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Monday, 28 December 2015

In The Heart Of The Sea Review

Ready to face the beast of the ocean? 
In The Heart Of The Sea Review – The trio that worked together on Rush consisting of Director, Ron Howard, Producer, Brian Grazer and actor, Chris Hemsworth are back once again in another epic adventure.
Indeed it is breathtaking! 
The film starts off with Herman Melville (Ben Whishaw) travelling to Nantucket to meet former cabin boy, Thomas Nickerson (Tom Holland [younger Thomas] / Brendan Gleeson [older Thomas]) who was on board Essex to get the story about a ‘white beast’ that took the life of whale hunters. Hesitant at first, finally Nickerson starts his account by laying down the logger head between Captain George Pollard (Benjamin Walker) and first mate, Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) trying to lead the crew to acquire 2000 barrel of ‘whale oil’ for the owners of Essex. Together they set their path with no luck in sight until they come across a Spanish Captain with an interesting story as to what happened to his team. Both the Captain and first mate set their difference aside for the prized possession. Unfortunately the tide takes turns for the worst with appearance of a massive white bull sperm whale. The Essex gets torn apart and everyone on board had to defend their lives in the middle to the ocean for months resorting to unbelievable conducts. With time and resources running out along with their faith, can the remaining crew members make it back alive to shore?  
Larger than life monster! 
The last outing of Ron Howard on the F1 circuit was amazingly matched by his take on the rough ocean. Even the most difficult angle of the vessel is caught incredibly by an awesome camerawork. I don’t even have to mention about the whale in question, the sight of the giant is simply marvellous that will send chills down your spine. Imagine looking at the beast in the eye and getting whacked into pieces minutes later. The acting was top notch from the young to the old with Chris taking the cake down to his last bones-pun intended! Heck, even the CGI created white whale deserves an award! Coupled with splendid music, this picture is nothing short of the legendary Moby Dick itself.

Director Ron Howard with his Essex crew. 
If you have fear of the open water stay away but if you enjoy period piece with a twist, row your boat over to catch on board the Essex! 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Ready for another ride across the Galaxy? 
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review – The Planet’s biggest franchise returns to the big screen with old and new cast.
Mix of old and new and everything in between 
*slight spoiler alert (if you have yet to watch it…like duh! Really? Still nochet watch? For real? Hehehe…then stay away lar ok. 
Where do I even begin? The Force Awakens is set 30 years after the defeat of Darth Vader with the Universe being split, turning the Rebel Alliance into the Resistance while the Empire becoming the First Order respectively. Both parties are trying to locate the last remaining Jedi, Luke Skywalker, one to destroy him while another for him to lead. His location map is hidden a BB8 droid which falls into the hands of scavenger by the name of Rey who stumbles upon Finn at the Planet Jakku. Together they chance upon Han Solo and Chewbacca after taking a ride on Millennium Falcon. All of them then travel to Takodana to meet Maz Kanata where Rey discovers Skywalker’s lightsabre. Soon after Kylo Ren attacks Takodana and take Rey along with him. Han, Chewbacca, Finn and BB-8 arrive at the Resistance base on D'Qar, where they plan a counter attack against First Order. All hell breaks loose with a lot new discovery being made. The struggle faced by Kylo Ren, Rey figuring out her Force, Han Solo’s confrontation with his son and his fate. (jeng jeng jeng). Who will make it out alive? Can the Resistance withstand First Order’s new deadly weapon? And the ultimate question…WHERE IS LUKE SKYWALKER?
New baddie in the block! 
Holly heck…talk about a revival! The Force Awakens sure did bring back memories with a mix of former and new cast being added. With the usual suspect of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Chewie and the older droids still hold their candle. The addition of Daisy, John, Adam and tonnes of fresh face gives Star Wars a breath of fresh air. The storyline managed to continue where it left off whilst moving towards a new direction. The special effects only got better with time, the intergalactic music score, the cinematography is nothing short of amazing. J.J. Abrams did justice and will be awarded handsomely no doubt. 

Run Rey Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
I’m not a big fan of Star Wars but this new resurgence did peak my interest and I must say, I’m not disappointed one bit. If anything, it only stirred my curiosity even more to find out what is in store for the future. By the time I finish writing this review, Star Wars will be making cinema history. Rightfully so since this long awaited flick is definitely worth every penny spent making it.
New and improved droid? 
P/s - Thank you talkFILM for the tickets! 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Krampus Review

Guess who is coming! 
Krampus Review – You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why…nope not Santa but Krampus is coming to town…
Look out for Krampus if you have not been nice! 
Frustrated with having to spend Christmas with his obnoxious relatives, Max tears off his letter to Santa which ends up in the claws of Krampus. Known as the opposite of joy bringer, Krampus invades Max’s home with its menacing minions (think scary ginger bread cookies, demonic doll and teddy bear among others) to punish his family for lacking the spirit of Christmas celebration. Will Max’s family survive the visit by Krampus? 
Scream you will if you get Krampus's gift. 
Just like Krampus, this movie is the total opposite of the usual joyful Christmas offering. However it’s not all horror and terror as there are some light moments added in few scenes, you just have to brave thru the scary parts which can get a bit too much for the younger audience. Perhaps it’s to teach them a lesson albeit a creepy one. 
Gifts to die for! 
With Christmas around the corner, it’s not too late for you to be on the nice list just to avoid being visited by Krampus, that’s all I gotta say. 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Jagat Review

Say hello to Appoy! 
Jagat Review –Move aside Kollywood, here comes our own Tamil movie.
Gangster dey!!! 
Appoy is a 12 years old boy who is about to sit for his UPSR exam soon and is often misunderstood for his unorthodox thinking. Meanwhole his father, Maniam has a bad temper and works for minimum wage after moving into city from estate to support his family. Appoy’s uncles, Bala is a former drug-addict who used to work for Da Gou while Dorai turns into a local gangster currently under Da Gou’s ‘employment’ as well. There is not a day that goes by without either one of them getting into trouble. Appoy struggling with his studies and getting accepted by his friends, Maniam trying to make ends meet, Bala having a drug relapse whereas Dorai is faced with a new rivalry from a local drug dealer. Their lives change when struck by tragedy. Will Appoy be able to resist the wrong path taken by uncles or end up being another hopeless estate by product?
Where will Appoy end up? 
Finally a local Tamil movie that is not one those trying-to-copy-their-Indian-counterpart. Here is a story where our own Malaysian Indians can relate to. No sing and dance routine, just pure gut and glory or rather the struggle faced by then abandoned estate workers who were left to fend for themselves. Kudos to the cast who are mainly new faces, regardless of being newbie, they managed to represent their role well. Besides the storyline and cast, the filming locations were simply breath-taking. There is no need to travel so far, it’s all is right in our own backyard!
Nandri for the preview tickets Abam Budiey
I truly enjoyed the movie because I grew up in the 90’s. Trying to fit in and figuring out life just like Appoy did. Memorising those darn ‘sifir 12’! Ugh (I still can’t recite that damn thing!). Thankfully however I had a better life compared to Appoy. Sadly though, left with no choice, many unfortunately had to resort to illegal ways to make money. Starting from petty theft to more serious wrongdoings, it portrays a harsh reality when there is no one to offer a helping hand. Regrettably, despite the modernization, some Indians are still left behind and end up being on the wrong side of the law. Hopefully, this flick will shed a light about Indian community’s need to leave their former criminal past and step into a better future. Bravo Jagat! 
P/s - Click here for more info about Jagat

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Point Break Review

Ready for action? 
Point Break Review – Remake of Keanu Reeves & Patrick Swayze’s circa 90’s action flick.
I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Former extreme athlete Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) turns over a new leaf by becoming an FBI agent after he loses his friend during one of the stunt. Trying to prove to his superior that he got what it takes, Johnny joins a group of thrill seeking lads whom are suspected to be the mastermind a string of daring heists happening around the continent. Think of dropping diamonds in the poorest part of India and millions of USD in rural Mexican village and such. After proving his allegiance, Johnny is accepted as part of the team. During one of the ‘mission’, Johnny reveals his identity. What will happen to Johnny and what is the purpose of such actions being taken by these modern day sort of Robin Hoods?    
...nope this is not Fight Club. 
Goodness God me…the action sequences in this flick is top notch man! I was holding on to me breath (and seat sometimes) whenever they start their mind-blowing mission. Right from the start with the high-speed motor-cross to sky-diving to snowboarding, wave surfing to the most awesomest scene…the wingsuit flying view….fuh!!! simply breath-taking!  Kudos to the daredevil stunt coordinator for bringing the best of what they do. Coupled with amazing camerawork and splendid background music, it is a sight for exciting eyes and ears. Acting wise, no Oscar worthy performances but still rather acceptable. The storyline is also not bad but does feel slightly under-cooked though.

What is your breaking point ?
Just sit back (if you can) and enjoy the lads trying to achieve ‘The Eight’! 
P/s - Thank you IM4U for the preview tickets! 

Friday, 27 November 2015

The Good Dinosaur Review

When a Dino meets a boy. 
The Good Dinosaur Review – Forget about human getting a pet, what if human becomes a pet…for a Dinosaur instead?
Arlo meet Spot!
Spot meet Arlo! 
A family of Apatosaurus Dinosaur welcomes new addition to their family by the name of Bucky, Libby and the tiny Arlo. Day in day out the family ‘work’ on their corn farm with a slight thief problem by a critter. Since Arlo can’t do much heavy work, his Papa assigns him to catch the ‘crook’. However when Arlo failed to follow the instruction, Papa gets upset and force Arlo to track the caveboy. Unfortunately nature has another plan for them. Only Arlo makes it back and once again encounter the caveboy. During the confrontation, both Arlo and the boy accidently falls into the river and are swept far away from their farm. Up next both the Dinosaur and caveboy, named Spot by Arlo have to figure out their way back home. A strong bond is formed in a dangerous yet exciting adventure. Can this ‘odd couple’ make it back alive or end up as a fossil?
Hello from Arlo! 
First of all…the good part…the stunning visual! It is simply breath taking to ‘see’ the valley, mountain, river and what not all captured in a splendid graphic. Until at one point my friend was wondering if it was animation or portrayal of a actual scenery. It was that real looking. Plus the top notch sound to match the vivid sight. It was a gift for the eye and ears to witness such wonder. The bad part…well…pretty much the weak storyline which seemed to mix a little too much of previous Disney stories such The Lion King, Ice Age and even the latest Inside Out. Speaking of which, after releasing such an awesome animation about inner feelings, The Good Dinosaur felt a little below par. This one is definitely catered more for the kids. Alas I did enjoy myself watching two totally different species becoming good friends.

Making new friends! With T-rex no less! 
Overall it’s another enjoyable homerun for Pixar this time taking us back to millions of years ago when Dinosaur roamed the Earth. 
Walk in early so you won't miss this adorable Pixar's short film! 
P/s - Thank you talkFILM for the tickets! 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Victor Frankenstein Review

When a wizard and mutant combine force. 
Victor Frankenstein Review – You know the name but do you know the story?
Think that's a good idea? 
A hunchback (Daniel ‘Harry Potter’ Radcliffe) has never been outside of the circus until stumbling upon Victor Frankenstein (James ‘Professor X’ McAvoy) by chance. Upon discovering the genius mind of the said hunchback, Victor decides to ‘free’ and give him a new lease of life. Turning on a new leaf, Igor slowly becomes Victor’s partner-in-science out to make history. Together they discover a way to ‘create’ life. Their ambition however takes a spin into a dangerous path. With humanity being at stake, will they ‘creation’ withstand one person greedy ambition to redeem his part mistake?
The players...sort of
Two big names in the film industry sadly is not enough to avoid the many flaws that the movie carries. There are so many plot holes which were covered by the noisy special effects. A non-existing storyline didn’t help much either. The only saving grace was leads performance which otherwise would have turned this movie into an ugly monster just like the title. I really don’t see the point of this film being made, except for just maybe to satisfy the ego of some people with loads of money to come out with another so-called flick about a famous beast.

Come back with a better movie please you two! 
I’m sorry Daniel and James but both of you are worth more than what this monstrous disaster of the movie have to offer. 
P/s - Thank you Budieydotcom for the preview pass. 

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 Review

One last aim ey Mockingjay? 
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 Review – Another saga comes to an end.
One last 'reunion'? 
The final part of the hunger games starts off where it ‘cliff-hanged’ in part 1 when Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) who was rescued from the Capitol attacks Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence). This creates more tension between them while Katniss is also figuring out how to defeat President Snow (Donald Sutherland). She finally agrees to join a team of ‘Stars’ to enter Snow’s mansion to overthrow him and turn Panem into a more liberal nation. The journey however is not easy as once again they are faced with many unsuspecting obstacles set up by Snow to try to stop the so called rebels. A game of cat and mouse pursues that slowly reveals some individuals real intention in joining the fight against the Capitol. The battle between the both side cost more lives and in the end will it go to waste or be worth it? 
Lesser of evil two or evil with a different face? 
Jennifer Lawrence has come a long way since The Hunger Games started its journey 2012. With an Oscar and few other blockbusters under her belt she truly is the Girl in Fire. Even with bigger names associated to the franchise including Oscar winners themselves namely, Julianne Moore and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jennifer managed to carry her role as Katniss really well. Heck, it even sparked real life Mockingjay kind of situation. Remember the Hong Kong umbrella thingy? Anyhow too much focus on Katniss did however take away the thunder from other characters being reduced to mere guest roles. I would have liked if Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson  and even Josh or Liam getting a bit more screen time than just playing second fiddle to Jennifer. Even the storyline felt a bit bland except for some action scenes thrown in that otherwise what would have been a snooze fest. Despite being split into two parts finale, it felt like some important part of the plot have been left out while other section was dragged too much.  

Finally fly for free? 
After a great start to the series the ending was not what I was hoped for albeit a happy one. It was more like a roller coaster ride that seems awesome to look at but not so fun to ride on. Oh well…at least the odd was in favour of Katniss.

P/s - The Hunger Games - Mockingjay - Part 1 review

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Welcome to Kontitki Restaurant! 
A few weeks ago I received an invitation from Projek Travel to join them to try out the new BBQ Buffet Dinner with Steamboat at Kontiki Restaurant in Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Being a huge seafood and steamboat ‘eater’ it was foodie dream come true for me. 
Yum yum yummmmmmmm

The moment I arrived, my eyes was already sending ‘food-formation’ to my tummy that I am going to a ‘food-mazing’ time trying out as much dishes as possible that was served. However, I had to control my craving beforehand and snap pictures first to capture the beautiful way the grubs was displayed. 
Look at that spreadddddd!!! 
The array of Seafood On Ice is a great way to start as appetisers. Waiting to swim in your tummy are fresh crab, prawns, ‘slipper lobster’, yabbies’ and oyster. It is guaranteed party in your belly kinda catch!
Oyyyy.....want some oyster???
As for the main dish one can opt for either BBQ or steamboat style. Or if you stomach agrees, why not go for both? The BBQ is prepared by experienced Chefs with ingredients ranging from sausage, chicken wing, squid, prawn, crabs among others, all of which had already been marinated. 
Flame on!!! 
Whilst if you pick the steamboat, your choice of items are from seafood, dumpling, tofu, mushrooms, noodles and varieties of fresh vegetables. 
Take your pick! 
The soup offered is both the chicken and tom yam flavoured. You could go no wrong with such tasty options. 
From the plate to the 'pot'! 
Another corner that may entice your appetite is the ‘roasted section’, serving hot roasted lamb rack, prime ribs, chicken and also baked whole salmon fish. You can have it with a choice of mint, mushroom, black pepper, rosemary or white cream herb sauces. 
'Roar'sted and ready to go!
I have to admit, it was the first time I ever ‘saw’ a ‘full figured’ salmon fish. 
I opted for the lamb rack and it was simply delicious.  
Come to Mama!!! 
Coming back to the main buffet, there are several dishes, such as Thai Green Curry Chicken, Chicken Rice, sushi, salads, along with delectable desserts waiting to be devoured. 
'Dancing' desserts! 
How to resist when it looks this good? 
My personal favourite was the Lamb Stew! I helped myself to two serving and I’m still salivating over it! That’s one good lamb stew I tell ya! Yummy yum yum. 
I'm still dreaming of this tasty Lamb Stew! 
I hope I got your attention with my description of the scrumptious spread but don’t just take my word for it. Get over Kontiki Restaurant in Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur with your family or friends to savour the best taste with a great value for money.
Come one! Come all! 

Price for Tiki BBQ Buffet & Steamboat Dinner :
RM128 adult
RM78 kids / senior citizens

Days :
Friday and Saturday

Time :
6.30pm until 10.00pm

For reservation please contact

Below are the social media links to Kontiki Restaurant.


Kontiki Restaurant at Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur

I would like to thank Project Travel for the invite and Kontiki Restaurant in Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur for the lovely treat! 
With the boys from Projek Travel!
Thanks for the invite guys! 

* picture credits to Projek Travel and Kontiki Restaurant.