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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Home Review

Tip, Oh & Pig...the Cat! 
Home Review – Rihanna finally joins the bandwagon of singers contributing voice in an animation!
the Oh one...I mean the odd one out...
The Boov are an alien race running away from their enemy, Gorgs. They land on Earth and ‘transport’ all but one little girl, (Tip) to Australia so they could take over Earth as their new Home. Unfortunately ‘Oh’, one of the Boov accidently reveals their new location to Gorgs while trying to invite his friends to his house-warming party. Oh ends up being a fugitive among his own species and stumbles upon Tip by chance who is looking for her mother. Together they strike up an unlikely friendship to help each other. With time running out will Tip and Oh achieve their mission?
Pimp up ride!!! 
I gotta admit, Rihanna has a nice speaking voice couple that Jim Parsons who voiced Oh, you can feel the chemistry between them. The story is nothing to shout about, it is an animation so no rocket science is involved. Just plain fun flick with lively soundtrack and colourful characters to entertain kids and adults alike. alien and a cat! 
Grab the little ones and go have fun watching this new alien! 

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