decides to have some fun with his shoe collections until he runs into trouble. All in the process of trying to cope with his own boring life, taking care of his old mother and also other matters. With the baddies trying get their hands on Max, will he be able make out alive?
Friendly next door businessman or is it more? 
Well the question is not properly answered because the movie sorta ended abruptly after Max finds out the biggest truth in his life. Which was annoying because I got me asking…”Wait…what…that’s it?” Did somebody ran out of idea or didn’t have a clue on how to end the movie. You could do better than that Adam…haih. With that I shall not continue any further or things might get unpleased just like a smelly old shoe. Meh.  

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (TSBMH) Review

Indian Wedding? Why not
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (TSBMH) Review –This movie is actually a sequel to previously released The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (TBEMH) which got me scratching my head because there was no way I could have missed it, so after watching TSBMH, I immediately went looking for TBEMH. I recommend you catch the first outing before checking into this sequel for better flow of the storyline. Even so since I caught the continuation, it was nothing short of delight. The best British veteran talents combined with the colours and lively background of India all in one sequel. How could you say no to that?
Que group dancing! 
It starts off with Sonny Kapoor (Dev Patel as the annoying hotel owner) having to juggle between getting married to Sunaina (Tina Desai) and also expanding his hotel empire. Together with his partner, Muriel (Maggie Smith), they travel to States to secure financing for their expansion. Arrivals of more occupants, misidentification of guests, rivalry with another successful young entrepreneur among others. With tension running high Sonny tries to please everybody he encounters but fails miserably.  His only saving grace is Muriel as keeper of everyone’s secrets. Will Sonny’s vision come true or end up just a dream?
Ex-pats turned residents. 
I don’t even know where to start on praising this movie. The amazing cast consisting of ‘M’ from James Bond (Judi Dench), Prof McGonagall from Harry Potter (Maggie Smith), Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean (Bill Nighly), heck even a slumdog chaiwala from Slumdog Millionaire (Dev Patel). The cast is simply a dream team to work with. If I was an extra in the movie, I would stand in a corner in awe all this amazing geniuses working together in a flick. Besides the top class company, the story was also engaging with the usual dry British wit. I was chuckling away at the sarcastic lines the oldies were throwing at each other. The essence of India was also well captured making me wanting to board the next flight to India (I didn’t though…well not yet but one day soon I will!) Everything about this movie was a delight, I don’t mind if they come up with an even better follow up.  
Two for two! One of the best movie! 
I got no complain whatsoever except wait for a sequel. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

#TSDayOut White Water Rafting

Maniiiiiiiiiiii…when is the next #TSDayOut ah?
Maniiiiiiii…#TSDayOut lepas ni buat apa ek?
Aiks…yang korang dok tanya aku watpe? Mana aku tau apa and bila Tourism Selangor (TS) nak buat another #TSDayOut? Aku pun tengah dok mengintip…errr…I mean berkunjung ke laman Facebook diaorang kot…until jeng jeng jeng…
Woot! Woot! 
White water rafting kat Hulu Selangor? Weeehoooo syioknyerrrrrr!!! Ok ok sila register and cross fingers hope to get picked.
Setelah menantikan email yang ditunggu pun tiba….first thing first…check tengok if any of my gang member kena pick as well…Bella, Devi, Rfan, Adam, Khai, Khai & Khai (this is not a typo!) Oraitssss….cukup kuota nak wreak havoc on that day. Memula open WhatsApp group to diskusi how to go to opis TS which was the pick-up point. Memula ada tiga orang je dalam group, Rfan, Khai Pena and myself pastu expand masuk kanak-kanak lain sekali. Lepas dah agree, we met early morning at Bukit Jalil lrt then terus pi Shah Alam. Sampai sana we registered our names, got our goodie bag and walap mini breakfast. 
Lai lai lai register your names kids....
Siapa lambat kena tinggal! 
After about 60 KM journey, we finally reached Kuala Kubu Baru. Lepas semua dah settle down, Encik Pie (not for consumption) briefed us on what to and what not to do. 
listen listen listen 
Pick your size well
Safety first
We geared up and were dropped off at the starting point. Maka bermulalah sebentar sesi kecoh kepoh. The usual jokes followed by laughter and catching up with friends making #TSDayOut one of the awesomest programme ever conceived! While waiting for the water level to rise, we also played some games, rffffighttttt…..reeeffffftt (go figure!) got us excited to get into the water and finally it was time.
Kanak-kanak kempunan nak main air! 
Lepak catch up dulu....geng kecoh! 
Focus please...
Memula nak naik tiub but then the one I picked tak cukup angin lak…chettttt….so I ditched it and next thing I know…the rest of the gang semua campak their tiub and decide to naik raft pulak…hehehe. Setia sungguh bebudak ni.
Penat siot! pose pose for camera dulu ek! 
Oraits time to get wetttttttttttttttttt…tapi first round tu cam kureng sket sebab water level was still kinda low so end up we had to drag the darn raft more than half the time until we got to the ‘drop point’. Gedebuk gedebuk semua jatuh masuk dalam air except Adam. Nasib baik lah…he ‘rescued’ us back onto the raft and then we were forcing ourselves to complete the course. Dengan Matahari yang dah panas terik and arus air yang tak berapa deras, kami agak kecewa jugalah. Sampai je kat end terus cari air nak minum. Gulp gulp gulp…aaaaaaaa…..
Money can't buy this view in the city wey! 
While waiting for the rest to arrive we thought of not going for second round until we could hear the water running a bit more faster so we decided to give it another go. Since tiub semua dah kena songlap, we opt for rafting again. Sebab dah ramai, I didn’t have to kayuh, just lepak je buat bising. This time it was much better because the water level was slightly higher and faster.
Second round awesomeness captured thru this picture! Semua tengah happy giler
Once again we sampai kat drop point pastu tetiba dah dekat nak drop area, raft tertukar arah sket. Opsssss…gedebuk gedebuk, boing boing…yang lain tengah sibuk check selamat ke until we realize Bella was missing. Eh eh…minah ni sekor yang jatuh rupanya. Hehehe kesian. Nasib baik tak cedera. We lepak kat tepi to look at other rafts and sebab dah syiok sangat decided to go for the drop once again. Kali ini tuka posisi sket so tade yang jatuh keluar. Guess what? Instead of falling outside, the three (3) Khai’s in our raft end up ‘pan-caking’ Bella…this poor girl. Nasib tak kena penyek terus.    
Look at the priceless faces! Kekeke 
We did itttttttttttttttttt
Lepas dah abis gelak bagai, we continued our rafting until we attempt to do the 90” raft lift (this terms are self-created!) then gedebang…the whole gang masuk dalam air. Nasib baik I didn’t lose my glasses. Tetiba tengok Devi rilek je floating without any tube. Eh…bole pulak…jom cuba tengok…waaaa….memang boleh float siot! Apa lagi…muncul lah dugong-dugong bandar berfloating atas air sungai Hulu Selangor.  Best giler siot! We were like kids on helium balloon laughing our butts off. Siap keluar lagu ntah apa-apa. If ada orang lalu mesti ingat jakun mana entah baru masuk air. Agaklah…KL mana ada sungai camni kan? Sekali-sekala dapat chan…perghh…memang nak rendam terus.  Dono who suggested but we locked our hands together and made ‘star’ on the water. Memula kaki kat luar tak jadi sangat, lepas tu tukar kaki letak kat dalam pastu hover on the water sampai the end. Some camera’s went click click click so siapa yang ada gamba bintang mahal tu, silalah donate kat kami ye.
Tu diaaaaaaaaaaa.......
Kali ni sampai kat darat muka memang happy giler, kalau boleh nak pegi lagi satu round. Waiting for us was fooooooooooooooood! Nom nom nom…update update update social media semua kasi tak dapat folo tu jeles. Hehehe. Before long it started to pour cats and dogs. 
Ni dia...Khai, Khai dan Khai....mana satu Khai ko mau? 
We were ushered to KKB Town Hall for more food and prize giving ceremony for the best Instagram pictures. Followed by group photo to remember another amazing #TSDayOut. Walaupun we were penat nak mampos, one could see the jovial look on everybody’s face, macam tak sabar for the next #TSDayOut dah!
Best Instagram photo winner! Congratulations! 
Penat tetapi gembiraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
What is it going to be…haaaaaa…..rajin-rajinlar nak stalk…errr…I mean visit Tourism Selangor’s social page yer.

Best part, 2015 is Visit Selangor year so they have loads of wonderful events happening all year round. If you have never been to Selangor, gather your family, friends…heck even strangers and do rombongan Cik Kiah soon! Mat Kelip will be more than happy to welcome you to his state! 
Lawa kan? Cepat borong banyak-banyak! 
Till next round terima kasih Tourism Selangor for picking my name and stay tuned for more!

Indeed it was!!!
Jangan lupa lawat Negeri Selangor

P/s - picture credit to sesiapa yang saya songlap gamba ni semua sebab saya tade camera....sedih tak?

For my previous #TSDayOut experience sila click click....

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fast And Furious 7 Review

...the boys...ladies and cars are back!!! 
Fast And Furious 7 Review – The gang is back with more fast cars (Read: The shiny $4.3 million red Lykan Hypersport!), chick flashing their skin (albeit them being in UAE), big blowouts and what not! imagine she kicking some serious arse while wearing this! Perghhh!!! 
Dom’s family thought they are done dealing with any shady business or characters after the London incident but little did they expect Owen’s brother, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) is out for a vengeance. Deckard ‘takes out’ Han while racing in Tokyo and warns Dom (Vin Diesel) that he is coming to get the whole clan. While being face to face with Shaw, Dom is approached by Frank Petty (Kurt Russell) who runs a secret black ops organisation. Petty offers Dom assistance to track down Shaw if they can help to rescue Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), an IT hacker who was kidnapped by an arms dealer. The team performs another extreme stunt (think car-skydiving off a plane!) and manage to save Ramsey. Equipped with Ramsey’s device, they track down Shaw and all hell breaks loose. With the safety of the World hanging in the balance, can the team take down their toughest adversary yet?
...why hello there Ramseyyyyyy..... *wink wink
Sarawak born Director, James Wan have certainly graduated from helming The Conjuring into certified big-budget movie directing thru this flick. You can look forward to heart pumping scene at every corner although some are too good to be true. Hey it is fast and furious after all so leave your Oscar critic comments outside the cinema hall. It’s good to see that the ‘family’ is still looking out for one another no matter how hard the situation gets. The cast members have certainly bonded as a family and as we all know, suffered the biggest and a painful lost when Paul Walker died tragically during the filming. It must have taken a lot from each of the crew to carry on and complete this movie. Lack of logic doesn’t matter so just enjoy the ride.
#OneLastRide! #BrothersForLife
On personal note, I had go tahan my tears from pouring out each time I saw Paul on the screen just like how it happened when Robin Williams came on ‘The Night At The Museum 3’. The thought that these two talented souls are no longer around is just too sad to think about. However let’s not forget their contributions towards the movie world. They maybe gone but will forever live in the thoughts of their fans. On that note thank you Paul for all the wonderful ride you took us from Pleasantville to Blue Crush and one last ride on Fast and Furious 7! #ForPaul       

Insurgent Review

More money maker....
Insurgent Review – You know this was coming….after Divergent…let’s hope the 3rd instalment won’t be called Detergent (just kidding!)
...look I got this...
The movie picks up where it left last time with the Divergents seeking shelter at Amity camp while being hunted by Erudite’s leader. The purpose is to apprehend a Divergent with special ability to open the ‘Box’ from the Founders. While running away from being captured, Four (Theo James) is reunited with his mother, Evelyn (case of mis-casting Naomi Watts, kamon…she looks way too young to be Theo’s Mom dey!). After a few close calls, Tris (Shailene Woodley) surrenders and had to go thru a gruelling simulation to achieve Jeanine (Kate Winslate) mission to find out the message by the Founders. Will Tris able to withstand the torture and able to pass each faction’s simulation to figure out the message? Jeng jeng jeng…
As mentioned in the earlier review for Divergent, the less known lead actor, read: Woodley is one of the hottest name in Hollywood right now. Rightfully so because she had improved a lot in this continuation and I expect more great acting’s from her just like how Jennifer Lawrence was in The Hunger Games series. Kate on the other hand is so hard to be hated despite being so jahat! Her lines in the movie are strong just like her character which sadly not the case with the dark haired Naomi…her acting was good except that I couldn’t get my head around her being that ‘old’ to have given birth to Theo. The special effects this time around are more awesome with the simulation scenes running between the ‘realities’ and made up events. I simply can’t wait for Allegiant. Jai run.....
The cliff-hanger for Insurgent sets a very interesting end to the series. Are humans prepared for what is waiting for them behind the wall? Stay tuned… 

Home Review

Tip, Oh & Pig...the Cat! 
Home Review – Rihanna finally joins the bandwagon of singers contributing voice in an animation!
the Oh one...I mean the odd one out...
The Boov are an alien race running away from their enemy, Gorgs. They land on Earth and ‘transport’ all but one little girl, (Tip) to Australia so they could take over Earth as their new Home. Unfortunately ‘Oh’, one of the Boov accidently reveals their new location to Gorgs while trying to invite his friends to his house-warming party. Oh ends up being a fugitive among his own species and stumbles upon Tip by chance who is looking for her mother. Together they strike up an unlikely friendship to help each other. With time running out will Tip and Oh achieve their mission?
Pimp up ride!!! 
I gotta admit, Rihanna has a nice speaking voice couple that Jim Parsons who voiced Oh, you can feel the chemistry between them. The story is nothing to shout about, it is an animation so no rocket science is involved. Just plain fun flick with lively soundtrack and colourful characters to entertain kids and adults alike. alien and a cat! 
Grab the little ones and go have fun watching this new alien!