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Friday, 27 November 2015

The Good Dinosaur Review

When a Dino meets a boy. 
The Good Dinosaur Review – Forget about human getting a pet, what if human becomes a pet…for a Dinosaur instead?
Arlo meet Spot!
Spot meet Arlo! 
A family of Apatosaurus Dinosaur welcomes new addition to their family by the name of Bucky, Libby and the tiny Arlo. Day in day out the family ‘work’ on their corn farm with a slight thief problem by a critter. Since Arlo can’t do much heavy work, his Papa assigns him to catch the ‘crook’. However when Arlo failed to follow the instruction, Papa gets upset and force Arlo to track the caveboy. Unfortunately nature has another plan for them. Only Arlo makes it back and once again encounter the caveboy. During the confrontation, both Arlo and the boy accidently falls into the river and are swept far away from their farm. Up next both the Dinosaur and caveboy, named Spot by Arlo have to figure out their way back home. A strong bond is formed in a dangerous yet exciting adventure. Can this ‘odd couple’ make it back alive or end up as a fossil?
Hello from Arlo! 
First of all…the good part…the stunning visual! It is simply breath taking to ‘see’ the valley, mountain, river and what not all captured in a splendid graphic. Until at one point my friend was wondering if it was animation or portrayal of a actual scenery. It was that real looking. Plus the top notch sound to match the vivid sight. It was a gift for the eye and ears to witness such wonder. The bad part…well…pretty much the weak storyline which seemed to mix a little too much of previous Disney stories such The Lion King, Ice Age and even the latest Inside Out. Speaking of which, after releasing such an awesome animation about inner feelings, The Good Dinosaur felt a little below par. This one is definitely catered more for the kids. Alas I did enjoy myself watching two totally different species becoming good friends.

Making new friends! With T-rex no less! 
Overall it’s another enjoyable homerun for Pixar this time taking us back to millions of years ago when Dinosaur roamed the Earth. 
Walk in early so you won't miss this adorable Pixar's short film! 
P/s - Thank you talkFILM for the tickets! 

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