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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Accidental Love Review of poster better than the movie! 
Accidental Love Review – I got fooled by the poster with pictures of Jessica, James and Jake on it.
...let's head to the Office! 
Here’s a movie where you think anything that is not possible happens which will leave you dumbfounded. A happy couple’s dinner goes wrong when a nail gets lodged into the girlfriend’s head just as the boyfriend is about to propose to her. A visit to the emergency ward turns to no avail when the surgeon refuses to operate because Alice (Jessica Biel) doesn’t have insurance. She in turn tries to seek help from fresh Congressman, Howard (Jake) with more weird and funny consequences. Will Alice get back her normal life?
.....what the heck just happened??? 
This flick looks like it was made before Jessica, Jake and James got famous. I can’t believe how they would agree to act in such mediocre film with no proper purpose.
match made in heaven? 
In my defence, I wanted to watch another movie but didn’t have a suitable time so I opted for this instead. I don’t totally regret watching it but let’s just say I could have used the money to watch some other movie as an alternative.  

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