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Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Cobbler Review

What's size is your shoe? 
The Cobbler Review – Adam Sandler….oh how I miss you best work in Click, 50 First Dates…this new venture kinda fell short for my liking. many shoes....
Heard of the saying…try walking in someone else’s shoes? Well…this flick is literally about Max Simkin, (Adam Sandler) a cobbler stumbling upon an old shoe stitching machine at the back of his family shop. While trying on one of his customer’s shoe stitched using the machine, he ‘becomes’ his customer. Max decides to have some fun with his shoe collections until he runs into trouble. All in the process of trying to cope with his own boring life, taking care of his old mother and also other matters. With the baddies trying get their hands on Max, will he be able make out alive?
Friendly next door businessman or is it more? 
Well the question is not properly answered because the movie sorta ended abruptly after Max finds out the biggest truth in his life. Which was annoying because I got me asking…”Wait…what…that’s it?” Did somebody ran out of idea or didn’t have a clue on how to end the movie. You could do better than that Adam…haih. With that I shall not continue any further or things might get unpleased just like a smelly old shoe. Meh.  

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